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G-Lock EasyMail is a professional email newsletter software for targeted email lists building and bulk email campaigns creating at your own computer. G-Lock EasyMail helps you create successful opt-in newsletters and email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create ...
Email - Manage - Check - Marketing - Mailing - G-lock - Easymail - Lists - Newsletters
Size: 14,014k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: G-Lock Software

G-Lock Temp Cleaner - most hard drive are full of junk files that have been left behind by other clean up software. These junk files waste space and can even cause problems with the normal operation of your computer. G-Lock Temp Cleaner (GTC) searches your ...
Cleanup - Cleaner - G-lock - Temp - Diskcleanup
Size: 870k, Revised: May 20th 2009, By: G-Lock Software (4 other programs)

Caps Lock will automatically turn on after computer reload.
On - Switch - Switcher - Capslock. Caps Lock
Size: 289k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Alexander G. Styopkin

Verschlüsselt/Entschlüsselt Dateien mit 3DES. Nach der Installation ist die Option "Datei verschlüsseln", im Windows-Dateimanager im PopUp-Menü zu finden, wenn man mit der rechten Maustaste auf eine Datei klickt.
Size: 1,280k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: beCee Soft Art

This little Winamp plugin makes Winamp stop whenever you Lock your screen orreturn to the Welcome Screen using Fast User Switching, resuming play when youreturn to your session. In addition, it can behave differently for streaming andnon-streaming media; for example, streams (like web radio) can ...
Size: 20k, Revised: December 8th 2008, By: Joachim Fenkes

Kid-Key-Lock is a simple program to selectively Lock specific keyboard and mouse functions. You can use kid-key-Lock to Lock any of the mouse buttons, double clicks and/or the mouse wheel. Regarding the keyboard, Kid-Key-Lock can be used to Lock character keys, navigation keys, function keys ...
Size: 758k, Revised: September 28th 2009, By: 100dof

G-Lock EasyMail is a professional email newsletter software for targeted email lists building and bulk email campaigns creating at your own computer. G-Lock EasyMail helps you create successful opt-in newsletters and email marketing campaigns. You can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create ...
Software - Email - Manage - Check - Marketing - Mailing - Bulk - G-lock - Easymail - Lists
Size: 14,019k, Revised: September 27th 2012, By: G-Lock Software

Blog Finder searches for blog posts that rank in Google for a particular phrase and makes it easy to comment on them. Blog Finder is blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky ...
Blog Finder - blog commenting - blog commenting software - fast blog finder - free blog finder - free blog commenting tool
Size: 5,970k, Revised: September 16th 2012, By: G-Lock Software


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Pdf Locker software restricts pdf accessibility of opening document, printing on papers, Copying text on clipboard and changing document content. Tool provides higher level of encryption security to the pdf document including 128 bit and 256 bit long encryption key of RC4 and AES methods. ...
Tool - Files - Password - Pdf - Encryption - Secure - Lock - Encrypt - Bulk - Multiple
Size: 1,085k, Revised: October 25th 2014, By: adroitpdf com

Try Pdf Locker Software to encrypt your bulk pdf files. Program is sufficient enough to protect pdf documents with RC4 128-bit, AES 128-bit & AES 256-bit strong encryption strength. You can Lock pdf with open password security also to secure content. Any pdf file can ...
Pdf Encryption - pdf security - encrypt pdf - pdf locker - lock pdf - pdf password software - PDF Encrypt - pdf security software - pdf secured software - lock pdf files
Size: 1,085k, Revised: February 18th 2015, By: adroitpdf com

Mouse Lock is a Windows based application designedto preventA unauthorized use of your computer.The program simply traps your mouse inside a small button.Your computer canA trap or free the mouse at specified time.You can to do it handle too.Mouse Lock disables special key combinations such ...
Control - Security - Mouse - Access - Lock
Size: 133k, Revised: July 10th 2012, By: Segobit Software

Ainishare Exe Lock is simply program Lock software which can Lock any executable program on your local computer to prevent other person run programs on your local computer. You can use it to Lock sensitive programs such as tax preparation software, personal finance program,etc.
ainishare - exe lock - exe locker - program lock software - exe lock software
 , Revised: July 4th 2012, By: Ainishare Software

