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The game of Mastermind. The object is to guess a secret code made of colored pegs using clues and feedback given by the other player. Visually appealing, computer opponent, and also keeps track of high scores. Complete documentation is included (it's a text file even ...
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The Mastermind is a new menu-based strategy game. Take on the role of a Mastermind to become the brain behind the crimes. Use your planning skill to secure wealth and power in this gangster land. Features: hire gangsters to execute various crimes - buy various ...
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Some of the classic games. Battleship is the computer model of the game you play on paper as a youngster. You may play against the computer or against another player. DeCode It! is the classic code breaking played with colored marbles and pegs. MaxIt! is ...
Mastermind - Games - Battleship - De-code It - Magic Square - Shysic Computer - Card Shark Ii
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MastMind is a simple Mastermind game. JDMCOX Software.
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MindsEye is a Mastermind style game that requires concentration and deductive reasoning. The object of the game is to guess, in the correct order, the colors that the computer has selected. The computer will randomly select four colors. There are 7 colors for the beginner ...
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Fathom is an multiplayer online game similar to Mastermind. You try to guess the squence of the four colored balls in as few guesses as possible. You receive clues for each guess. The clue lets you know how many balls you have in the correct ...
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Ingenious, challenging, addictive - the game of Pebbles is a must for board game lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. The object of the game is to find out a set of secret codes formed by color pebbles within 10 tries. When the game starts you ...
Mastermind - Board Game - Puzzle - Logic - Board - Code - Decode - Color - Colour - Secret
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Lexitron is a puzzle word game which uniquely combines elements of Hangman, Mastermind and Mine Sweeper. With a little deductive reasoning, and a good vocabulary, you can race the clock solving Lexitron's puzzles. Time is kept for both game time and individual word time so ...
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