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DNS4Me is the dynamic DNS service that you need to start hosting your own Internet services. When you have a dynamic IP address, you need something to associate a static domain name with it to make it easier for visitors to access the services you ...
Dns - Domain - Static - Ip Address - Dynamic Dns - Dynamic Ip - Ddns
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This little program patches the registry with the correct settings so that you can place a Netmeeting call to someone else using ICQ. Actually ICQ says something like "you have called your own computer". This is due to incorrect settings in the registry for ICQ. ...
Freeware - Bug - Fix - Support - Nat
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SupportSmith TeamUp! FREE is a quick and easy two-people sharing and collaboration tool. It enables desktop and single application sharing over the LAN and Internet.It can be deployed across your organization to provide quick remote assistance, live demos, presentations and online training. You can work ...
Size: 2,744k, Revised: December 4th 2009, By: Cybele Software Inc. (12 other programs)

LAN-On-Internet (LANoi) is an easy to use P2P application which helps users remotely connect with computers available over the Internet by creating a virtual LAN environment. Users can now exchange files, view documents and edit data such as text documents, music files and even stream ...
Size: 2,406k, Revised: June 24th 2009, By: Crowsoft

Inletex Easy Meeting Classic will provide users with basic Netmeeting functionality on any Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP computer. Free Desktop Sharing (aka Netmeeting) is a easy with Inletex Easy Meeting Classic. Features at a glance: Cana€™t find Netmeeting in Windows Vista or ...
Control - Network - Remote - File Transfer - Remote Control - Remote Support
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Sound over RDP is a sound virtualization tool which was built specifically to share sound devices from the local machine to the remote computer. Many applications use sound for various forms of feedback such as softphones, Skype, Netmeeting, AIM, ICQ and many others. Sound for ...
Voip - terminal server - sound for remote desktop - share sound device - shared headset - sound server - sound workstation
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The #1 utility on the net that will allow you to record all sounds that are being processed on your computer as one single WAV or MP3 file. Don't let big record companies tell you what you can do with your music. They can lock ...
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This project is to extend the work of OpenH323 group to let audio/video source transmit freely between popular players in the market, f.g. media transmission between Netmeeting and Quicktime. A module to construct RTP/RTCP packet is necessary.
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