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A close implementation of the Java's AWT public library API for HTML. With HtmlAWT you build an event driven, component based tree which is used to code HTML web pages, forms, tables from a Java application. HtmlAWT is standalone library.
Size: 52k, Revised: August 8th 2012, By:

A Gui Toolkit based on Swing that makes Gui Development very easy. Several classes exist that already have basic Menu, Toolbar, Statusbar etc. functionality and can just be subclassed. Resources are read from a properties file.
Size: 47k, Revised: July 19th 2012, By:

Pounder is a utility for testing Java Guis. It allows developers to dynamically load components, record scripts, and then use those scripts to construct JUnit tests. Requires Java 1.4. It is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License.
Size: 496k, Revised: May 30th 2012, By:

The AbaGuiBuilder is a visual Gui builder written in Java designed to look like the Delphi/VB designers. The Java Gui Builder was conceived to help the application developer design and create UI Java applications in a rapid manner.
Size: 85k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By:

Dieses Projekt bildet das offizielle Java-Core-Gui fALr das AppleJuice (AJ) - Projekt. Den jeweils aktuellen Java-Core und ein Komplett-Setup findet ihr auf .
Size: 9k, Revised: August 18th 2012, By:

Japag is a Java application aimed to provide a Gui to any command-line application. It is configured by an XML file.
Size: 70k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By:

This program includes a Gui interface and protocol(s) written in Java to be used as a chat program. The primary chat protocol is MSN, but the program is expanable with "plug-ins" that allow other protocols to be added such as Yahoo!, AIM, and the like.
Size: 124k, Revised: June 5th 2012, By:

"JTC includes the functions printf and scanf in Java", with this functions C-programmers will have their migration to Java made simple. The printf and scanf implementations of the Softhema Java Toolkit Collection JTC are up to 99% compatible with their ANSI-C version. You will quickly ...
Size: 246k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Softhema Group


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Open a Java class file binary to view or edit strings, attributes, methods and generate readable reports similar to the Javap utility. In built verifier checks changes before saving the file. Easy to use Java Swing Gui.
Size: 174k, Revised: September 15th 2012, By:

JComponentPack is a Java Swing Gui library, a visual JavaBeans collection, it's based on the Swing MVC architecture and 100% pure Java, it includes more than 20 components that Swing haven't, such as excel style Java spreadsheet component, database enabled Java table component, calendar, list ...
Cell - Table - data grid - Java spreadsheet - Java calendar - java grid - java datagrid - java excel - swing suite - swing component
Size: 26,337k, Revised: September 25th 2012, By: Extreme Component, Inc.

Maveryx is a Java based, advanced Test Automation Framework specially designed for Gui-based applications. This tool eliminates the Gui Maps dependency by combining an advanced dynamic Gui objects recognition engine to an efficient expert system detecting and managing changes and defects in the application–under–test at ...
Test - Automate - Tester - Java framework - Maveryx - GUI Maps dependency - Test Automation Framework
 , Revised: July 2nd 2012, By: Maveryx Srl

Assists users to analyse and select players in Australian Football League (AFL) based football fantasy competitions.FFGenie is displayed in a Java Swing Gui, will allow users to filter and sort players based on many statistical categories and criteria.FFGenie will allow you to simulate various fantasy ...
Size: 1,372k, Revised: April 9th 2009, By: grimlock81

PlayerSelector allows players to be selected for video games using a simple, but full featured Java-based Gui. It can be utilized in any environment where a number of players need to be selected at a time (such as 4 for a console game).
Size: 33k, Revised: August 20th 2012, By:

Using SwiFu for Java-Swing, Gui-programmers can implement bindings from input-events to executed operations in a fairly easy and flexible manner. No need to deal with MouseListeners, InputMaps, etc. any longer.
Size: 300k, Revised: October 16th 2012, By:

The System Management Console provides a Java based Gui console to edit system configuration files. The SMC is plugin based and operates on XML data imported from and exported to standard configuration files.
Size: 2,423k, Revised: May 21st 2012, By:

Warcraft 3 Vertical Break Code Tools is a simple Java-awt Gui tools to help create and visualize colorized tooltips or descriptions used for Warcraft 3's worldedit objects.
Size: 32k, Revised: October 2nd 2012, By:

IPv6SubnetCalc is a comprehensive calculator for IPv6 addresses. It comes with Java Swing Gui and supports the following RFCs: RFC4291, RFC4193, RFC3849, RFC2464, RFC5375, RFC4941, RFC3513, RFC3879, RFC4941, RFC3056, RFC3587, RFC2374, RFC3306, RFC3956.
Size: 382k, Revised: June 4th 2012, By:

Library for easier development Java SWING Gui. This library should cooperate with other standard technologies like JDBC, J2EE,....
Size: 1,608k, Revised: August 15th 2012, By:

This is a Java swing Gui component extends JTable who provide additional services: column hide, search, sort, auto resize column, save settings in xml file, better object oriented model than JTable.
Size: 48k, Revised: May 3rd 2012, By:

JUseCase is a record/replay framework for Java Swing Gui applications. It allows recording of user/Gui interactions to a high-level use case script and user/Gui interaction simulation based on such use case scripts.
Size: 64k, Revised: June 24th 2012, By:

JWorkbench is set of Java based Gui and NON-Gui frameworks, allowing developers to easily build and incorporate needed functionality into applications. Currently available are the frameworks involving Finders, Object Factories and Exception Management (m
Size: 7k, Revised: October 1st 2012, By:

EBookME is Java application (Gui, console and/or applet) which generates Java ME ebooks (JAD, JAR) from input text files. Generated books can be readed on mobile phones which support Java (MIDP 1.0).
Size: 18,409k, Revised: September 13th 2012, By:

Nifty Gui was designed as an accessible and useful Java-based library that supports the building of interactive user interfaces for games or similar applications. It utilizes lwjgl for OpenGL rendering. The configuration of the Gui is stored in XML files with little supporting Java code.
Development - Gui - Opengl - Java library - create GUI - Nifty GUI - OpenGL GUI
 , Revised: August 6th 2012, By: void256