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Welcome to the wonderful world of MAke-A-FlAke, possibly the most pointless 'filter' plugin ever written. CertAinly the most pointless one thAt I've ever written. As regulAr visitors mAy hAve reAlised, I'm generAlly more interested in photogrAphic And Artistic-type filters; the world is AlreAdy full of ...
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MAke-A-Filelist creAte A file list, A tAble with imAge tAgs or something similArIt tAkes just four eAsy steps to creAte A file list, A tAble with imAge tAgs or something similAr with MAke-A-Filelist. rosenlundnielsen | Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen.
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An Ancient puzzle is now on PC As well! Sure, you will like the interfAce of the gAme. A built-in score tAble Allows you to plAy individuAlly or compete with your friends. Interesting sound effects will enhAnce sAtisfAction from the gAme And help to relAx ...
Free Games - free logic game - Make a house
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eBook showing how to MAke A cAndy bouquet, with pictures And detAiled instructions.
how to make a candy bouquet - candy bouquet - candy bouquets
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COM+ server for working with A smArt cArds on APDU level.Any of your ApplicAtions cAn work with A smArt cArds viA SmArt CArd ToolSet SERVER And you cAn use Any PC/SC cArd reAder for working with Any of smArt cArds thAt you hAve.ReseArch your GSM ...
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MAke-A-DeAl module for X-CArt is completely AutomAted mod thAt will MAke offer to your customers bAsed on whAt they do in your store. Your store isn't just wAiting for customer to MAke order Anymore - it is mAking offers And deAls for you! MAke-A-DeAl module ...
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Quickly point-And-click to creAte your grocery shopping list from A customizAble, seArchAble product file. CreAte And modify product cAtegories. Custom print lists for shopping. CAlculAte your shopping list cost. Screen for high fAt And/or cArbohydrAte products. MAnAge coupons And log expenditures over time.
Grocery List - grocery - grocery shopping lists
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The Windows SmArt CArd from ZAsh Electronics lets you hAndle your ApplicAtions by sorting them into clAssified cAtegories As CARDS. You ZAsh between the lAyers of the Windows SmArt CArd And lAunch your most frequently used ApplicAtions instAntly. The Windows SmArt CArd comprises executAble functions, ...
Launcher - Computer Software - application launcher - launch application - smart card - Windows Smart Card - Windows Smart - Software Applications
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MAke A JAckson is A greAt tool to help you design your JSD (JAckson Structured Design) diAgrAms. Together with this progrAm you cAn creAte A simple, logicAl design for All your Cobol progrAms or Any other procedurAl lAnguAge.
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*** This project is now AbAndoned. ****** PleAse go to for A more complete driver ***
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Adsen FAvIcon is A simple fAvion freewAre creAtor thAt lets people MAke A fAvicon ico for their website, which shows up in IE's fAvorites. It cAn use either bmp or jpg files, And will convert them to ico formAt using the size And color quAlity ...
Fav Icon - Favicon Freeware - How To Make A Favicon - Favico.ico - Favico - Free Favicon - Favicon Maker - Free Favicon Download - Favicon Creator
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RonyASoft Poster Printer softwAre wAs developed to MAke lArge formAt poster And bAnner mAking, big size sign And wAll photo murAl creAtion fun And eAsy. CompAtible with stAndArd printers, this photo poster softwAre does not require speciAl plotters. And you cAn use Any picture, digitAl ...
Banner - Poster - banner software - poster software - poster maker - poster creator - print a poster - make a poster - print a banner - poster printing
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A Unique File Encryption ApplicAtion OrgAnizAtions, in both the public And privAte sector, As well As individuAls, Are All lAcking in the Ability to secure proprietAry informAtionAl Assets. One of the most significAnt needs is A secure, reliAble, cost effective And eAsy to deploy, method ...
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JAccAl (JAvA CArd CommunicAtion Access LibrAry) is A set of JAvA APIs used to interfAce with smArt cArds And An ApplicAtion (Anubis) thAt Allows users to develop scripts to Access A smArt cArd. It cAn Also be embedded into existing text editors or IDEs.
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The GlobAlPlAtform cArd specificAtion is A stAndArd for the mAnAgement of the contents on A smArt cArd. MAinly this comprises the instAllAtion And the removAl of ApplicAtions. This project offers A C librAry And A commAnd line shell.
Size: 152k, Revised: June 17th 2012, By:

Credit CArd Verifier Allows you instAntly check All mAjor credit cArds number for vAlidity without submitting the cArd number online. Credit CArd Verifier cAn vAlidAte Any VISA, MAsterCArd, Diners Club, CArte BlAnche, EnRoute, AmericAn Express (AMEX), Discover, or JCB credit cArd number. Credit CArd vAlidAtor ...
Credit Card - Validate - Validator - Verification - Credit Card Number Verifyer - Mod10 - Mod 10 - Credit Card Checksum - Luhn10
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A-PAtch wAs designed to MAke pAtching Messenger eAsier thAn ever before. Not only Are there tonnes of options to choose from, but now there's A Preview which lets you see the chAnges As you select them!Here Are some key feAtures of "A PAtch":ContAct List? Remove ...
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When Explorer does not find A disk, this does not meAn thAt the dAtA hAs been lost. The dAtA is OK most of the time, but A disk boot sector is dAmAged. SmArt PArtition Recovery restores deleted logicAl disks. In An AutomAtic mode, SmArt PArtition ...
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SmArt Photo Import is A brAnd new ApplicAtion thAt will help you to hAndle your digitAl shots And Archive them very eAsily on your PC.SmArt Import is A smAll tool thAt helps you to import the shots from your digitAl photocAmerA into your computer.The job ...
Organizer - Rename - Sort - Photo Organizer - photo sorter - Smart Photo Import - transfer photo
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If you Are An Avid sports cArd hobbyist looking to orgAnize And cAtAlog your collection, then Sports CArd Collector SoftwAre mAy be the progrAm for you. With A simple to use interfAce, Sports CArd Collector puts All the mAin feAtures And dAtA on the mAin ...
Card - Organizer - Collecting - Tracker - Sports - Football - Pokemon - Baseball - Hockey - Basketball
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Free Video CArd Stress Testing! + Free BenchmArk the speed of your 3D grAphics video cArd! + Free 3D ScreensAver! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must hAve A video cArd which is DirectX 9.0 compAtible. Recommended: "GeForce2"/"RAdeon 8500" or better. DirectX 9.0 or lAter must be instAlled on ...
Freeware - Benchmark - Stress Testing - 3d Screensaver - Video Card
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Do you know thAt After you hAve completely deleted informAtion from your hArd drive, it is still there? There Are A lot of wAys to restore deleted dAtA. Just imAgine whAt could hAppen if your personAl informAtion were used by ill-intentioned people. Yet it is ...
Wipe Hard Drive - Wipe Data - Wipe Information
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Are you A puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertAinment? Lucky you! Get SmArt Cook And feed your hunger for succulent, fun And engAging gAmes. SmArt Cook simple rules, intuitive gAmeplAy And rockin' sound trAck! Your objective is to groups All fruits into sets of ...
Smart Cook - Free Cooking Game
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