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Learn Spanish, French, Russian, Greece and other languages having fun with 5 motivating language Games, a multiple choice test and a lesson editor. Each of the Games Category, Word Invader, Memory with Words, Puzzle and WordTris supports a step in the learning process of "getting ...
Foreign Language - Language Learning - Vocabulary Trainer - Vocabulary Game - Edugame - Word Game - Call
Size: 3,570k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Foreign Language Learning Homepage

Test your luck with this hilarious Game of chance, with President Bush and snack food. Watch as three shells are shuffled and one snack food is chosen for the Prez. He loves his broccoli and cheese puffs, but be careful of those pretzels! Bush has ...
Game - Screen - Riss - Saver - President - Bush - Pretzel
Size: 1,209k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Rhode Island Soft Systems

Discover world-class card playing action! Simple to learn, yet challenging to master, 100% Free Hearts offers a fun and exciting gaming experience for casual and hardcore fans alike. Now you can challenge our playful computer champions, engage your friends or compete in our free global ...
Size: 4,633k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: DreamQuest Software

Experience the excitement of the most popular partnership card Game in the United States. Vivid graphics enhance Game play across five skill levels. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, our endearing characters and exciting Game variations will keep you entertained for years to come. ...
Size: 6,636k, Revised: June 17th 2009, By: DreamQuest Software

March to Victory with this Mid-West Favorite! In the 1800s, Euchre was the national card Game. Now, the Internet has helped this social Game regain its popularity. Join the fun with Championship Euchre! Vivid graphics enhance Game play across five skill levels.Whether you're an expert ...
Size: 6,676k, Revised: June 23rd 2009, By: DreamQuest Software

4C is a variation on the classic "Connect 4" Game. Two players on a network compete against one another, and chat back and forth while they play!
Game - Office - Quiet
Size: 469k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: WaverlyStreet

3D Soma Puzzle is a three-dimensional logic Game that challenges you to assemble various figures with the colored irregular blocks. The puzzle seems to be simple but great variety of solutions for each shape (the simplest figure - cube can be solved by 240 essentially ...
Game - Puzzle - Logic - Kids - Soma - Three-dimensional - Iq
Size: 768k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Yavsoft

A classic adventure Game set in medieval Russia. You control a modern American and your quest is to win the hand in marriage of a beautiful Russian princess. Colorful Russian-style graphics and funny plot will not let you get bored. The city is Full of ...
Game - Medieval - Adventure - Quest - Russia
Size: 4,076k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Yavsoft


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Plenty of maps are provided by us, but the beauty of this Game is its customization possibilities. Mission creation has never been easier, with a stable, Full-featured editor integrated into the Game engine itself. Skins, models, and effects can all be modified by the end-user ...
Online - Fps - Team - Shooter - Ctf
Size: 111,442k, Revised: July 16th 2008, By: Legends Development Team

ADO-Hexen-II is a source port of the Game Hexen II, forked directly from Raven's source code. Its main purpose is to provide a source port for the original Game, rather than the mission pack. It works with both the demo and the Full Game.
Size: 51,371k, Revised: August 23rd 2012, By:

Small fun coffee break Game similar to PacMan. The objective of the Game is simple but certainly not easy. You have to clear each level of all dots while avoiding hazardous encounters with evil the monsters. Download this Freeware coffee break Game now!. GameJamboree - ...
Game - Games - Pacman - Freeware Game - Action Game - Arcade Game - Pac Man - Free Game - Classic Game - Fun Game
Size: 307k, Revised: October 14th 2008, By: GameJamboree (1 other programs)

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happy wheels - happy wheels full version - happy wheels game
Size: 4,229k, Revised: July 22nd 2012, By: Happy Wheels

Bubble Bobble was an arcade Game released by Taito in 1986. You have to guide the two hero's Bub and Bob through 100 levels of adventure to rescue their girlfriends. This screensaver will see you the most beautiful screenshots from the most popular Bubble Bobble ...
Game - Free - Download - Screensaver - Web - Fun - Magic - Classic - Dragon - Freeware
Size: 2,140k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: Bubble Bobble Games

Alien Arena 2008 is a Freeware online deathmatch Game with fast and furious action for Windows and Linux! The Game runs on the CRX engine, and features modern effects such as real-time lighting and shadows, shaders, light bloom, reflective surfaces and much more, while still ...
Game - Free - First - Shooter - Person
Size: 163,816k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Cor

Emperor Solitaire is a 2 deck solitaire card Game where the player is trying to arrange the cards in the two decks into a formation where the 8 queens are surrounding the King of Hearts. The Game begins with 7 Kings and and ace in ...
Solitaire - Card Games - freeware solitaire card game - emperor solitaire
Size: 3,410k, Revised: August 16th 2012, By: Emperor Solitaire

Caxcade is an addictive, original, and unique puzzle Game that requires skill, logic, and luck. It takes only a minute to learn, but what seems like an eternity to master! The purpose of the Game is to swap/exchange pieces to form patterns. You score points ...
Game - Puzzle - Download - Free Demo - Tiles - GamerBlitz - Caxcade
Size: 3,451k, Revised: June 12th 2012, By: GamerBlitz

Band of Bugs is a fast playing, accessible, tactics strategy Game. Gameplay is deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the tactics genre, but friendly enough to appeal to more casual Gamers as well. Band of Bugs features a Full story-based campaign, online ...
Game - Free - Games - Strategy - Insects - Adventure - Tactics - War Games - Free Game - Bugs
Size: 51,886k, Revised: July 26th 2012, By: NinjaBee

Eiffel Tower Solitaire is a Freeware solitaire card Game similar to Golf Solitaire and Tower Solitaire. Like these other solitaire Games, the player is moving cards to a single foundation without regard to suit, building the foundation up or down. Cards must be removed from ...
Solitaire - Card Games - Cards - Freeware - solitaire card games - tower solitaire
Size: 3,471k, Revised: September 11th 2012, By: Tower Solitaire

Freeware jigsaw puzzle Game with nice interface, categorized puzzle collections and ability to customize puzzles. A lot of free puzzles included in this Game, and you can create your own puzzles from your favourite pictures with a few clicks of a mouse. Additional packs of ...
Puzzle - Free - Jigsaw - Create Puzzle - Photo Puzzle - Free Puzzle - Free Puzzles
Size: 8,161k, Revised: October 21st 2009, By: KraiSoft Entertainment

Freeware with Full source code! The Open QBuilder (OQBuilder) is a simple "visual query builder". You can use OQBuilder in your Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder applications to make easier SQL-code generation. OQBuilder allows you to easy work with local and server databases via BDE, ...
Delphi - Builder - Visual - Database - Query - Table - Sql - Bde - Ado - Ibo
Size: 1,001k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: FastReport Software

ACUARIO is a Freeware classic platforms Game, play it 5 times without any restriccion each time you download it from my page (it takes a few seconds). Handle a jellfish under the water, jump and hit the pearls in order to eat its pearls.
Size: 61k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: individual

Enjoy the amazing adventures of cute little Dragons Bub and Bob. Fight against threatening monsters with the help of the secret weapon!. Free Games For PC - Download Free Full Game Version. Free Games - Download Free Games, Free Full Version Games -
Size: 3,308k, Revised: July 21st 2008, By: GamesWagon

Join Bub and Bob in their exciting journey about their magic land flooded with dangerous creatures hunting for them.. Free Games For PC - Download Free Full Game Version. Free Games - Download Free Games, Free Full Version Games -
Size: 3,226k, Revised: February 22nd 2009, By: GamesWagon