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The Managed Switch Port Mapping tool communicates with a managed ethernet switch using SNMPv1/v2c and maps the physical port connections to MAC and IP addresses of the attached devices.Capable of Mapping many different brands and models of managed switches. Saves technicians time Mapping out the ...
Asset Tracking - Asset Management - Snmp - Hardware Inventory - Network Management - Mac Address - Ip Address - network mapping - network switch - switch port mapper
Size: 3,748k, Revised: October 20th 2012, By: Northwest Performance Software, Inc.

Macrobject DObject suite is an O/R Mapping (Object-Relation Mapping) component package to be used in Borland Delphi.DObject O/R Mapping suite supports a variety of databases and transparent to users and needn't to alter code when switching to different database. At the same time, DObject O/R ...
Object-Relation Mapping - o r mapper - ORM - O R mapping - OQL - Object Query Language - Persistence Layer
Size: 3,461k, Revised: July 3rd 2012, By: Macrobject Software

GPS Mapping Software for Windows, Loading topographic maps, realtime navigation, track recording, manage GPS devices and more. The software can be used with various map formats including: GeoTiff, BSB Nautical Charts, AutoCad DXF files, ESRI Shapefiles. Using calibration you can also use scanned or downloaded ...
GPS Mapping Software - Tracks - Maps - Dxf - Gps - Garmin - GeoTiff - GPX - Waypoints - routes
Size: 11,397k, Revised: June 30th 2012, By: Eye4Software B.V.

A network Mapping tool that uses's technique of image tiles that wrap around the screen..
Size: 22k, Revised: October 12th 2012, By:

BPEL4WS 2 OWL-S is a Mapping tool that can be used to map BPEL process to OWL-S suite of ontologies. Tool mapps a given BPEL process with corresponding WSDL files to complete OWL-S suite of ontologies (Service, Profile, Process Model and Grounding).
Size: 11,434k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By:

A framework for Mapping various physical data source including database, filesystem, xml file, etc., into objects.
Size: 113k, Revised: July 1st 2012, By:

CMS (CROSI Mapping System) is a structure matching system that capitalizes on the rich semantics of the OWL constructs found in source ontologies and on its modular architecture that allows the system to consult external linguistic resources.
Size: 31,230k, Revised: August 25th 2012, By:

JDBF is a JDBC-based Object-Relational Mapping system.It needs a xml configurator file called "repository" where objects are mapped.It generates SQL for retreiving, saving, and deleting objects.
Size: 138k, Revised: October 29th 2012, By:


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JGrinder is largely an Object to Relational Mapping solution for providing Java persistence. It has been used for high volume, high availability solutions. Be sure to check | Docs | to get started!
Size: 4,805k, Revised: June 23rd 2012, By:

Java XML Mapping (JXM) is a tool for writing Java objects to XML and reading them back again. JXM provides a default Mapping for objects that follow Java Bean naming conventions, and the default Mapping can be customized programmatically.
Size: 1,501k, Revised: May 8th 2012, By:

[RETIRED] Tornado/DB is an object-relational Mapping engine for Java. Featuresinclude object caching, multi-table inheritance, compound keys, relationships, XML config., JSP tags, small footprint.
Size: 226k, Revised: May 22nd 2012, By:

Map local drive to remote Windows network share (or Samba server) on the Internet. Connection is secured by using an encrypted SSH connection as transportation.
Size: 224k, Revised: May 24th 2012, By:

Edraw MindMap is a vector-based mind Mapping software with rich examples and templates which make it easy to create mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis and sketch maps. Easy to create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problem ...
Mind Mapping - Problem Solving - Brainstorming - Mind Map - Free Mind - Mind Map Software - Mind Maps - rational analysis - decision marking
Size: 27,305k, Revised: July 10th 2012, By: EdrawSoft

All-in-one software for creation of custom GPS maps compatible with Garmin GPS units. Mapwel supports routing, ESRI shapefiles, OpenStreetMap OSM, Google Earth KML and KMZ, cGPSmapper MP and GPX files. Mapwel custom GPS Mapping capability and user icons editor are often used in forestry, electrical ...
Mapping - Software - Map - Track - Navigation - Route - Gps - Waypoint - Google Earth - Garmin
Size: 12,575k, Revised: June 30th 2012, By: BALARAD, s.r.o.

