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A bold truetype font with a strong look to it.Hibernate is a TTF character with a unique appearance, designed for you to customize your documents.Simply unzip the font and install it using the dedicated command available in the File menu of the Fonts folder you ...
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HSE (Hibernate, Spring, Echo2) is a 3-tier base application for Echo2 designed to be a starting point for writing robust AJAX applications in Java, Spring, and Hibernate.
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The technology progress goes on with blazing speed! New operating systems are being released quite often! And we all know they can do much... ...but it seems their makers intentionali hide the potentialy usefull features deep inside. We have to click many times before a ...
Windows - Memory - Search - Monitor - Screen - Internet - Control - Cd-rom - Open - System
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Program allows scheduled shutdown, reboot and wakeup (Wake-On-LAN) computers on the local network. You can easy perform actions for any number of work stations. Local machine can be scheduled to shutdown, reboot, Hibernate, standby, log off current user session, lock computer, wake up from Hibernate ...
Hibernate - Group - Schedule - Job - Ping - Wake-on-lan - Shutdown - Reboot - Remote - Sleep
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QL Shutdown is a Power management solution for organizations of any sizes. Tool allows you to manage the power state of the large numbers of workstations by one click. All actions can be executed by schedule, so you can obtain fully automatic power management for ...
Hibernate - Wake-on-lan - Shutdown - Reboot - Remote - Standby - Logoff - Restart - wakeup
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Free Shutdown timer is the software which can automate Shutdown,restart,log off,lock,Hibernate and Standby operations.This can be very helpful if some activity is being performed on your system and you want to shut down pc after a time period.This helps in saving electricity bills.If you are ...
Hibernate - Timer - Lock - Suspend - Standby - Restart - Shutdown Timer - Log Off - auto shutdown - auto lock
Size: 1,987k, Revised: September 12th 2012, By: Sofonica Ltd.

This program can open files, run programs, play sounds, open a web site and make your computer power off, reboot, stand by, Hibernate or log out. You can also set a specific date and time when you want to run task. Any task running without ...
Reboot - Run Programs - This program can open files - play sounds - open a web site and make your computer power off - stand by - hibernate or log out You can also set a specific
Size: 1,618k, Revised: August 17th 2012, By: Kybernetiks corporation

Don't Sleep application was developed to be a small tool that will prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart. Especially when old Programs run on Windows-7 or Windows Vista. Here's more aggressive power-saving features with new rules. But not only that, it also ...
Block - Prevent - Deny - Don t Sleep - prevent shutdown - prevent standby - prevent hibernate
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Turn Off Monitor is a Utility by which you can Turn Monitor Off using either a shortcut Key or a shortcut icon or an Icon in System Tray.Turning Off Monitor when not in use saves electricity which is not the same as running a Blank ...
Hibernate - Music - Shutdown - Power Off - Restart - Log Off - start screensaver - turn off monitor - monitor off - turn off notebook monitor
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Irritated with the fact that some applications just don't go well with Window's Hibernate or Suspend features? The easiest way to fix the problem is to get Shutdown Lock, a program that can Hibernate-enable any application, like FlashGet, or AudioGrabber. This tiny utility (about 64 ...
Hibernate - shutdown command - shutdown command line - shutdown computer automatically - shutdown computer shortcut - shutdown shortcut - shutdown xp - shutdown windows xp - computer hibernation - computer hibernate
Size: 389k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: X-Ray Application Software.

The Chameleon Shutdown application was developed to be a small tool that will allow you to switch off, restart, Hibernate the computer and perform other operations both immediately and when certain conditions are met (specific time, delay, idle time, CPU usage, closure of a certain ...
Hibernate - Shutdown - Restart - Chameleon Shutdown - shutdown system - restart system - hibernate system
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Hide Window on Taskbar with Easy Hide Window and shutdown computer or Hibernate computer when window closes. Hidden windows can be restored easily. Hidden windows are restored when the Easy Hide Window Utility closes. Trial Version does not have any nagging pop ups. Registered Users ...
Hibernate - Program - Hide - Hider - Shutdown - Taskbar - hide window
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AutoTurnOff helps to shut down computer at specified time even if no one is logged in.1. Helps to shut down computer at specified time.2. Helps to restart computer at specified time.3. Helps to log off computer at specified time.4. Helps to Hibernate computer at specified ...
Hibernate - Restart - Log Off - Windows 7 - Shut Down - AutoTurnOff
Size: 553k, Revised: May 2nd 2012, By: AutoTurnOff.com

You can use Mz Shutdown Scheduler to restart, Hibernate, log off, shutdown and force shutdown your computer whenever you decide, depending on time of day, CPU usage or available memory.
Hibernate - Shutdown - Schedule Shutdown - Log Off - schedule hibernation - shutdown scheduler - MzShutdownScheduler
Size: 1,229k, Revised: August 18th 2012, By: Michael Zacharias

ShutDownOnTime is a small program that allows to turn off, Hibernate, standby and reboot your local computer at user defined times every day. ShutDownOnTime is intended to help save energy ressources. ShutDownOnTime is perfect for offices were computers stay on at night and over the ...
Hibernate - Schedule - Shutdown - Reboot - Log Off - timing
Size: 952k, Revised: August 27th 2012, By: WindSolutions

Are you away and can't control your computer at the moment? With Auto Control you can do many operations to your computer while you are away such as: Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Standby, Log off ...etc by using 3 methods, Alarm mode, Countdown mode and Listening ...
Hibernate - Screenshot - Process - Shutdown - Reboot - Remote - Standby - Logoff - Restart - Sleep
Size: 4,895k, Revised: July 17th 2012, By: InfraDrive

Chameleon Shutdown allows you to switch off, restart, Hibernate the computer and perform other operations both immediately and when certain conditions are met (specific time, delay, idle time, CPU usage, closure of a certain program).You can add multiple conditions without limitation.The interface supports skins and ...
Hibernate - Restart - Cpu Usage - Delay - Log Off - idle time - switch off
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