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Have you ever faced a situation where you have waited for a program to complete and had the feeling the program may have crashed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could always see if your CPU is really working? Well, you could have the task ...
Task Manager - Cpu - Cpu Usage - Cpu Load - Tray Icon - Cpu Info - Cpu Time
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File Search for Lan is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Search files on network shares. Suitable for the mp3 search. Advanced statistics, feature rich user interface.. File Search for Lan. Publisher of File Search for Lan, ...
File - Find - Search - Mp3 - Lan - Network - Scan - For - Filesearch
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Fantastic Christmas Emoticon installer adds the highest quality of Msn emoticons ( also called emotions and smiles ) into your Msn Messenger account to use in your instant message conversations with your friends and family. There is no need to browse and select the graphics, ...
Christmas - Xmas - Msn - Festive - Smilies - Smiley - Emoticons - Emoticon - Trick - Msn Messenger
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Windows Service Finder is an handy tool for system administrators and hackers.It shows the complete list of installed Services on operating system, bothdevice drivers (kernel) and Win32 EXE, and for each Service it reports detailedinformations about: name, description, actual status, execution start mode, nameand dimension ...
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Urfin is a search tool that helps you to find files in your local Windows network. It has all information about files located in shared directories on computers in your office. Urfin is a server program, that is periodically scanning all available in Windows Lan ...
File - Find - Search - Files - Copy - Fast - Lan - Network - Area - Net
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IP2Location Desktop translates IP address to country, city, region, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name using XML Web Service. Users can perform 90 queries per month using Free account. Please visit for more information.
Lookup - Translate - Detect - Ip Address - Location - Web Visitor - Ip Country
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Msn Messenger Game Name The Picture. Each person in the game sees a picture, and has to think of a funny caption. Everyone then writes their captions, and each caption is revealed and voted against by the players. The caption voted the funniest wins that ...
Funny Game - Msn Messenger Game - Funny Pictures - Funny Pictures Game - Funny Captions - Picture Funny - Funny Games To Play - Funny Picture - Game Funny
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Der Ashampoo XP Foto Service ermöglicht es Ihnen, aus dem Windows Explorer heraus professionelle Foto-Abzüge von Bilddateien zu bestellen. Um den Service zu verwenden, starten Sie nach der Installation den Windows® Explorer und öffnen Sie einfach einen Ordner, der Bilddateien enthält. Wählen Sie dann in ...
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Herald is a portable instant messaging client for the Msn Messenger Service. Herald will run on any platform supporting the Java 2 environment.
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Lan.FS is a very quick, small and compact freeware networktool (for non-commercial use only) for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.It is easy to handle for beginners and provides various functions for experts, too.Some features are:- Messenger with Animated Emoticons- Filetransfer Service with statusdisplay- Remote Desktop functions to telecommand ...
Size: 2,284k, Revised: April 9th 2009, By: Michael Schnedler and Felix Kuster

Akeni Lan messenger is designed for business instant messaging (IM) for Lan. Akeni Lan messenger is NOT based on Winpopup. It can be used with existing Enterprise IM or Corporate IM systems.The Lan Instant messaging IM does not require connection to the internet. Also with ...
File - Transfer - Lan - Network - Notification - Messenger - Instant - Alerts - Conference - Enterprise Im
Size: 4,106k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: Akeni

Outlook Lan Messenger is an instant messaging software designed for use within Small, Medium and Corporate Office's Local Area Network. This Intranet Messenger is an ideal replacement for internet messengers in companies, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve internal communications, business productivity and ...
Lan Messenger - lan chat - lan file transfer - network messenger - LAN messaging - lan instant messenger - office messenger - Corporate messenger - Network instant messaging - Network Messaging
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Captures/Blocks Msn conversations on your Lan. Recognizes not only plain text messages, but also P2P Via Server messages, such as custom emoticons and display pictures(user tile). Shows all the events of Msn contact, e.g. signed in, signed out, changed personal message, playing medias, and so ...
Msn Messenger - Windows Live Messenger - msn monitor - msn sniffer - MSN Chat Monitor - MSN Log - MSN Track - MSN IP Monitor - MSNP Analyzer
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Captures/Blocks Msn conversations on your Lan. Recognizes not only plain text messages, but also P2P Via Server messages, such as custom emoticons and display pictures(user tile). Shows all the events of Msn contact, e.g. signed in, signed out, changed personal message, playing medias, and so ...
msn monitor - msn sniffer - MSN Chat Monitor - MSN Log - MSN Track - MSN IP Moni
 , Revised: July 4th 2012, By: NewGoodSoft

If physical host machine has not enough resources or performance to keep every virtual machine running the solution is to start virtual machines only when needed. Wake-On-Lan Virtual Machine implements the Wake-On-Lan computer networking standard to turn on virtual machines. When the program starts it ...
Wake-on-lan - Mac Address - Vmware - Virtual Machine - wol - Hyper-V - magic packet - VirtualBox - Virtual PC - SecureOn
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Intra-office communication is essential to modern businesses; you need to be able to call your employees to meetings or update a project group quickly, easily and securely. As we all know, Internet IM applications are neither necessarily fast nor safe, and with security issues becoming ...
Lan Messenger - lan chat - net send alternative - winpopup replacer
Size: 11,650k, Revised: April 23rd 2017, By: Realpopup Ltd

Feathers : These are overall features of XP Lan Pro 3.3 (Beta). XP Lan Pro 3.3 (Beta) can determine following things. IP address of your computer, MAC address of Lan card, Host Name Determination, Subnet Mask of your network, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Incomming Bytes ...
Lan - Pro - Network Information - Xplanpro
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Best Debt Consolidation Service ebook. Contains info about debt consolidationLearn all about debt consolidation program ebook. Contains info about debt consolidation Learn all about debt consolidation programs. Ebook contains links to valuable debt consolidation, debt management resources. Compare all different forms of debt management such ...
Ebook - Best Debt Consolidation Service - Debt Consolidation Ebook - Ebook On Debt Consolidation
Size: 1,281k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Best Debt Consolidation Service

Fomine Lan Chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software. Lan Chat creates only one chat room, that is why it has very clear interface. The Lan Chat's interface is one window with list of chat participants, chat messages and outgoing message. And you can ...
Chat - Lan - Messaging
Size: 266k, Revised: October 9th 2008, By: Fomine Software (5 other programs)

The Msn Display Picture adder allows you to quickly import any folder containing images into Msn Messenger as Display Pictures. Allows for quick and effortless adding of new Msn Display Pictures, such as downloaded picture packages. Once you have the pictures in a folder, you ...
Msn Messenger - Msn Display Pictures - Msn Display Pics
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Sound Clips for Msn Messenger 7.5 and Windows Live Messenger allows you to send audio clips to your contacts instead of recording your own voice, and you don't even need a microphone! You simply choose any audio file and send it to them! The add-on ...
Msn Messenger - Msn 7 - Msn Messenger Voice Clips - Sound Clips - Audio Clips
Size: 484k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Messenger Tools

In order to use linear barcode fonts in Reporting Service, you need to download the support assembly from our web site. The assembly wraps several calls in managed code. Currently we release the code in a separate package. However, we expect to add the Reporting ...
Barcode - Sql Server - Morovia - Reporting Service - Barcode Font
Size: 325k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Morovia Corporation

Stop those pesky Messenger Service advertisements!
Service - Spam - Ads - Messenger
Size: 51k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: South Bay Software