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Merge two Folders so that they contain only the most recent version of the same File. New Files will be copied so that both Folders are identical. Synchronize an office computer with a home computer with this program.
Synchronize - Syncronize - Synchronization - File Sync - Merge Files - synch - folder comparison - compare tool - Folder File Compare - File and Folder comparison Programs
Size: 369k, Revised: August 29th 2012, By: Sobolsoft

Old Files deletion in a set of Folders or move to other Folders when they reach a certain age. You can set purge time and Files keep time for each folder. It can also be used as a Windows NT or 2000 service and in ...
Size: 2,601k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By: Soft Experience

The Virtual File Sharing Hook (VFSH) is a lightweight, open-ended framework allowing developers to take advantage of existing distributed File sharing functionalities in their own projects.
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Create Virtual Drives from long paths, it's easy! Browse to the path via the Drive and Folder Lists, choose a drive letter from the Available Virtual Drive Letters list and Click [Add Virtual Drive] to create the Virtual Drive, or Double Click the letter to ...
Subst - Virtual Drive - Virtual Cd - Cd Emulator - Virtual Cd-rom
Size: 410k, Revised: September 26th 2009, By: J. A. Associates

Translators often have difficulties when translating HTML documents, as they are not sure which sections of the File are to be translated and which are to be left unchanged. The HTML File Translator is a tool for the easy and efficient translation of HTML documents ...
Html - Free - Download - Tool - Freeware - Translation - Translate - Translating Html File - Translation-tool - No Charge
Size: 604k, Revised: February 26th 2009, By: AceBIT (8 other programs)

Extracts icons or icon arrays from Files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan Folders to search for EXE, DLL, OCX Files, which contain icons. You can save extracted icons (either one or all) to File (ICO, BMP, JPEG, EMF, HTML, DBF). You can ...
Size: 543k, Revised: July 10th 2012, By: Vitaliy Levchenko

This 3D animated desktop clock offers 80 different models, designed in a wide range of popular themes, and shows the time in a Virtual analog display, including hours, minutes and seconds. Unique promotional product - These clocks may also be customized with promotional material and ...
Notes - Screensaver - Custom - Website - Alarms - Business - Marketing - Reminders - Advertising - Promotion
Size: 732k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ltd.

3D animated desktop clock displays time in 3 different time zones at once. Shows all 3 times in a Virtual analog display, including hours, minutes and seconds. Innovative and humorous animations and sounds accompany useful features like alarms, notes, reminders, and announcements. Unique promotional product ...
Notes - Screensaver - Custom - Website - Alarms - Business - Marketing - Reminders - Advertising - Promotion
Size: 816k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ltd.


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The FileQuest 7 Gold File Explorer is designed to replace the basic Windows File Explorer by doing everything that Windows Explorer can do, and more. Unlike Windows Explorer, FileQuest 7 Gold is enormously flexible and allows you to do all of your File management tasks ...
File Explorer - Explorer replacements - filequest - file managers - windows explorer alternative
Size: 4,844k, Revised: July 17th 2012, By: PiQuest Software, Inc.

Pixeloise is a simple to use yet powerfull photo manager, used to watch, process and share images. It offers standard functionality found in photo manager programs but also exposes unique functionality hard to find in other similar programs. The program allows to define sequences of ...
Viewer - Easy - Plugin - Batch - Slideshow - Sharing - Mail - Workflow - Dynamic - Flexible
Size: 29,276k, Revised: September 4th 2012, By: Deltabaryon

One of the most daunting tasks in computer organization can be renaming your Files and Folders. Windows has not set up an easy way to do so. Simpli-File Renamer will undoubtedly make your life easier when trying to accomplish this task. Imagine being able to ...
File - Files - Batch - Folder - Folders - Renamer - Rename - File Renamer - Rename Files - Renaming
Size: 548k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Batch Technologies

Are you a statistics nut? There is an easy way now to get statistical information about Files and Folders on your computer. Just choose a directory and this program will spit out tons of information about the Files and subFolders in that directory. It's extremely ...
File - Information - Files - Batch - Data - Collection - Statistics - Folder - Folders - Stats
Size: 551k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Batch Technologies

Easy File Sharing FTP Server is a simple and powerful FTP server for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003. The server supports all basic FTP commands and much more, such as Virtual Folders, Groups, Online users, Logs and IP Access. Easy File Sharing FTP Server offers an easy-to-use graphical ...
File Sharing Program - ftp server software
Size: 1,167k, Revised: May 31st 2012, By: EFS Software, Inc.

