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The Easy Printer Status Monitor is for Monitoring the printer Status, easy and real-time, for the HP LaserJet printers or MFP with JetDirect installed and connected directly to the network.Warn error Status , with red color, flash icon and sound.
Size: 10k, Revised: July 15th 2012, By: CousySoft

osCommerce version MS 2.2 has known bug, when in front end and in admin panel product attributes could be sorted in unexpected Order. This could cause some disarrangement. This contribution fixes this problem.After applying this fix, product attributes will be shown in Order you add ...
Oscommerce Modules - Oscommerce Attributes Order Update - Free Oscommerce Module
Size: 30k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: MagneticOne

Reliable network and website Monitoring using Paessler's proven and constantly refined IPCheck technology which has been used for network management by many companies from SOHOs to Fortune 500 worldwide since 1997. Sensor types include PING, PORT, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP Advanced, HTTP Transaction, DNS, SMTP, POP3, ...
Tool - Ftp - Monitor - Server - Monitoring - Http - Https - Smtp - Network - Pop3
Size: 30,720k, Revised: October 17th 2008, By: Paessler AG

EverWatch Server Monitor allows you to continuously and automatically poll the web server of your choice at a specified interval. Check your web host to see if it's really up as much as they say it is. Detailed event and statistics logging can optionally be ...
Freeware - Free Software - Site Monitoring - Server Monitor - Everwatch - Server Watch - Host Monitor - Internet Tools
Size: 554k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: AccuSolve, Inc.

Monitors the time spent on the internet and calculates the cost according to the local telephone charges as specified by the user.It automatically becomes active when you log on to the internet.It calculates the total time as well as the time spent each month specifically.It ...
Monitor - Internet - Online - Phone - Monthly - Bill - Usage - Cost - Speak - Gaurav
Size: 919k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Gaurav Dhup

Allows users to Monitor events recorded in the Application, Security, System logs, dispatches the notifications about events via LAN, which can be received by the Windows NT4/2000 Messenger service, and using e-mail, SMS and ICQ (via e-mail gates)
Monitor - Log - Server - Monitoring - Mail - Lan - Network - Event - Eventlog
Size: 523k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ascella Area Runes Software Ltd.

Monitor Tester can guide you in setting and adjusting the parameters and controls of your Monitor. You can test and adjust the picture size and position, color convergence and purity, white balance, brightness and contrast, focus, moiré and interference.
Size: 295k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: SoftDarek

Emsa Bandwidth Monitor is program that allows Monitoring your internet connection speed, total traffic, average download/upload speed, etc. It is very simple to use; runs as system tray icon and shows a small, transparent-able, repositionable window that you can place on your desktop. It also ...
Utility - Monitor - Speed - Network - Bandwidth - System - System Utilities - Bandwidth Monitor - Network Speed
Size: 164k, Revised: July 19th 2008, By: EMSA SYSTEMS LTD (11 other programs)


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Nagstamon is a Nagios Status Monitor for the desktop. It connects to multiple Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Centreon, Op5 Monitor/Ninja and Check_MK Multisite Monitoring servers and resides in systray or as a floating Statusbar at the desktop showing a brief summary of critical, warning, unknown, unreachable ...
Monitor - Service - Host - service monitor - status monitor - monitor hosts
Size: 8,090k, Revised: August 26th 2012, By: Henri Wahl

The software reads XML files with equity stock Order Details and submits them to the TWS API from Interactive Brokers for Execution. The software also visualizes all Order Status, error messages, and connection Status. The software also visualizes all Order Status, error messages, and connection ...
Reader - Read - Xml File - read XML file - equity stock order - order status visualization
Size: 1,126k, Revised: August 12th 2012, By: Oliver Ruppert

Mars is a simple, extensible, services-oriented network Status Monitor written in Java. It Monitors a network by simulating client connections to Internet services and reporting when those services are not responding as expected.
Size: 1,388k, Revised: September 17th 2012, By: leapfrog-mars.sourceforge.net

