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BigSpeed File Sharing SDK includes two COM automation objects (client and server) that dramatically simplify and accelerate the development of private File Sharing solutions over the Internet. In addition to standard FTP operations, such as upload, download, rename, delete, etc., the library also offers a ...
File - Server - Sharing - Private - Secure - Client
Size: 1,567k, Revised: February 20th 2009, By: BIGSPEED Computing Inc.

The project implements the torrent mechanism of Sharing Files over LAN. Torrent File Sharing in LAN - Project Web Hosting - Open Source Software. SourceForge presents the Torrent File Sharing in LAN project. Torrent File Sharing in LAN is an open source application. SourceForge ...
Size: 4,588k, Revised: November 3rd 2009, By: Shirish Reddy (1 other programs)

Easy File Sharing FTP Server is a simple and powerful FTP server for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003. The server supports all basic FTP commands and much more, such as Virtual folders, Groups, Online users, Logs and IP Access. Easy File Sharing FTP Server offers an easy-to-use graphical ...
File Sharing Program - ftp server software
Size: 1,167k, Revised: May 31st 2012, By: EFS Software, Inc.

Use CloudOsys to let your visitors upload media content directly to your website.CloudOsys is for managing Files, through the browser. Your visitors will upload Files directly to your website, where they can share and comment on them. It includes PHP scripts and a web installer. ...
Music - Php - File - Video - Web - Photos - Sharing - Upload - Script - Scripts
Size: 1,884k, Revised: August 26th 2012, By: Cloudosys

File Sharing - Large File Transfer - file transfer software - transfer file
Size: 532k, Revised: October 9th 2012, By: File Sharing Software

ADDAX is a File Sharing application operating on the Gnutella Network. It allows you to share any File such as .mp3s, .avis, .jpgs, .tiffs, etc. ADDAX is written in Java, and will run on any Windows computer. Distribute your unique content to the planet without ...
File Sharing - Music - Songs - File - Video - Mp3 - Sharing - Movies - P2p - Ares
Size: 10,138k, Revised: August 11th 2012, By: AddaxP2P

FileSharing by email! Share Files with your friends or with the entire world by email. Easy and safe ! Like a FTP server (with more features) but through your regular email client. Emails are simple and easy to use, can go through firewalls. Accessible to ...
Size: 20k, Revised: July 23rd 2012, By: PA BRISON

Speedy P2P Movie Finder is a potent File Sharing program that helps you to search and download all your favorite movies. It is dedicated for video download, finding all kind of Files like mpeg, avi, wmv, mov, and many others.Using the most recent p2p technology ...
File Sharing - File - Video - Mpeg - Avi - Mov - Sharing - Wmv - Movies - P2p
Size: 8,110k, Revised: May 29th 2012, By: Speedy P2P


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BearShare Turbo is a free P2P File Sharing tool that enables you to search for, download, and share MP3, MPEG, AVI, ASF, MOV, JPEG, GIF, and all other File types with everyone on the global Gnutella peer-to-peer information network. It features slick graphics, and a ...
File Sharing - Songs - Video - Movies - P2p - bearshare turbo - mp3 downloads
Size: 10,097k, Revised: May 6th 2012, By: SharingZone

LimeShare Pro is a peer-to-peer File Sharing client for the Gnutella network designed to help exchange and distribute data over the internet in a fast and secure way. The program is written in Java, and uses the Limewire code but brings some advantages of its ...
File Sharing Program - File Sharing Application - Limewire - P2p Client - Fast Downloads - Limewire turbo - free limewire - limeshare pro
Size: 5,448k, Revised: August 6th 2012, By: TorrentRaptors

Secure File Sharing With Digital Rights Management.Safeguard File Sharing without boundaries. AssureFiles Secure File Sharing combines AES 256 bit encryption with digital rights management to give businesses persistent control over all stages of its life,enables employees to share Files with anyone, via any method, without ...
Secure File Sharing - Security - File Encryption - Access Control - File System - Digital Rights Management - Data Protection - File Audit - sensitive - activity monitoring
Size: 4,790k, Revised: June 11th 2017, By: EaseFilter Inc

BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing lets you share and run Files of any type using your favorite P2P software with complete safety.BufferZone is the only solution that fully protects your PC against viruses, spyware and other threats--even against new and yet unknown threats downloaded ...
Size: 8,940k, Revised: October 4th 2012, By: TrustWare

MP3 Torpedo is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client. The purpose of MP3 Torpedo is to keep and maintain the freedoms that LimeWire may be forced to withdraw.LimeWire has been considering an alternative path to keep them out of any legal situations ...
File Sharing - Music - Songs - File - Video - Mp3 - Sharing - Movies - P2p - Ares
Size: 10,107k, Revised: June 23rd 2012, By: Mp3Torpedo

PHP File system administrator now called "PHP File Sharing System" is a Web Application made for easy server File administration, that provides end-user and easy interfase for browsing and uploading Files.
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Krimpy is an Open Source File Sharing client based on the Internet Relay Chat network. It allows users to easily share music, pictures, video and other Files via IRC channels. Krimpy supports the popular SDFind protocol.
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The Virtual File Sharing Hook (VFSH) is a lightweight, open-ended framework allowing developers to take advantage of existing distributed File Sharing functionalities in their own projects.
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DC Sharp Hub is a Direct Connect File Sharing Hub written in C# (C Sharp) that will provide connectivity with other peer to peer networks.
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Fleming File Sharing System is a networked File Sharing system. It should be much more reliable and user-friendly than FTP or netbios's stuff.
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ApexDCa„? is an innovative DC++ client based on StrongDC++. It features external plugins and scripting through LUA and much more. Both operators and users alike should find ApexDC++ a pleasant experience.
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This tool is a File Sharing software (like Gnutella or Napster), but it does not need a special server (like Napster) and does not have any problems with searching (like Gnutella). The source of its efficiency is the Internat Relay Chat network, also known as ...
File Sharing - Napster - Gnutella - Music Sharing - Irc - Chat
Size: 61k, Revised: September 25th 2009, By: Michael & Andreas Schierl

Find, download and share anything with this free and easy to use P2P program. Its features include an advanced queuing system and swarmed multisource downloads. Easy installation, no need to make all kind of settings, install and run. This easy to use P2P File Sharing ...
File Sharing - Music - Download - Gnutella - Mp3 - Mpeg - Mpg - Avi - Privacy - Freeware
Size: 4,864k, Revised: November 1st 2009, By: Zultrax Software

Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite is a free pop-up blocker preventing all annoying pop-up windows from appearing as you surf the web. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads and will kill them even before they appear on the screen. Each time a ...
Free - Windows - File - Save - Stop - Lite - Sharing - Internet - Pop - Service
Size: 1,134k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Sureshot

With GetByMail you can stay at home and have access to your office computer and vice versa simply through your e-mail accounts. You can get remote directory listings and tree view, download/upload Files and directories, perform change dir, make dir, rename and delete operations, capture ...
File Sharing - Ftp - Mail - Remote - Remote Access - Remote Shutdown - P2p - Share Files - Gmail - Getbymail
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