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Music Notes are dropping from the treble clef at the top of your screen. Using your keyboard's left and right arrow keys, your objective is to steer each Note so it lands on its name at the bottom of the screen. But be careful : ...
Size: 1,729k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Happy Note!

A free puzzle with the picture of a funny guitarist. You can configure the puzzle from very easy to very difficult, save the game and come back to it later. Full install and uninstall setup.. Play music and learn music Notes the fun way !. ...
Size: 2,406k, Revised: September 9th 2008, By: Happy Note! (2 other programs)

A real computer game (Lives, Points, Bombs, etc.) that will teach you how to read music even as you play! You can let the game teach you from scratch or use it as a fun complement to more traditional lessons.You can choose to play in ...
Music - Play - Learn - Game - Notes - Children - Kid - Treble - Bass - Read
Size: 2,284k, Revised: September 7th 2012, By: Music Happy Note!

Learn to read sheet music with this free educational video game. Use either your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard / piano as input.. Voice-to-Note MIDI music editor: Music Masterworks composing software. Music composing software - free music software download trial
Music - Play - Learn - Game - Free - Learning - Video - Midi - Education - Read
Size: 645k, Revised: October 11th 2008, By: Aspire Software

Happy New Year! This classic screen saver floats the phrase "Happy New Year!" around your screen. See exploding graffiti in the background while listening to party noise makers.
New Year Screen Saver - Happy New Year Screen Saver - Happy New Year Screensaver - Happy New Year
Size: 1,342k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Acez Software

A fun and addicting simple game. Just keep the un-Happy faces from reaching the top.
Size: 1,438k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Be Happy Dammit

Free Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver by FearIsHere.com features a real haunted house, dreadful looking pumpkins and scary flying witches! Prepared to be scared by this unique, free Halloween screensaver.. Free Halloween Screensavers, Wallpapers and eCards by FearIsHere.com. Publisher of Happy Halloween Animated Screensaver, Author of ...
Free - Screensaver - Screen - Flash - Saver - Halloween - Ghost - Witch - Haunted
Size: 4,198k, Revised: September 9th 2008, By: FearIsHere.com (87 other programs)

Watch the bounties of Thanksgiving slowly moving across the screen and a video of the field of plenty at the end. Download this beautiful wallpaper to behold the plentiful bounties and be thankful at Thanksgiving.
Wallpaper - Desktop - Flash - Thanksgiving - Field - Good - Joyful - Happy - Thankful - Wishes
Size: 2,655k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers


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A real computer game (with points,lives, Hi-Score list etc.) that teaches you to recognize music Notes by ear. Easy to customize, Happy Note! Play It By Ear lets you learn at your own pace. It requires no previous knowledge of music. Its user-friendly interface allows ...
Music - Learn - Game - Notes - Children - Fun - Note - Child - Kid - Treble
Size: 2,847k, Revised: October 26th 2012, By: Music Happy Note!

From 2 to 17 different Notes in Treble Clef and Bass Clef, 64 multimedia Readings to learn at your own pace. No previous knowledge of music required ! Hear and sing (or read) the Notes at the same time ! Each reading features 5 different ...
Music - Note - Bass - music note - treble clef - music notes - read notes - read music notes - read music note - read treble clef
Size: 809k, Revised: September 16th 2012, By: Music Happy Note!

Twenty great backgrounds photos from Venice Carnival to use with Happy Note! Tetris. Pictures are in the same resolution as the game (640x480) : use the Background/Import menu from our free Tetris game to use them as background.. Jeux pour apprendre lire une partition de ...
Size: 1,956k, Revised: January 18th 2009, By: Happy Note! (2 other programs)

Enjoy watching images of fall, with a beautiful flash animated effect that shifts the images horizontally. A must download for everyone who wishes to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving holiday.
Screensaver - Screen - Flash - Saver - Thanksgiving - Water - Good - Flowing - Joyful - Happy
Size: 4,475k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers

A simple screensaver with great images. This one talks about the festival without any words. Download it for the beautiful pictures and a fresh feeling for this celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving.
Screensaver - Screen - Flash - Saver - Thanksgiving - Beautiful - Good - Joyful - Festival - Happy
Size: 2,179k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers

Soothing pink colors. A message of Happy Easter in beautiful calligraphy and a video shot of a bunny with Easter Eggs, moving softly over the screen. Get this free snimated wallpaper on your desktop for a peaceful and enjoyable Easter.. college study skills leader leadership ...
Calligraphy - Happy Easter - Easter Fun - Christian Holidays - Easter Wallpaper - Easter Sunday - Easter Bunny - Pink Colors
Size: 1,966k, Revised: July 23rd 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers

The Note Taker will really come in handy if you need to remember a lot of things or if you want to collect information from different sources.This program saves it's size, position and contents, so when the program is started again, everything will be restored!You ...
Note - Taker - Goodsoft
Size: 110k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: GoodSoft Development

BM Note Vault is an easy to use freeware Notes organizer that allows you to manage your personal and business related information, Ideas into manageable groups BM Note also uses a user friendly explorer-like interface that is Similar to windows.Other additional features include database backup ...
Size: 1,495k, Revised: January 13th 2010, By: BM-IT-SOFTWARE

MFX Note Rotator is a plugin.Do you want to have your sequencer select a Note in order or random when playing a target Note? Do you want to fake up a round-robin or alternation scenario on a sound module or sampler that has no such ...
Size: 20k, Revised: December 4th 2009, By: Markleford Friedman

Virtual piano, guitar/banjo/mandolin etc, hammered dulcimer simulator and Note mapper/composer lets you write and play back songs thru midi and see the Notes played (animated) on a musical staff and scale, piano keyboard, guitar/banjo/mandolin, and hammered dulcimer images. You can change the midi sound to ...
Size: 430k, Revised: May 2nd 2009, By: Horizon Software Co.

The promissory Note form from www.formsgateway.com is an agreement to repay a debt at a stated time or on demand. The sample promissory Note template is flexible and can be modified. Download the promissory Note now.. Promissory Note. Promissory Note. Available for instant download from ...
Size: 133k, Revised: December 15th 2008, By: Promissory Note

I decided to explore both the musical and programming aspects of C# all at once. As a first project I built the Note Detector. It opens the sound card and if you have a mic it will tell you the musical Note that it hears. ...
Size: 420k, Revised: July 16th 2008, By: TMIV Productions

Info Note is very simple program which lets you to make quick important Notes without any mouse clicks or document management. Info Note is a Notepad, which always near at hand. The common situation - you have got a phone call and you need quickly ...
Size: 1,311k, Revised: October 15th 2008, By: EctoSoft

Enhanced desktop Notes that; persist windows sessions, give you control of the look and feel, allow you to save and open Notes, provides special Notes that provide updated information, drag text to and from any application, and even email the Notes or just a selection ...
Size: 3,092k, Revised: November 8th 2009, By: Veign

Highly configurable, feature-rich, Note-based personal information management program.Note Mania is a lightweight, feature rich, hightly configurable PIM (personal information manager) application.Here are some key features of "Note Mania": NoteYou can change Notes' visual properties such as font, text color globally or for each Note individually. ...
Size: 5,632k, Revised: March 27th 2009, By: Util's Haven