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Mozaic: A DirectX based game engine, designed for the creation of tile based games. Will support iso, hex and rectangle tiles as well as general 2D graphics. Will contains other game related features, such as input and networking, etc.
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Mozaik takes your images and turns them into a colourfull Mozaic on your desktop.Options include tile size, speed and the possibility to create and edit a list of your own images.In v1.1 the option to choose from different patterns is added.
Mozaic - Graphics - Tiles
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Create a big image from a collection of smaller images.
Mozaic - Creating - Tiles - Creation - squares - mosiac - mosiecs - moziac - mozayak - mozayic
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Recall the most fearful battles of this fabulous game. Enjoy the thrilling music of the famous WarCraft III trailer.Features: * high quality stereo music (nature theme) * cross fading, Mozaic and other effects * 30 high quality pictures
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