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Redwood Family Tree Software is a Free genealogy software for Windows. Whether you are new to discovering your Family genealogy or have been the Family historian for years, Redwood Family Tree Software will help you to organize and view your research. Performing a Family search ...
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Nativity scene, socks on a fireplace, Christmas Tree, our Free Xmas Tree Screensaver... And you feel that your heart fills up with special warmth because Christmas Holiday is coming soon! Watch the Holiday approaching together with the enchanting pictures!
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Get your own Free Christmas Tree for your Desktop! Choose a Christmas Tree from the several skins! Countdown the Days until Christmas, New Year and Julian Christmas! Listen a nice Jingle Bells sound sample every hour! Bring Christmas on your desktop! Get your Tree absolutely ...
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The program is designed to preserve the history and construction of a Family Tree of the Family. With its help you create the detailed list of Family members add their biographies, photos and video. The program is simple and easy to learn, has a clear ...
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Family Tree Legends is the newest Family Tree software. With a fresh approach, Family Tree Legends has 3 advanced features that no other genealogy program has: Real-Time Internet Backup, Real-Time Internet Publishing, and SmartMatching. With Real-Time Internet Backup, you never have to worry about losing ...
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Used by millions of people worldwide, Family Tree Builder helps you research your Family history, build your Family Tree and add photos, historical records and more. Powerful Family Tree Software - Build a Family Tree visually, add thousands of people quickly. Supports over 40 languages. ...
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Visual Folder Tree Builder is a visual shell for creating JavaScript applets without any knowledge of JavaScript. Tree Builder will give your Web site the professional look and feel. Documents and folders are organized just like in Windows Explorer. It is possible to click on ...
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EF Commander Free for Windows is a file manager for the Windows desktop. If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program. Multilingual.
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RootsMagic Essentials is a Free, easy to use genealogy program that contains many core features from the award-winning RootsMagic Family Tree software. The Free version includes extensive reports, and supports unlimited people, families, events, notes, and media. Print books, charts, forms, and lists. Also provides ...
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Create and maintain a comprehensive Family Tree. Manage your Family's history records, learn about your ancestors and teach your kids about your Family in an entertaining way. Clarityx Family Chronicle takes away the routine in gathering, sorting and organizing information, and performs a genealogical research ...
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Vector-based diagramming software with lots of examples and templates. Easy to create flow charts, organizational charts, business diagrams, science illustration, UML diagrams, BPMN diagram, circular diagram, process diagram, IDEF diagram, web diagram, work flow diagram, business form, network diagrams, mind map, business cards and database ...
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Relatives genealogical Tree building software is intended for preparation and presentation of genealogic Trees and storage of genealogic information in files. The basic idea to which the author aspired in the Relatives program was to make the representation of a Family Tree evident, navigation on ...
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GRAMPS is developed to help you keep track with your genealogy. You can easily both create and edit your Family Tree in just a few steps. This tool will help you get a better view in what concernes your ancestors and might prove to be ...
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Familier is a handy, easy-to-use application specially designed to offer users a Family Tree management (Genealogy) software. Now you can explore the genealogy Tree of your Family whenever you want. You will be able to keep track of all your Family members and roots.
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This Excel file features the ability to convert Excel data into the genealogy standard, gedcom format including the ability to specify Family relationships. Gedcom generation is initiated with a push of a VBA coded macro button. Excel2GED-Family distinguishes itself from other Excel2gedcom converters that do ...
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If you have started redecorating your apartment for Christmas and New Year, you may want to do the same to your computer desktop.Get Free Christmas Tree for your desktop.
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Want to create a screenshot suitable for saving or printing? Then just hit a key on your keyboard. Oh yeah, you'll have to download this program first. There are several hotkey combos to choose from. Once you've chosen your favorite combo, head to the Destination ...
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This software lets you create a complete multimedia baby album for your child by adding pictures, drawings, video clips and even audio clips directly into your pages. In a few clicks of your mouse, you can create your child's web site and publish it to ...
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LIFESPAN AGE CALCULATOR can subtract dates answering in days months and years elapsed. Can also subtract an age from an end date to caclulate a start date.. Very useful for government forms in my country, thats for sure. ELAPSED TIME CALCULATIONeg: DD/MM/YYYY -- DD/MM/YYYY == ...
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TreeDraw Viewer is a Freeware utility for displaying and printing genealogy chart files created with TreeDraw V2 or later. It works with TreeDraw charts (.tdr files) created with TreeDraw Standard Edition or TreeDraw Legacy Edition. TreeDraw itself is a graphics utility for producing high quality ...
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GedScape is a software utility for browsing, manipulating, converting and extracting data from GEDCOM files. It is the ideal GEDCOM viewer and converter, an essential tool for genealogists. Features: Easily browse all data for individuals and families within GEDCOM files, including photos, citations and notes ...
Genealogy - Gedcom - Family Tree - GEDCOM viewer - GEDCOM extractor - GEDCOM browser
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LongFamilyHistory is a genealogy software program for Windows. It can store informations about relatives, these data can be arranged into different orders and can be viewed both in textual and graphical way. Data can be associated with further files. The purpose of the application is ...
Genealogy - Family Tree - family history - family stories
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An organization chart, a Family Tree, a bill of materials are some common examples of hierarchical data. Each item of such data can have text and/or a picture. Vidicarta draws charts representing these hierarchies automatically. Each item is represented by a box which contains the ...
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