Access Folders is a fine Windows enhancement that keeps all of your directories and sub-directories within easy reach. The program integrates into Windows' standard Save As/Open dialogs which are used by most applications. By right-clicking the question mark (?) button at the top-right hand side ...
Shareware - Windows - File - Save - Shell - Utility - Files - List - Directory - Icon
Size: 1,004k, Revised: September 7th 2012, By: Shelltoys Inc.

BigSpeed File Sharing SDK includes two COM automation objects (client and server) that dramatically simplify and accelerate the development of private File sharing solutions over the Internet. In addition to standard FTP operations, such as upload, download, rename, delete, etc., the library also offers a ...
File - Server - Sharing - Private - Secure - Client
Size: 1,567k, Revised: February 20th 2009, By: BIGSPEED Computing Inc.

New File wizard - tool for Windows Explorer and File Managers. It creates the new File by user-defined template, save the File names history list. Work directly from the shell.. Computer-aided Business Software official site. Computer-aided Business Software
Size: 92k, Revised: May 23rd 2009, By: Computer-aided Business (1 other programs)

File Monster completely erases Files from your system -- actually overwriting the information in the File so it can not be recovered. The reason information is still available when you delete Files with normal deletion methods is because normal deletion methods only tell the operating ...
File - Information - Tool - Utility - Norton - Files - Safe - Private - Privacy - Data
Size: 1,434k, Revised: June 13th 2012, By: NorthStar Solutions, LLC

DVD File Printer list the contents of a DVD CD as well any folder or disk in a text File. You can display, edit or print the listings using Notepad, Wordpad or Microsoft Word.- Get reports of every File you have in your computer.- Output ...
Print Folders - Directory Print - dvd listing - cd listings - dvd contents - list folders - cd folder printer - dvd file printer - treeview listview format
Size: 573k, Revised: April 29th 2012, By:

Distribute Virtual Disk System(DSCSI), a network based Virtual disk & RAID system, and is also a good Files sharing solution. DSCSI can create some disk/RAID disks on a computer, but the disk source is a disk or a image File on another computer. DSCSI is ...
iscsi - idisk - distribute disk - distribute file system - network disk
Size: 1,700k, Revised: July 29th 2012, By: ZsysTeam Studio

Syncura is a team solution for document collaboration designed to save you time. Syncura makes document sharing and collaboration as simple as saving a File to a shared folder. It's like a Virtual network folder without storing Files on a server. Synchronize Folders with colleagues ...
File Sharing - Synchronize Files - Automatic Backup - File Backup - Vpn - Synchronize Folders - Secure File Sharing - share documents - document collaboration - share files with team
Size: 1,966k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Syncura

FTP client integrated in your Windows Explorer. Using it you can maintain your web pages, download digital images, music, video or transfer Files between your PC and FTP servers. Main features: explorer like easy to use user interface, typical File operations with remote Files/Folders as ...
Download - File - Ftp - Upload - Transfer - Folder - Explorer - Client - System - Extension
Size: 492k, Revised: June 9th 2012, By: Sergei V. Lepitko

Nomad.NET is the successor of Nomad, a powerful File manager written by me a couple of years ago. It is completely rewritten (no single line of code was taken from previous Nomad) using best ideas and algorithms and implementing everything in a completely new way. ...
Manager - File Manager - Copy - Manage - Copy Files - move files
Size: 2,355k, Revised: May 26th 2012, By: Eugene Sichkar

Mayk, the File launcher is perfect everyday companion for your Desktop. It creates shortcuts for Files, Folders and internet links in swift and unobtrusive way. It can help you unclutter your Desktop and remove the need for more place on your screen.Small in both screen ...
Freeware - Shortcut - Shortcuts - File Launcher
Size: 473k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: DSt