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Freeware desktop utility for doing a Who Is look up of internet domain information. Much quicker than logging on to a web site. Allows print out of info or saving to disk. From Darkhorse Industries.
Utilities - Internet - Freeware - Domain - Whois
Size: 1,855k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Darkhorse Industries

Keep all your passwords, userid's, codes, etc. safe and secure in just one place. - In todays world there are so many codes, that you have to remembers - now you just have to remember one, and all the other will be revealed. Use "Keep ...
Security - Passwords - Secrecy
Size: 389k, Revised: September 29th 2008, By: Simply Data

Bring back the simple joy of Christmas with this animated screen saver that features a full length upBeat Christmas medley and cute illustrations. Freeware without nag-screens or expiration. Check out the author's latest images at http://www.sunshin.org/asiaphotos.htm
Animation - Christmas - Christmas Music
Size: 1,726k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Shi Yali

Save-It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save your user files that change constantly or daily. Select the files you want backed up, how often or what time, and forget about it. Your files will be backed up when you want. You can ...
File - Registry - Backups
Size: 1,597k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Easy Desk Software

Great utility for splitting file into multiple smaller piece. This feature is very useful to overcome limits on the size of e-mail attachments and as an alternative to disk spanning. You may use Split-IT with any file type (.exe, .zip, .jpg, .gif etc) of any ...
Utility - Zip - Files - Utilities - Email - Split - Info2000
Size: 8,437k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Info2000

Calc It Converter is a fully featured measurement converter. It's planned measurements are: * Area * Length * Mass * Capacity * Volume * Temperature * and Computer Measurements
Calculators - Converters - Measurement Converters
Size: 827k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Bell Software

Use this program to simplify your experience of using Windows, by confining groups of running programs to different screens (or virtual desktops), and hiding all running applications other than those on the current screen. As computers become more powerful, it becomes possible to run a ...
Size: 95k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: theabsolute.net

Speed it Up Pro - Ram Booster! Is an all in one program designed to drastically Increase your Internet Connection Speed, Optimize your Computer System and Boost Memory up to 60-70% More, Significantly making your computer much faster. Web Pages will load up much quicker, ...
Size: 1,654k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: speeditup.org


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Klondike solitaire is a free online card game with an eccentric dog theme. This solitaire card game is a more difficult version of klondike, for expert soliaire gamers, that allows only three passes--with an added Dog Theme for extra bite! Download and lay 3-Pass doggy ...
Solitaire - Card - Cards
Size: 2,540k, Revised: January 29th 2009, By: Speed Solitaire

MinuBeat is a tiny rythm shmup. There's a "Beat" in the background and pressing X or C in sync with it will allow you to release homing bombs and delete all enemy projectiles from the screen. You can also shoot nomrally with Z.There is a ...
Size: 1,516k, Revised: December 29th 2009, By: Cactus Software

A new puzzle where you should eliminate pairs of figures in The Matrix in order to win the game. Your goal is to get rid of all the figures and to do it as quickly as possible. Be smart and clever and you'll Beat it! ...
 , Revised: June 3rd 2012, By: Betelgeuse Software

This is a truetype font with an original look to it.Beat My Guest is a funny looking TTF character that will bring a fresh air onto your digital documents.. Fontframe.com Free Fonts Collection - Free Fonts.
Size: 20k, Revised: April 19th 2009, By: Ray Larabie

Beat Ball 2 is the long awaited sequel to the popular Break-out / Arkanoid style game Beat Ball. This time the game is packed with 108 original levels and supports virtually unlimited number of levels that you can download off the internet or create yourself ...
Play - Game - Free - Download - Internet - Fun - Multiplayer - Arkanoid - break out - beat ball
Size: 25,559k, Revised: May 21st 2012, By: Imphenzia Games

Shean Beat is a small, simple, easy to use tool specially designed to help you make your own music then save it as a .sb3 file.Basically, you create your tune and save it with just a few clicks...it couldn't have been easier. for WindowsAll
Create - Creator - compose - Shean Beat - create nusic tune - save music tune - generate SB3 files
 , Revised: October 2nd 2012, By: sean c

DPM 2007 Overview & AnalysisThis paper by Windows IT Pro provides an overview of DPM 2007 sp1 and offers some comparisons with other technologies for protecting and recovering Windows environments.There are a wide variety of mechanisms and products for protecting data within a Windows environment. ...
Size: 932k, Revised: July 15th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

This installation package is intended for IT professionals and developers downloading and installing on multiple computers on a network. If you're updating just one computer, please visit Windows UpdateMicrosoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides new proactive security technologies for Windows XP to better ...
Size: 444,928k, Revised: May 21st 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Whip-It was one of the myriad of puzzles that came out in the early 1980s, around the same time that the Rubix Cube did. This is a program that emulates the original Whip-It and lets you try to solve it.Basically, Whip-It was a cylinder with ...
Size: 20k, Revised: March 31st 2009, By: Erich Kohl.

After the installation, right-clicking on the Internet Explorer browser window will show an additional menu option: Read {Language Name]!. This serves the same function as the Agent PowerToy for IE "Read it!" and "Speak It!". If you design web pages, you can include support for ...
Size: 10k, Revised: November 8th 2008, By: Bruce C. Pippin

Beat Ball is a break-out style game (similar to arkanoid). The game features 120 levels and multiple pickups for enhancement of paddle and ball effects. Code was compiled in the freeware application "Game Maker 4.1". The in-game music is a compilation of some selected Imphenzia ...
Size: 32,768k, Revised: October 14th 2008, By: Imphenzia Games

Bomb It 2 is a arcade game in which your mission is to explore the way by blasting obstacles and meanwhile collect useful items. The bomb you placed can destroy only the adjacent obstacle. So in order to avoid being hurt by your own dynamite, ...
Size: 6,984k, Revised: December 11th 2009, By: NowStat.com

The Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner is a diagnostic tool that is designed for administrators of small or medium-sized networks (recommended up to 20 servers and up to 500 client computers) who want to assess the overall health of their network infrastructure. The tool identifies ...
Size: 2,673k, Revised: July 7th 2009, By: Microsoft Corporation.

Scan and Sort it is affordable professional archiving software to create and maintain a digital archive. Search lightning fast in thousands of documents using a phrase or a single word. This is our 10th anniversary freeware version!. Products Scan and Sort it. Publisher of ...
Size: 42,240k, Revised: August 4th 2009, By: RetSoft BV (1 other programs)

Read it Later is a handy Firefox extension that enables you save links to interesting websites that you have come across, without littering your bookmarks with nonessential items. The program offers two new toolbar buttons and a right-click option to your Firefox toolbar, which can ...
Size: 276k, Revised: April 12th 2009, By: idea from the Idea Shower