With FlashCAD you will discover the pleasure of drawing thanks to the easiest and most complete tool available today. Your expectations are immediately projected on the screen in the form of 2D-3D drawings. You don't need to read boring manuals to use FlashCAD because it ...
Mapping - Image - Animation - Video - Cad - 3d - Avi - Bitmap - 2d - Raster
Size: 44,585k, Revised: July 3rd 2012, By: Digitarch

TierDeveloper is the industry standard for Object to Relational Mapping and code generation tool that helps you rapidly design, generate and deploy middle-tier-objects for your enterprise applications. It is designed to enable developers to build BUSINESS FRAMEWORKS with an instant increase in productivity and at ...
O R Mapping Tool - C# - .net - Development Tool - Ajax - Code Generator - vb net - Code Generation Tool - Persistence Tool - Alachisoft
Size: 22,067k, Revised: July 16th 2012, By: AlachiSoft

A Business Process Mapping Software Product for the Mapping of processes and information flows. Activity Mapping, flowchart Mapping and document control can all be achieved via this simple-to-use tool. The user installs the file and can instantly begin to map information flows specific to any ...
flowchart software - process mapping - process development - activity mapping - procedural development - ISO 9000 2000 - business mapping - information mapping - value-stream mapping
Size: 696k, Revised: October 14th 2012, By: Process-Worx Ltd

AGIS for Windows is a Mapping and simple GIS shareware package. Plot your own geographic data on the map of the world provided without the high cost and steep learning curve usually associated with this kind of software. Create high resolution publication quality images that ...
Mapping - Shareware - Animation - Server - Freeware - Map - World - Gis - Gps
Size: 3,656k, Revised: June 29th 2012, By: AGIS Software Pty Ltd

NetCrunch offers agentless policy-based availability monitoring of Windows using WMI, Linux using SSH, NetWare and SNMP devices in one package. It centralizes fault management, collecting, alerting and delivering performance reports on events from SNMP sources, Windows Event Logs and syslog servers. Program contains over 65 ...
Network Monitoring - Network Management - Network Management Software - Network Monitoring Software - network performance monitoring - network mapping - Network Services Monitoring - Agentless Monitoring
Size: 94,812k, Revised: May 14th 2012, By: AdRem Software, Inc.

Produce unique, information rich, vivid solutions for enhanced creative thinking and compelling presentations.Smooth curves and colorful pictures create powerful images for your brain to remember. Branches can be contoured to your liking for a Mind Map that will reflect your own distinct style. Our unique ...
Mind Mapping - Presentation - Study - Problem Solving - Memorization - Business Planning
Size: 10,977k, Revised: September 13th 2012, By: NovaMind Software

MIND Mapping done by MindChart", involves writing down a central idea and thinking up new and related ideas, which radiate out from the center. By focusing on key ideas written in your own words, and then looking for branches out and connections between the ideas, ...
Mind Mapping - Brainstorming - mindmapping - brainstorming software - mind mapping software - cognitive thinking
Size: 10,865k, Revised: July 6th 2012, By: Avant4u Inc.

Xiosis Scribe 2011 word processor presents a new way of word processing by combining idea organization, research, composition and layout into a single user friendly application. Scribe features helps writers of all sorts produce high quality documents productively and efficiently. Features like the mind Mapping ...
Mind Mapping - Multilingual - Editor - Word Processor - Spell Check - Simple - Translator - Ocr
Size: 26,839k, Revised: May 16th 2012, By: Xiosis Pvt. Ltd.

3D Topicscape Lite uses the concept-Mapping or mindMapping approach to allow ideas and information to be organized, but in place of the usual 2D sheet, it works in 3D. This lets you plan your work as the ideas flow and see your to do list ...
Mind Mapping - Outliner - 3d - Project Management - To Do List - Information Management - Project Planning - Mind Maps - concept mapping - mindmapping
Size: 26,716k, Revised: June 3rd 2012, By: 3d-Scape Limited