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Embedded Windows CE SAPI 5.0 Developers Kit is your complete Embedded Speech Recognition or Speech To Text Circuit Solution for Development of Speech Recognition System at Electronics level. The design is based on ISIP ASR and is Ported to Windows CE/Pocket PC/Smart Phone/ Symbian OS ...
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Free MSU VQMT plugin for Scene change detection. Scene Change Detector is made to automatic identification of Scene boundaries in video sequence. It includes implementation of four algorithms of frames similarity measure constructing: Pixel-level comparison, Global Histogram comparison, Block-Based Histogram comparison and Motion-Based similarity measure.. ...
Size: 92k, Revised: November 29th 2009, By: Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

Image Recognition is an attempt to create a simple and easy to use image Recognition program coded in Java.. PHP Programmer - Programming Notes. PHP, Java programmer portfolio
Size: 11,725k, Revised: December 25th 2009, By: Pawel Krawczak

Here are some special builds of Firefox. These are not the official builds and do not display the official branding. They are Optimized for particular hardware and OS combination.What if Firefox was custom built to your particular CPU and even operating system? Wouldn’t it perform ...
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BASS Audio Recognition Library is an advanced component designed to enable you to implement audio Recognition in your applications. This is not a speech Recognition library! It compares files with a % similarity. Finds audio file 1 in audio file 2 . The files can ...
Library - Component - Recognition - audio library - BASS Audio Recognition Library - audio recognition - compare audio
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Create your own biometric face Recognition security for Windows using VC++ or VB. Advanced face Recognition DLL using two functions : Train and Recognize. Uses neural net back propagation algorithm with more Artificial Intelligence tools added for imaging optimization. Library works great even for a ...
Face - Bar Codes - Biometrics - face recognition - USB tokens - facial geometry - face biometrics - Windows Logon Screen - Smart-Cards - Mini-CDs
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Image Recognition Library is a component (.dll) for use in Delphi 2009 or any development environment that supports the stdcall calling convention.Image Recognition Library will enable developers to enhance their programs by integrating image Recognition functionality.NOTE: The component is free for free software. If like ...
Component - Recognition - Recognize - Image Library - image component - Image Recognition Library - Image Recognition
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The Modular Audio Recognition Framework or MARF, for short, is developed as an Open-Source research platform.It is also a collection of voice / sound / speech / text and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms written in Java and arranged into a modular and extensible framework ...
Develop - Development - Framework - Java framework - Development Framework - audio framework - Modular Audio Recognition Framework
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WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter with an advanced MIDI Editor. The main function of the program is to transcribe Audio files into MIDI, and then to help with quick and efficient rearrangement of the converted file. The program recognizes CD ...
Converter - mp3 to midi - wave to midi - audio to midi - music recognition - widi - mp3 to midi converter
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WIDI Recognition System is a polyphonic Audio to MIDI transcriber. The program recognizes CD tracks, MP3 and Wave files and automatically produces polyphonic MIDI files in several seconds. In addition, WIDI Recognition System is capable of converting music on the fly, as you sing or ...
Converter - mp3 to midi - wave to midi - audio to midi - music recognition - widi - mp3 to midi converter
Size: 3,901k, Revised: September 3rd 2012, By: WIDISOFT

The Dotnet Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK reads barcodes in C#, VB.NET and Visual Studio. Reads multiple barcode types from a single DLL that is 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed. Supported barcode types include Code-39, Code-128, GS1-128, Code-93, Code-11, Interleaved 2 of 5, ...
barcode sdk - barcode decoder - barcode reader - Barcode Recognition
Size: 246k, Revised: July 5th 2012, By: IDAutomation.com, Inc.

Powered by a sophisticated algorithm, Younicate launches commands from speech Recognition without mistake nor training. Add songs automatically to the organized collection to start. User-friendly sound feedback, acknoledges and automatically recognizes website links for internet explorer voice browsing, commands to play song name, group name, ...
 , Revised: September 11th 2012, By: Younicate

The Plasmaplugs 3D Scene component is an essential tool that can be used to build and/or navigate a 3D interactive Scene or interface in Flash.The fading effects, perspective manipulation, keyboard and/or mouse enabled movements and rotation allows you setup your desired 3D environment in minutes.You ...
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Voice and Speech Recognition software using your voice to control your computer. Open websites, documents, or programs using your voice. Perform dictation & have documents read to you. Begin talking to your PC now using your voice. Animated Avatar.
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This project is meant to provide an object-oriented, generic and extensible framework and implementation for solutions to the classic problem of Motif-Recognition using. For detailed description refer the paper at: http://sushain.com/cs567/project/
Size: 117k, Revised: August 13th 2012, By: motifrecog.sourceforge.net

OpenGL based C/C++ dialog, which is drawn on 2D/3D Scene. This application provides GUI with themes on all objects (as: Mouse Area, Push Zone, Push Button, Radio Button, Check Box, Scroll, Text Box, List Box, Combo Box, Window and others).
Size: 313k, Revised: June 23rd 2012, By: onscenedialog.sourceforge.net

The Pattern Recognition Analysis Project is a Java implementation of a basic multilayered backpropagation neural network, used in a color Recognition and character Recognition project, made for educational and experimental purposes.
Size: 46k, Revised: June 30th 2012, By: crap.sourceforge.net

using visual studio 2010, this is a working .net speech Recognition mini application.(( Sample ))
Size: 134k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: SourceForge.net

The cache-Optimized concurrent skip list is a set of algorithms for maintaining dynamic ordered mappings. Top-down balancing algorithms minimize cache-misses while using a per-node read-write spinlock to coordinate shared access. Designed for Linux 2.4.
Size: 295k, Revised: July 22nd 2012, By: SourceForge.net

Hattat: Online handwriting Recognition.Software can be personalized to recognize your or other persons handwritings by using simple text files.After Recognition it sends the recognized letter to the currently running selected software.
Size: 130k, Revised: July 17th 2012, By: hattat.sourceforge.net

A handwritten number Recognition system was developed by using image processing and neural network technique. The system was developed in Java. Other applications which make use of image processing and neural network technique will be published too.
Size: 1,539k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: numrecognition.sourceforge.net

Libface is a cross platform framework for developing face Recognition algorithms and testing its performance.
Size: 84k, Revised: September 19th 2012, By: libface.sourceforge.net

Create your won Scenes in Super Mario Land. You can make worlds, Sceneries and ever small movies and clip. If you like create things and =you like Super Mario you should download this little thiggy.
Super Mario - Softendo Mario Games - Mario Bros - Mario Online - Online Mario
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