Lock Computer with Desktop Shortcut, Command Line or even from Batch Files. This Free Windows Utility uses minimal computer resources, is a really small application and works with almost every latest Windows Operating System. You can Lock your Computer or Workstation with the Desktop Shortcut ...
Windows - Desktop - Shortcut - Computer - Lock - Application - Workstation - Command Line - free utility
Size: 298k, Revised: October 29th 2012, By: Daanav Softwares

BtProx Locks on one of your Bluetooth devices which are paired to the the machine. When you walk away from the computer the device is disconnected and the computer is Locked after timeout. It is possible to run a single application together with the Lock. ...
Lock - Bluetooth - Lock Computer - Computer Locker - locker - bluetooth loker - bluetoothproximitylock
 , Revised: July 16th 2012, By: Sourceforge

Intelligent Lock uses a patent pending technology to carefully study the users password typing pattern and recognize it very easily. Every computer user will have their own unique typing method.By using this fact the Intelligent Lock will help to setup computer Lock that can only ...
Computer Locker - computer lock - pc lock - Intelligent Lock - smart lock - stop peeking
Size: 11,334k, Revised: February 23rd 2014, By: New Gene Solutions

Lock My PC Free Edition is a good and free alternative to standard Win+L Windows Lock. The program lets you to Lock your computer with a password while you leave it unattended. It bLocks keyboard, mouse and screen. Lock My PC Free Edition comes with ...
Pc - Utility - Screen - Control - Desktop - Password - Computer - Security - Mouse - Access
Size: 2,356k, Revised: August 19th 2014, By: FSPro Labs

DoGoodSoft Best Disk Lock is a powerful disks Lock and USB devices control package. It can protect your data on disks and USB devices from leakage. To meet different users’ need, this software provides three different Lock levels – elementary Lock, intermediate Lock and advanced ...
lock files - lock disk - hide hard drive partitions - disable USB devices - read-only USB devices - USB Encryptor
Size: 2,385k, Revised: November 27th 2014, By: DoGoodSoft

PCMate Free EXE Lock is a safe and efficient EXE file encryptor tool that is specially designed to Lock any executable programs on your computer to protect them from non-authorized execution. When protecting a program, PCMate Free EXE Lock modifies the binary executable itself, so ...
program lock - exe lock - exe locker - exe lock software - free exe lock - free exe lock software - app lock - free app lock - free application lock - application locker
Size: 3,518k, Revised: April 9th 2015, By: PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc

USB Lock is the application to Lock USB drives with all types of Portable drives including flash drives, hard drives, memory cards & external drives. Password Protect USB Drives USB Lock allows you to password protect and secure USB drives, External drives, Memory cards, SD cards and ...
lock USB - Lock hard drive - password protect usb drives - lock portable drives
Size: 3,744k, Revised: August 14th 2016, By: Matthew Pollock

Folder Lock is a file Locking software that lets you encrypt files and create a real-time back-up of the encrypted files on the cloud. It lets you protect portable devices like USB drives, Flash disks, shreds unwanted files, creates digital wallets and more. Folder Lock ...
File Encryption - Data Encryption - Online Backup - File Lock - Data Security - Data Protection - folder lock - protect folders - permanent delete - password protect folder
Size: 10,176k, Revised: January 24th 2018, By: NewSoftwares net

Lock USB password-protects your USB and external drives in seconds and is the only product that keeps them Locked on all operating systems including Windows/Mac/Linux and file systems like FAT32/NTFS/exFAT. Lock USB is fast, fully portable, fully secure on all OSes, doesn't require admin privileges ...
usb security - lock USB - usb protection - protect usb - Secure USB - usb locking - locking usb - usb hiding
Size: 117k, Revised: July 6th 2017, By: Lock USB Inc

Spam emails have become an ever increasing problem, and nowadays it is practically impossible to use email without receiving spam in large amounts. G-Lock SpamCombat is your powerful solution for clearing your Inbox from spam, virus, and junk emails. G-Lock SpamCombat is email filtering software ...
Software - Server - Filtering - Mail - Remove - Spam - Antispam - Emails
Size: 4,628k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: G-Lock Software

Secure it Easy gives you the ability to control the use of USB Flash Drive, iPods, card readers, digital cameras, external hard drives and other portable storage devices, to prevent them from Copying data from your PC or Copying unwanted data to your PC. With ...
Data Loss - Endpoint Security - Intrusion Prevention - usb security - data leakage - File Monitoring - File Tracing - USB Disable - USB Lockdown - USB Firewall
Size: 5,007k, Revised: October 1st 2012, By: CoSoSys