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FREEWARE: Berechnung der Riester-Renten-Förderung. Nur Eingabe von Einkommen, Familienstand und Kinder und es wird die persönliche staatliche Förderung dargestellt - incl. Steuereffekt! Das Programm optFOER hat KEINE Anbindung an irgendeinen Produktanbieter (z.B. eine Versicherungsgesellschaft). Deshalb bietet das Programm auch KEINE Berechnung von speziellen Tarifen, sondern ...
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This UPDATED quick freeware fix for this lazy carpal tunneled marketer No LONGER just tabs 15 times sending Ctrl v each time and eventually pastes the first line of your message to the subject then the entire message to the body. After less than 15 ...
Submit Forums - Freeware - Submission Software - #orum Submissions
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This download is a companion piece to the Extreme XML article, "XML Discussion Forum." (Click the Documentation link on this page to read the full article.)The article discusses the development of an XML-based tool for online discussions, Similar to newsgroups, but more structured so new ...
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Forum Poster Software Can Help Organize & Boost Your Forum Marketing Efforts Instantly. Stores all your Forums login details so you'll NEVER have to dig your brains and struggle to remember all of them. Allows you to store preset Forum postings and allows you to ...
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Top Gold Forum Submitter Pro Will Cut The Time It Takes To Post To Your Favorite Forums. Top Gold Forum is a community of money making entrepreneurs who have come together to share their common knowledge and skills for the enhancement and growth of each ...
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Powerful ASP.NET Forum software. A discussion board ASP.NET component/control that can be installed in seconds. This ASP.NET messageboard is datasource independent (supports both MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL), supports user profiles and registration, premoderated Forums, private messaging, online administration, message editing by owners ...
Forum - Board - Software - Control - Component - Asp net - discussion - messageboard
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Comm100 Forum Open Source is the powerful and easy -to-use open source Forum software based on ASP.NET and SQL server. You can download the Forum package with no limitations for free and install it in your own environment. You can also have full access to ...
Open Source Forum - SQL server Forum - asp net forum
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Webbiscuits Forum comes with handy features for your users and for you to appoint moderators to manage your Forums.Using Webbiscuits Forum, you avoid all the complicated scripts setup, security issues that rises with no attention is given and the layout that is a way too ...
forum software - php plugin script - php discussion forum
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Forum Blueprint is an invaluable piece of software that enables you to manage all your Forum posts and information in one location. Forum Blueprint runs on your desktop and will prove to be an essential companion for Forum posting, compilation and organization. You will be ...
forum organizer - procera - forum posting software - procera avh - keep track of forum posts - buy procera - create forum posts - forum management software
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Desktop Forum Manager will help you join and participate in an unlimited number of Forums and message boards right from your desktop. Joining Forums is a great way to gain credibility as an expert in your field and generate tons of incoming one way links ...
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Maybe Forum Proxy Leecher is the best proxy leecher in the world. It can leech proxies from different types of Forums even if the proxies are in the accessory. It also supports all kinds of non-Forum proxy sites such as proxy4free and proxz.Moreover, it's nice ...
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Discover How This Forum Finder Tool Will Help You Dig Up Hidden Treasures Found In Niche Forums!
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Forum Dominator is a Forum submitter tool that will help you efficiently optimize your time on message boards. With Forum Dominator, you can bookmark your posts and automatically check them for replies. You can also automatically insert your message into posting pages with one click. ...
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Forum Fortunes software saves you time, generates targeted traffic to your websites builds your credibility, and will make you money! Forum Fortunes software speeds up the task of message posting and replies to an unlimited number of Forums while managing multiple conversation threads. Automatically track ...
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It is a 100% AJAX Forum software, which already has operational BACK button, permalinks, search-engine friendly structure and bookmarkable pages. By Boonex Community Software Experts and comes with GPL.
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An ASP.NET Forum module which is supposed to work on Mono and .NET with MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird databases and written on c#.
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This is an ASP CMS Forum/Discussion Board with a secure Administrator logon and secure pages. It is fully functional and Version 1.00 is FREE!! Make sure you modify the db configuration for your own server environment.
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Forum in php/MySQL for website : Very easy to install, to use and to administrate. Extreme possibility of customization, only with forms for non-specialist users. Aztek is also a multi-user Forum Server, with their own administrators.
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CFXML Forum is an open source Forum application built in ColdFusion. This project comes with an example Access DB and an administrator.
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FOG Forum is as french bulletin board project written in PHP, and using Smarty Templates Engine. It includes all the standard features, and more.
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Help promote your website, product or service through messageboards. Automatically insert your messages into messageboard posting forms, formatted in any of several different message board posting formats. Even track your posts for new replies!
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An activity social module for Moodle Learning Environment. StructuredForum is based on three types of generic contributions, namely specification, elaboration and consensus.
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Extra datalayers for YetAnotherForum >=1.9.x created by vzrus.
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