Monitor buddy Status, give notification when buddy is online. Supported IM: Skype/Tecent QQ/Yahoo Messenger. More IMs are adding.
buddy monitor - buddy status monitor - IM buddy - IM monitor
Size: 5,448k, Revised: October 3rd 2012, By: SQZSoft

SysPulsar Server allows one to Monitor server CPU usage, memory usage, running processes, active users, network activity, disk space usage, disk activity, etc. Users can define limits for all types of system Monitors, save Status reports and/or send E-Mail notifications when a system Monitor reaches ...
Server Monitor - SysPulsar - Server Status Monitor - Server Resource Monitor
Size: 6,299k, Revised: June 28th 2013, By: Flexense

BatteryWatch is a small freeware tool for notebook owners that shows the remaining battery capacity in a Status window as well as in an icon in the explorer Status bar.Additionally a log file is written in Order to Monitor the battery lifetime.Features are:- shows the ...
Size: 200k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: decontis.com

Many of us keep personal/work information in our PC’s, information that is meant strictly for our eyes only. However, being online also allows a possibility that a malicious software can cross over to some deep corner of your PC and can start sending confidential information ...
Network Security - Windows Security - Computer Security - Free Firewall - internet protection - Internet security software - computer security software - free security software
Size: 990k, Revised: May 28th 2015, By: SterJo Software

This software allows to receive data sent by external devices as a weather station, a UPS, a webcam, and to look up these data remotely.This application also allows to define and launch emergency processes when necessary, and this according to user-defined alarm thresholds (temperature, humidity, ...
Web Server - Web Cam - Alarm Launcher - Dedicated Web Server - I/o Card
Size: 1k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Letzkey

Track eBay auctions on your desktop in real time, get alert on ending auctions.Don't have time to constantly open your browser and check auction Status? Monitor and manage eBay auctions using Auction Desktop Tracker tool!Here are some key features of "Auction Desktop Tracker":- Track auctions ...
Size: 3,441k, Revised: April 20th 2009, By: AuctionGizmos

Wireless POS with your PDA or PC - Server Module.A POS / Inventory solution. Manage your menus and categories, receive Orders from the waiters and they're automatically sent to a predefined printer at the bar or in the kitchen, chat with the people on the ...
Inventory - Pos - Point Of Sale - restaurant - POS Software
Size: 23,378k, Revised: September 24th 2012, By: Dolesoft

OnLAN Messenger is a client-server multi-user application for message and file exchange. This product has been specially developed for use inside corporate networks (enterprise instant messaging), therefore its functions and settings in the first place are oriented on corresponding to the needs of the different ...
Lan Messenger - messaging programs - corporate communication - instant messaging services - OnLAN Messenger
Size: 13,404k, Revised: August 1st 2012, By: Corp Soft

It can record online radio, CD music, music played by Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp, video sound, game sound, meetings, chats over microphone, even telephone, generally - almost any sound! It also offers exciting features like: One-click-recording that enables you to record anything whenever and wherever; ...
 , Revised: August 26th 2012, By: Jummfa Software, Inc.

Business to Business product Ordering system electronically linking suppliers with their dealers. Witha user-friendly interface, RetailerOne streamlines the product Ordering process. Dealers get up to date Order Status.Suppliers easily update their product inventory. Orders are easily invoices for printing, faxing or emailing.
Delivery - Product - Price - Supplier - retailer - distributor - wholesaler - orde
 , Revised: May 7th 2012, By: Jigaro Software

Internet Server Monitor is a network server Monitoring tool enabling System Administrators to Monitor servers and the network applications they host for failures, recoveries and load. Minimize downtime by configuring the software to notify your on call system administrator when a server application fails or ...
Network - Tracker - Network Monitor - Alert - Server Monitor - test network
Size: 2,765k, Revised: August 31st 2012, By: Corner Bowl Software

Advanced sever downtime tracking program runs in background and keep an eye on website working on internet. Web server Monitor software is used to examine availability of website located on remote servers. Website traffic analyzer program keeps constant watch on website down time, uptime, response ...
Software - Tool - Utility - Sound - Monitor - Web - Server - Internet - Mail - Online
Size: 4,444k, Revised: August 16th 2012, By: Data Recovery Software