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Basic Web Page Layouts Creator is a free and easy web page simple layout generator. Make your own cool Layouts by customizing layout types, layout backgrounds, layout borders and link styles.
Free Web Layouts Creator - Layout Help - Customize Layouts
Size: 660k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Design-Lib.Com

Tired of logging in to your multiple Myspace accounts?Then you need Myspace2max login manager. With this simple little app you can easy manage as many accounts as you want.Just save all your accounts in the application then you will be able to login to ...
Automate - Business - Marketing - Promote - Social
Size: 1,200k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Myspace2Max

Myspace Friend Finder allows you to grow your Myspace Friends. You simply enter a keyword or a FriendID and click the Search button. You can find people by keyword or you can get all friends on a certain user. Myspace Friend Finder will instantly save ...
Auto - Freeware - Finder - Robot - Myspace2max
Size: 1,600k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Myspace2Max

This macro was created to allow you to create your own mini macro's for Myspace games. Originally created for Myspace Mobsters this macro allows you to create automated sequences of clicks to do missions or fight other players.. Mofiki WorldWide | Mofiki Software | Website ...
Size: 246k, Revised: August 25th 2009, By: Mofiki WorldWide

Easily create your own tunes and publish them directly on Myspace!Creating music and sharing it directly on Myspace has never been so easy! With MAGIX Music Maker for Myspace you can easily create music - no prior knowledge required! It only takes a single click ...
Size: 110,746k, Revised: July 27th 2009, By: MAGIX AG

Myspace Grab is an MP3 audio stream grabber that allows you to download MP3s from Myspace through TCP/IP protocol.The process is very simple, enter band?s name into the box and click the Go button. The software then connects to Myspace and downloads a listing of ...
Size: 41k, Revised: March 27th 2009, By:

The Mega Listwill add you to well over 700+ Myspace trains on more then 95+ Myspace adder sitesThe Short Listwill add you to all the Myspace point system sites that we know ofMaxadds User Trains Listwill put you on 2500 of the user trains on ...
Size: 573k, Revised: November 25th 2009, By:

Customize your Facebook profile!Finally! Now you can add awesome backgrounds to your Facebook page. It looks AMAZING, is totally EASY, and completely FREE! Just download the plugin and install it to start browsing thousands of high quality backgrounds for your Facebook profile.Browsers supported:- Internet Explorer- ...
Plugins - Internet - Wallpaper - Skins - Browser - Icons - Design - Layout - Themes - Customize
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musicjacker for Myspace is a small, easy to use program that lets you download your favourite songs from Myspace! All you need to do is put in the Myspace URL of the band or artist, select the songs you want and hit download! musicjacker for ...
Download - Downloader - Myspace - music downloader - MySpace Downloader - Download Song
Size: 6,861k, Revised: October 1st 2012, By: musicjacker

Easy Adder is the ultimate Myspace Friend Adder tool to help promote your band, market your product and services, or even run for office. Easy Adder automates the daunting task of adding friends, sending messages, and leaving comments. Add hundreds to even thousands of Myspace ...
adder - myspace friend adder - myspace bot - friend blaster pro - Easy Adder - The ToolSmith - Friend Blaster - FriendBlaster - Add New Friends
Size: 8,888k, Revised: September 15th 2012, By: The ToolSmith LLC

Your fans and existing friends on your page make judgment on your music based not only on your skills and talent but also on the amount of profile views and song plays you have. Myspace Increaser Package is not only being used by independent artists ...
Myspace - myspace artists - increasing profile - profile views - song plays
Size: 10k, Revised: July 8th 2012, By: Inc.

Automates the collecting of bounties on Myspace Mobsters. Auto heals when health is below 67%, attacks only mobsters with certain levels and bounty amounts that you select. This is a must have Myspace Mobsters Bot, it is the best on the market to date!
MBH - Myspace Bounty Hunter - Myspace Mobsters Bounty Hunter - Myspace Mobters - Myspace Mobsters Bot
 , Revised: October 14th 2012, By: Team-Stacked

The Free Myspace Friend Adder (by Sonoma Productions) mimics the actions that are done by adders such as BadderAdder, OpenAdder, and Friend Blaster Pro. The only difference is that this one is completely free!
Size: 24k, Revised: August 27th 2012, By:

UK-International keyboard Layouts is an effort to create and distribute a UK keyboard layout like US-International. The project has Layouts for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Keyboard Layouts were tested successfully under Windows 7
Size: 159k, Revised: September 8th 2012, By:

Usable keyboard Layouts for Windows improve and extend the standard Windows keyboard Layouts with better support for dead keys and graphical characters.
Size: 256k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By:

Free Myspace song plays increaser software. Increase your song plays for free. Increase your daily plays to the thousands and get the notice from record labels you deserve. This is the secret the Major Labels use for their artists, and don't want you to know.
Myspace Plays - Increase Myspace Plays - Increase Myspace - Plays Increase - Song Play
Size: 3k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: SongBoostFREE

Yontoo Layers is an exciting new development in Internet software. It is a browser add-on that creates virtual layers that can be edited to create the appearance of having made changes to the underlying website.Where Can I Use It?Yontoo Layers works on any site on ...
Size: 532k, Revised: November 19th 2009, By: Yontoo Technology, Inc

Toolbar also includes smileys, cursors, screensavers, and is accessible directly from your browser.. Webfetti - Add FREE Customized Layouts, Generators, Graphics and Bling to Your Page!. Webfetti is a free, web-based application that allows you to easily customize your social networking profile pages and blogs ...
Size: 2,468k, Revised: November 20th 2009, By: Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc

Introducing the "Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars" 3D Screensaver, from The highly unique and collectible "Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars" 3D Screensaver features bangin' music, bold Old-School style Graffiti Art, and Hot Cars. Surreal 3D graphics fill the screen, as fresh, new, primetime Hip ...
Size: 56,791k, Revised: July 15th 2008, By: (1 other programs)

KbdKaz 500 keyboard layout lets you enter about 500 additional letters and symbols, which are inaccesible in normal keyboard Layouts. You can use KbdKaz 500 in your everyday work, it coexist with standard way of entering characters. If you already use US keyboard layout, just ...
keyboard layout symbols accent - normal keyboard layouts - US keyboard layout - use advanced features
Size: 1,170k, Revised: March 28th 2012, By: Omega Computer

Photo collage software lets you create photo collage, scrapbooking Layouts with a few clicks. With Collage FX Stduio you can turns ordinary digital pictures and texts into personalized works of art, either quickly and easily. Collage FX Stduio edit collage with resources such as photo ...
Collage Creator - collage software - collage layouts - scrapbooking layouts - collage ideas
Size: 28,733k, Revised: July 28th 2012, By: FoxArc Software Technologies.

Resco Photo Manager is a favorite Windows Mobile image viewing program with features beating all the standards of the classic built-in viewer. Users gain functions of complete image management in a modern looking and easy to handle application. Since the last version, the application went ...
Image - Convert - Crop - Resize - Zoom - Slideshow - Photo - Interface - Rotation - Viewing
Size: 2,202k, Revised: May 11th 2012, By: Resco

PingFu Iris is a HTTP Tunneling software for users behind restrictive Firewalls and Proxy Servers. PingFu Iris keeps your latency low in games like World of Warcraft, GuildWars, Diablo II, Ultima Online, Eve-Online, Runescape. It also helps you surf blocked sites like Myspace and Orkut ...
Proxy Server HTTP Tunnel Gaming MySpace WoW World
 , Revised: July 2nd 2012, By: Art of Ping