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Is there no time or opportunity to go on vacation to an exotic tropical? No problem, download and install our tropical screensaver and dive into the fascinating world of the tropics, right at your monitor. Four beautiful animated scenes of the tropical world, gradually changing ...
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Cocktail Mixer makes sure that you find what you are looking for: choose from more than 15.000 recipes. No matter if you want a classic Cosmopolitan, a Bloody Mary, a coffee, a punch or a shot - Cocktail Mixer has it. You can list recipes ...
Drink - Mix - Cocktail - beverage - cocktails - cosmopolitan
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Recipe4win lets you navigate through thousands recipes from the database with a neat interface. It allows you to search recipes by keywords, by ingredients, or by geography. Recipe4win also has direct access to the glossary. With a single click you can see the same ...
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Bling-Tini specializes in creating unique tools and software for drink recipes and mixes. Current we are releasing our new toolbar loaded with drink mix recipes that you can use to find the perfect margarita.. Unique Handcrafted Martini Glasses!. Handcrafted personalized Cocktail martini glasses in ...
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FireLinkReport is an extension for Firebug (addon to Firefox) that allows viewing all links on the current page in one list. FireLinkReport has a number of useful features that simplify process of reviewing links on the page. Powerful filter allows displaying only absolute or relative, ...
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Nuclear Ball 2 allows you to take part in the most entertaining demolition work ever. You must blow up each and every inflammable thing you see. Using the ball, you need to demolish tons of combustible materials, such as missiles, bombs, fire-balls and lots of ...
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"Hi, I've got a job for you. It will be an easy task - a little jeweller's burglary. Also one antiquarian will need to be looked in on. We'll make "an inspection of his collection"... Well, what do you say?" We don't call anyone to ...
Puzzle - Games - New - Simulator - Strategy - Stolen - Criminal - herocraft - seconds
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Contains a library of 321 Cocktail recipes in 12 categories--from Acapulco to Zombie. Convenient search feature locates specific drinks, or lists all those drinks with a particular ingredient. You can add your own categories and drinks and there is even a feature to enter the ...
Recipes - bartender - drinks
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A PHP tool to help you to manage your favorite Cocktail / Cocktails (ingredients, composition, images...)
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