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Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista (SP2) is an update to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 that supports new kinds of hardware and emerging hardware standards, and includes all updates delivered since SP1. SP2 simplifies administration by enabling IT administrators ...
Size: 591,217k, Revised: May 26th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Service Pack 2, the latest service pack for both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, supports new types of hardware and emerging hardware standards, includes all of the updates that have been delivered since SP1, and simplifies deployment, for consumers, developers, and IT professionals.Service Pack ...
Size: 1,409,833k, Revised: May 26th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Standalone is the SQL-based software configuration management (SCM) solution with fully integrated version control, issue tracking and build automation.Designed for both centralized and distributed development teams, SCM Anywhere Standalone helps development teams deliver software products faster and promotes team collaboration through centralized ...
Configuration Management - Software Configuration Management - sw configuration management - CM tool - Software Configuration Management tools - Software cm
Size: 23,511k, Revised: July 29th 2012, By: Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone is SQL server-based version control software with seamless integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other IDEs, cross-platform support, and unique caching mechanism for remote performance. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone is designed to offer VSS users special optimization possibilities. Familiar UI and working style ...
Version Control - Develop - Source Control - sourcesafe - Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone - VSS plugin - VSS database
 , Revised: May 25th 2012, By: Dynamsoft

AtlasHl is a perl driven script set that reads in HalfLife and Halflife Source formatted log files and output the results to a database. The database can then be viewed with a php front end that queries the database.
Size: 329k, Revised: October 20th 2012, By: atlashl.sourceforge.net

A stand-alone version of the smail applet client, with additional features : proxies, blacklist, system tray icon, and so on.
Size: 3,902k, Revised: September 18th 2012, By: smailstandalone.sourceforge.net


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Mozilla SunbirdA® is a cross-platform calendar application, built upon Mozilla Toolkit. Our goal is to provide you with a full-featured and easy to use calendar application that you can use around the world. Mozilla Sunbird is a redevelopment of the Mozilla Calendar extension. Our goal ...
Calendar - Organizer - Mozilla - calendar component - standalone calendar - mozilla calendar
Size: 6,758k, Revised: June 13th 2012, By: Mozilla.org

Most PC users have hundreds of URLs stored in their Favorites folder. And sometimes its a major task to find the specific one needed. This program allows you quick advanced Search access to your Internet Favorites (with sort option). ppFndFAV is Standalone and works with ...
Size: 510k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: www.ParentPresent.org

This is a nice calculator with an on-screen history ticket, user definable precision, 1 memory register. Values with up to 14 significant digits. The calculator is available - as a Standalone function (executable included) - as a Delphi component (Delphi 4.0 sources included) Used as ...
Size: 143k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: ExEntryC

ODBCView is a free SQL query tool that allows you to view and export data from any OBDC compliant database. Connect to an ODBC data source and enter a SQL statement to execute. Any resulting data is displayed on a read-only grid or it can ...
Database - Sql - Odbc - Sql Query Tool - View Data - Export Data
Size: 4,076k, Revised: January 18th 2009, By: SLIK Software Ltd.

nnCron LITE is a small, but full-featured scheduler, that can start applications and open documents at specified time or with specified frequency. nnCron LITE is a perfect freeware Windows clone of a well-known UNIX scheduler Cron (including all the useful Anacron features). Here are the ...
Free - Scheduler - Service - Launch - Cron - Forth Language - Cron For Windows - System Command Scheduler
Size: 225k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: nnSoft

The free ModelPress System provides a mechanism for publishing 3D files to a web-ready format, as well as a flexible, visualization application that can be embedded in other desktop applications or in web pages for web-delivery and viewing. ModelPress Publisher reads native 3D CAD model ...
Size: 24,055k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Informative Graphics Corp

Our Standalone digital image recovery tool has been discontinued. The freeware image recovery functions are now integrated into ZAR (version 7.8 and up).
Data Recovery - Digital Image Recovery - Photo Recovery
Size: 620k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Zero Assumption Recovery Software

This add-in is designed to export contacts and user groups from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP and 2003 address book into a mailing list file. The output file format is common for many programs dealing with mailing lists. It is not a Standalone application: to launch ...
Plugin - Freeware - Outlook - Addin - Maillist - Addon - Msoutlook - Distribution List - Users Groups - Outlook Contacts
Size: 215k, Revised: October 9th 2008, By: MAPILab Ltd. (40 other programs)

This tool simulates a 3 button wheel mouse using a joystick in both relative (like a mouse) and absolute movement mode (like a graphic tablet). Additional mouse buttons are supported under 2000/XP as well. The taskbar icon shows the state of the tool. If the ...
Windows - Tool - Control - Mouse - Cursor - 95 - 98 - Xp - 2000 - Translate
Size: 20k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Deinmeister Digital Delusions

Turn digital photos into your own SlideShow! Photo SlideShow Maker helps to make SlideShow easily and quickly with accompanied music and various transition effects. As a result you can get a Standalone executable (.exe) file with music, images inside. So you can easily view, copy ...
Image - Screensaver - Slideshow - Photo - Digital - Maker - Show - Slide
Size: 2,253k, Revised: July 16th 2008, By: NeSoft Inc.

Invisionix Systems announced this month the pre-alpha release of a portable Instant Messenger (IRSIM), which boasts to be the only one of its kind using PHP, Javascript, mySQL, and multi-transport jabber technologies.This Open Source program interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs. It ...
Size: 63k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Invisionix

FreeUndelete is a freeware data recovery program for deleted files. In case of accidental deletion of files on a NTFS file system (used by default in Windows XP/2000/NT) and FAT32 FreeUndelete is the utility to help. Features a comprehensive interface, which allows user to sort ...
Undelete - Unerase - File Recovery - File Undelete - Deleted Files - Erased Files - Restore Deleted - Ntfs Recovery - Ntfs Undelete - Fat32 Recovery
Size: 481k, Revised: September 2nd 2009, By: Recoveronix Ltd. (51 other programs)

Batch Images Now can is an automated batch-imaging editor that allows you to resize, rename and compressing images with a few clicks. It can wrap the converted images into a Standalone .Exe file, hence you may send to people with convenient. It can work with the major ...
Image - Photos - Resize - Rotate - Batch - Small - Digital - Picture - Resizer - Camera
Size: 5,252k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ace Zip Soft.

Mixere is a free, open-source application for mixing audio files. It runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, and supports WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, and Mod audio files. Mixere is ideal for live performance, and especially for creating multi-layered sound collages. It's like a rack full ...
Sound - Audio - Collage - Mixer - Multitrack
Size: 399k, Revised: June 28th 2009, By: CKCI

Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of box without any installation. That means it is a webserver that can run directly from cdrom, usb stick or from any folder on harddisk. Server2Go allows you to create a Standalone working web site or PHP application ...
Php - Cd - Server - Cd-rom - Mobile - Webserver - Mysql - Sqlite
Size: 12,616k, Revised: September 9th 2009, By: Telsters (1 other programs)