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Fx Image Manager 8 will provide you with a tool to save your favorite images to a database and distribute the database and a slide show player to your friends and family. With Fx Image Manager 8 you can also enhance and edit your source ...
Convert - Resize - Capture Images - Save To Database
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The most beautiful butterflies you've ever seen. Just download this screensaver.
Burger King - Burger King For Sale - Burger King Franchising - Burger King Locations - Burger King Stores
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ABCMachOneMessenger! is amazing new java applet slideshow software that easily allows you to create fully customized slideshows, automatically timed presentation displays, with extreme customization and with amazing special effects!. Java Applets - Wyka-Warzecha.com - java games, java and java applets, and java software with free ...
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Colorblind Fx is a remake to one my friend's game, called Colorblind FIX. A platform game where you must get all the kays, then must go to the final door. Every game's level will intridouce new gameplay elements. The idea is game to have about ...
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Mahjong Burger is an interesting puzzle game for free. Find two identical tiles and prepare all the orders on the conveyor belt in time. Click two matching boxes of ingredients to clear them from the screen. You can only select boxes that can move sideways ...
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Convert your average PC speakers into high quality Pro audio devices found in recording studios. Pro audio in your own home, for the first time. No need to spend $1000's on high end audio Equipment, just use QO Labs Acuity Technology to revolutionise your listening ...
Size: 3,164k, Revised: October 12th 2009, By: QO Labs (3 other programs)

Thomson Fx Hub is a foreign exchange-oriented site with Forex Blog,News, Rates, Calendar and Economics on the web.. Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Reuters.com. Reuters.com brings you the latest news from around the world, covering breaking news in business, politics, ...
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Fx Converter toolbar for IE. Forex conversion rates are based on several macroeconomic factors.. Fx Converter: Visit Us To See How They Can Help Your Financial Strategy. Fx converter exchange rates are based on macroeconomic factors.
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Burger Restaurant is an simulation game. Take a trip across the world as well as the solar system and keep those Burger lovers completely happy! Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those Burger lovers happy! When a customer orders, fill the order ...
Simulation - burger - restaurant
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TrendProphecy Fx monitors the most active parts in the market by monitoring the International Currency market 24 Hours a day, with prices from a variety of sources in the Interbank market and based upon our proprietary research the Users have information about the current Trend ...
Currency - Futures - Algorithm - Day Trading - Signals - Strategies - Day Trade - swing trading - online trading - FX
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TrendProphecy Fx monitors the most active parts in the market by monitoring the International Currency market 24 Hours a day, with prices from a variety of sources in the Interbank market and based upon our proprietary research the Users have information about the current Trend ...
Eur - Algorithm - Forex - Arbitrage - Day Trading - Signals - Pair - Strategies - Cross - Currency Trading
Size: 3,215k, Revised: September 7th 2012, By: TrendProphecy

Cardinal Fx Automatic Tradic Robot - Cardinal Fx takes technical trading to a whole new level!Whether you're a beginner just getting into the Foreign Exchange Forex market or a seasoned veteran who has made and lost thousands, you know how dynamic and complex the market ...
Forex - mt4 - metatrader - Cardinal Forex EA - Automated trading robot - cardinal - ea - mt5 - cardinal fx
 , Revised: August 15th 2012, By: NetTrekk, Inc.

Fx Batch Compiler is a program designed to help you compile Fx effect files and HLSL shader files using Fxc command line compiler included in DirectX SDK. You can compile many files at time or one file with different settings.This is not shader IDE, just ...
Batch - Compiler - Compile - FX Batch Compiler - FX effect file compiler - batch compiler - compile HLSL shader file
 , Revised: July 1st 2012, By: Adam Sawicki

Fx Ball is a simple ball game. You move the board and try not to drop the ball. Also a dangerous enemy walks around. Enemy throws up fire. You have to run away from the fire and hit the enemy by using the ball.
Ball - FX
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Make an extraordinary chicken Burger, all required ingredients are given to you. You will need: 500 mgs minced chicken, black pepper, egg, bowl bread crumbs, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, tomato ketchup, 1-2 rings of sliced onions, big size Burger buns, salt. Imagine yourself being ...
games for girls - cooking games - cooking game - how to cook - girls games - food games
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Mix and match your own effects with Mix-Fx! Want to create amazing Flash TEXT EFFECTS, or FLASH BUTTONS, but don't have Macromedia Flash or don't know how to use it for complex animations? Don't worry, Mix- Fx comes to your rescue. This simple-to-use program lets ...
Animations - Web - Buttons - Flash - Templates - Design - Effects - Downloads - Banners - intros
Size: 1,434k, Revised: September 23rd 2012, By: Triple W communications

Photo collage software lets you create photo collage, scrapbooking layouts with a few clicks. With Collage Fx Stduio you can turns ordinary digital pictures and texts into personalized works of art, either quickly and easily. Collage Fx Stduio edit collage with resources such as photo ...
Collage Creator - collage software - collage layouts - scrapbooking layouts - collage ideas
Size: 28,733k, Revised: July 28th 2012, By: FoxArc Software Technologies.

Fx, Movie Splitter and Trimmer is a tool that enables you to save sections from an existing movie file to a new AVI, MPEG, Real Media or Windows Media file. Supported input file types include AVI, MPEG, Windows Media and sQuick-Time. Also includes an audio ...
Editor - Mpeg - Mpg - Avi - Mov - Wmv - Movie - Splitter - Trimmer - Real Media
Size: 17,797k, Revised: August 11th 2012, By: J. Hepple, Inc.

Fx Audio tools include an audio file converter that supports most common audio and video sound types such as variable bit rate MP2 and MP3 files. Other tools include a CD Audio ripper, a sound recorder, an audio file player an audio file transformer, a ...
Sound - Player - Converter - Audio - Recorder - Ripper - Splitter - Joiner - transformer
Size: 13,906k, Revised: September 5th 2012, By: J. Hepple, Inc.

Whether you are a serious audiophile or you just want to quickly rip a CD or convert between digital audio formats, Fx Audio Editor can do the job for you. With Fx Audio Editor you can visually edit, convert. play and record most sound file ...
Edit - Mp3 - Wav - Audio - Wma - rip cd
Size: 15,319k, Revised: September 8th 2012, By: J. Hepple, Inc.

Cool Info Fx is the number one system information, inventory, audit & diagnostic utility. It provides all the information you could ever need to know about your usage, hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software. Including CPUs, modems, BIOS, drives, graphic cards, drivers, ...
File - Memory - Software - Information - Utility - Cpu - Cdrom - Sound - Monitor - Card
Size: 12,954k, Revised: May 30th 2012, By: Tometa Software, Inc.

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx is a cross-platform report generator, designed for using in Rich Internet Applications. When creating this reporting tool we used one of the most advanced technologies for the development of business applications for the Internet - Adobe Flex. We tried to give developers and ...
Report - report generator - flex reporting tool - reporting tool for RIA - reporting tool for Rich Internet Applications - Adobe Reports - reporting tool for flash
Size: 36,229k, Revised: August 19th 2012, By: Stimulsoft

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for PHP is a reporting tool designed for creating reports in the Internet using a client-server technology. In this product we have combined two technologies. The PHP script works on the server-side. This technology controls the report generation. The Adobe Flash technology works ...
Reports for PHP - report generator for PHP - PHP reporting tool
Size: 14,397k, Revised: October 20th 2012, By: Stimulsoft