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With this program you can subscribe to RSS news channels on the Internet and read, save and print selected news.Features:- includes 40+ predefined news categories- includes 50+ predefined news channels- you can subscribe to news channels- periodically read RSS Feeds (minimum delay is 5 minutes)- ...
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Usenet Newsreader Benchmark is a tool for benchmarking the performance of your usenet newsgroup server. Learn how your server and internet connection perform, and compare the performance to other installations to see if you're getting the most bang for your buck. A simple freeware tool ...
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Newsreader is a simplest and easy-to-use Vista gadget to read RSS feeds subscribed with Internet Explorer
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A full featured multithreaded email and Newsreader client for Windows. Easy-to-use notebook style used to organize folders and newsgroups. Loaded with features including spell checking and even a thesaurus (sorry, English only). Powerful filters, a phrase system, reply templates-boilerplate for all of your correspondence! Extremely ...
Size: 2,929k, Revised: July 3rd 2012, By: Knightware Software Co.

Usenet news application that combines the features of a sophisticated news browser with those of a powerful automated news retriever - seamlessly into one intuitive application. A true multi-threaded 32-bit application that spawns up to 8 simultaneous Internet connections (streams) to each news server or ...
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Callisto will revolutionise the way you browse Bulletin Boards, by presenting the boards and forums you browse into forums of your own definition. You can define rules to find the topics you want to see and send them to the Callisto forum of your choice.
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Binjet helps you locate and easily download millions of pictures, music, video, games, software and other files posted to the Usenet. Use Binjet cross-group search engine to choose files, then Binjet will get them for you from one or more Usenet servers faster than anything ...
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Size: 870k, Revised: May 25th 2009, By: Kos Ventures Pty Ltd.

There are many RSS feed readers in the world, and we find it hard to rev up enthusiasm for another Newsreader that's based its look and feel on the typical e-mail client interface, as if Outlook were the epitome of user-friendly design. RSSvp News Reader ...
Newsreader - Rss - News - Reader
Size: 1,260k, Revised: June 7th 2012, By: RSSvp

Taglinator (tm), the easy to use random tagline generator with QuickPad (tm) Mode, GrabPad (tm), Stealth View, Tray View, command line interface, up to five custom signatures, and over 2,100 taglines. Works with any e-mail or Newsreader software. Taglinator runs at the bottom of your ...
Newsreader - Email - E-mail - Tag - Humor - Funny - Generator - Random - Signature - Sig
Size: 788k, Revised: September 1st 2012, By: SRT Enterprises

Usenet Newsreader with full support for text and binary newsgroups. Offers Automation, Scheduler, filtering, Par2 verify/repair and full support for NZB files.
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Size: 5,448k, Revised: August 10th 2012, By: DACSoft

NewsPiper is an RSS feed reader, news aggregator, web grabber and news ticker in one program. It allows you to monitor your favorite news sites (,, etc.), RSS feeds or blogs, retrieve necessary news and display it in the usual three panes Newsreader interface ...
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RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader in Java using SWT as fast graphic library. RSS ("Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary") is a document specification that gives users the power to collect and organize Web-based news and information in a ...
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Easy Feed Editor is a free tool to create and edit your own Feeds. Easy Feed Editor offers a wide range of features but still is very easy to use. You don?t need to learn any programming language to create and edit your own feeds, ...
Size: 3,164k, Revised: October 16th 2009, By: super j man

MicroPlanet Gravity is a fully-featured Usenet Newsreader for 32/64 bit Windows (XP/Vista/Win7). Used for reading and decoding binaries.Gravity is highly customizable with a rules system, scoring and filtering. Written in C++ for Visual Studio 2008.. MicroPlanet Gravity Usenet Newsreader Home Page. The official home page ...
Size: 2,949k, Revised: October 30th 2009, By: mpgravity

Pan is a Usenet Newsreader that's good at both text and binaries."EditByBSEditor: Pan is a Usenet Newsreader that's good at both text and binaries. It supports offline reading, scoring and killfiles, yEnc, NZB, and multiserver. It's also the only Unix Newsreader to get a perfect ...
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It renders web pages at lightning speed. It works on the iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC. It shows you your favorite sites at a glance. And it’s so smart, it even checks your spelling and grammar. Meet Safari 4, the world’s most innovative browser.What's ...
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Nzbval is a free utility that you can use you test an NZB file against your news server and verify that all of the parts exist before you start downloading. It can save you a lot of time because you can avoid downloading from .NZB ...
NZB - nzb file - .nzb - nzb tester - nzb validator - nzbval
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nzbdump is a free tool that displays the contents of an NZB file. Nzbdump is not a Newsreader or downloader, and cannot download files for you. It's main a diagnostic tool that you might be able to use if you're having trouble with an NZB ...
NZB - newzbin - nzbdump - nzb dump - nzb utility - nzb viewer
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Perform a pattern (XPAT) search on a news server. This has the advantage of being much faster than downloading all of the headers from the server because you only DL the headers you want. You can then create an NZB file from the results. The ...
Newsreader - Newsgroups - Usenet - NZB - alt binaries - xpat - newsgroup search - xpat search
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NewzCrawler is a web news reader and browser which provides access to a news content from different sources: - Syndicated news given in XML-based formats (ATOM, RSS, RDF, BackSlash etc.); - Usenet (NNTP) newsgroups; - Web pages. NewzCrawler gathers news content from each source channel ...
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UseNeXT offers very fast, anonymous and uncensored access to Usenet - the mother of all file sharing services. With UseNeXT's unique software, you get an easy-to-use access to Usenet, that used to be so complicated that only internet experts could use it - until now. ...
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