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The Float Panel Interface (FPI) is a dock management system for .NET 2.0. It is designed to create flexible user Interface based on dockable / undockable panels with minimal additional coding. The dock manager supports multiple dock panels per form. A number of events inform ...
User Interface - Dock - Panels
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Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Language Packs (Windows Server Language Packs) enable a multilingual user Interface in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment. Adding one or more language packs to a Windows Server 2008 R2 image enables one or more languages in the installed Windows Server ...
Size: 63,805k, Revised: September 6th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

ARI, which stands for Asynchronous Remote Interface is a .NET Ajax library that eliminates all of the complexity of Ajax programming for .NET based web sites. ARI is a drop-in solution that allows you to make remote calls to all of the server side code ...
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The User Interface Process Application Block provides a simple yet extensible framework for developing user Interface processes. It is designed to abstract the control flow and state management out of the user Interface layer into a user Interface process layer. This helps you write generic ...
Size: 2,673k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

For Windows XP Multilingual User Interface users, the Multilingual UI Pack for Windows Messenger 5.1 is available from this page. Windows Messenger allows real-time communication with other contacts who are using instant messaging (IM) services including those provided by the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as ...
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Interface Traffic Indicator, inftraf.exe Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the Paypal link or Amazon wishlist at: Please report bugs and feature requests to: What does it do and how does it work? Inftraf is a ...
Size: 809k, Revised: December 23rd 2008, By: Carsten Schmidt

Adobe Photoshop has a drawback in its Interface, it uses several floating palettes and toolbars which occupy precious screen space for design. But you can't close these floating windows because they are indispensable for graphic design. So you have to minimize and restore these floating ...
Interface - Photoshop Interface Assistant - Interface Assistant - Plugin - Photoshop - photoshop plugin - floating palette
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<span>Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Language Packs (Windows Server Language Packs) will allow you to enable a multilingual user Interface in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment. Adding one or more language packs to a Windows Server 2008 R2 image enables one or more languages in ...
Multilingual User Interface - Lp - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Multilingual User Inte - Language Pack - Windows Server LP - MUI - Server 2008
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Prof-UIS is an easy-to-use MFC extension library that enables you to deliver Windows applications with a professional and user-friendly Interface. It will help you take the time and complexity out of incorporating rich and up-to-date UI facilities in your projects: customizable menus, toolbars and menu ...
Interface - C++ - Visual - Library - Dialog - Window - Mfc - Tabs - User - Extension
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Interface Interceptor is a library designed to enable you to automaticaly generate decorators for your classes which implement some set of Interfaces. Interceptor allows you to intercept the Interface methods call, change method logic, analize input parameters, substitute return value, analize exceptions occured. This Interceptor ...
Interface - Interface Interceptor - Library - Class - class library - interface method - generate decorator
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The Audio Recording Interface software is a simple and accessible Graphical User Interface.The app waits for a given user-defined key sequence to be pressed and then toggles the audio recording from the microphone or another supported devices.
Interface - Audio Recording Interface - Key - sequence - key sequence - toggle audio - toggle record
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Multiple Interface Watcher, MIW.exeVersion 1.1.0; April2005FREEware by Carsten SchmidtIf you like this software please donate. report bugs and feature requests to:[emailprotected]/* */How does it work and what does it do?Generate a file with a list of devices that you want to monitor. Each linein ...
Monitoring - Network - Snmp - multiple interface watcher - miwexe - graph utility - network utilisation
Size: 983k, Revised: June 8th 2012, By: Carsten Schmidt

CD I.C. lets you easily create professional Interfaces for CDs, which support all file formats, launch programs, open media files, play sounds, show graphics, jump to web sites, browse directories, display documents, send emails, use DBase IV compatible databases, come with file management and much ...
Interface - Cd - Database - Cd-rom - Design - Autorun - Launch Programs - Autostart
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Want to improve your application user Interface ?Find a skin library to make your application skinnable?AUDK is the best software skinning solution for you!AUDK means AppFace User Interface Development Kits,which is a WYSWYG Windows UI skinning solution,including the skinning library, the visual skin maker,the detailed ...
Size: 3,174k, Revised: May 25th 2012, By: Matinsoft Inc.

The ceWISE Professional Interface is an optional component for the beWISE Professional product. It is implemented as a DLL and it allows C programs to access beWISE variables in a similar manner as VB programs. This Interface enables C applications to interchange data with other ...
 , Revised: July 21st 2012, By: Edelwise, Inc. rgtk Interface provides a Gtk2 GUI for fetching Lorem Ipsum dummy text(used in typesetting industry) from program DOES NOT generate any text itself, so it needs a working internet connection to retrieve the data.
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MySTRI is the MySQL Standard Table and Row Interface. It provides a front end to tables and individual rows for multiple users. Use it to allow the content people to add data to populate your web application.
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DBi is an easy to use PHP database Interface ment to give applications universal support across many databases including several flat file formats.
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The PyDB2 package provides a Python DB API 2.0 Interface to IBM's DB2 database management system. The package also includes various tools for working with DB2.
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Mockups, documentation, and prototypes for ideas from the historical Linux Interface Project (1996-1998) founded by Michael Dingler as well more recent graphical user Interface innovations according to the motto: Kiss your boring GUI good-bye!
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Web Interface to Octave allows to run GNU Octave commands from a web browser. Application is written in PHP and needs SQL database. It supports user profiles, user-created functions, scripts.
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The AUIT toolkit is a high-level Java user Interface toolkit which completely abstracts the application code from the Interface. For many platforms, native widgets are provided; other platforms can use Swing. The Interface is specified in XML.
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XMail PHP administration Interface (XPAI) is a web- and php-based management system for the XMail mail server. XPAI offers a simple, comfortable and secure way to manage XMail at different levels, from the single POP3 user up to a site admin.
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