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Pack Man. Online Pac Man is the most popular video games in American arcade! Upload high scores and re-live the retro action! Pac-Man has a big appetite. As you guide the yellow, pie-shaped heroine around each of the four mazes in this game, she gobbles ...
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This is a classic game of Pac Man. In this game you should move Pac Man to eat all the foods in the maze, there will be a ghost chasing you and you should get away from them. There are also special power foods scattered ...
Maze - Pac Man - Classic Games - Pac Man Advance
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A PacMan (or Pac Man) clone in which the AI for PacMan is evolved using Neural Networks based on NEAT.
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Freeware clone of the famous arcade game. While on the run from the evil Cigarette Ghosts, you navigate Scynse-Man through several mazes, gobbling all of the pills lying around. Power pills allow you to turn the tables and eat the monsters, earning lots of points. ...
Arcade - Skullbyte - Maze
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The Best Man speeches toolbar for Internet Explorer. This toolbar enables you to link to best Man speech websites from all over the world. Get full access to the latest best Man speech news, best Man speech reviews, free best Man sample speeches, free best ...
Browser Tools - Best Man Speeches - Best Man Speech - Wedding Speeches - Example Best Man Speech
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e-Man for Microsoft« Outlook« is a special add-in which organizes, sorts and classifies all the e-mail addresses existing in your mailbox. It does not matter whether these e-mail addresses are already stored in your Outlook contacts or not, because it maintains a separate contact list. ...
E-mail - Contact - Connections - Outlook Add-in - Relationships Finder
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Invisible Man" is for keeping private information and its later restoring. This is necessary in that case when you wish to do some work on the computer which must not be fixed anywhere, but you need to save the information which you had in computer ...
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This is a variation on the game PacMan. You need to guide Pac-Man around a maze and eat all of the dots on the board in order to procede on to the next round. Numerous, multi-colored ghosts also roam the maze trying to stop you. ...
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m9P Games Collection is a collection of 6 entertaining desktop games: Line Up (Guessing game), Area 52 (Pac-Man-like game), Breakout, Super Jigsaw Puzzle, F1 Racer, and Drum Machine.
Puzzle - Breakout - Race - Pac-man - Drum - Guessing
Size: 6,612k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: mental9Production

Pacco Quest 3D is a 3D remake of famous Pac-Man game with new story and new revolutionary gameplay! Nice 3D graphics and visual effects, beautiful music and funny sound effects, Many enemies and monsters, 6 episodes and 60 outstanding levels of fun! There are 6 ...
Game - 3d - Arcade - Adventure - Quest - Pacman - Remake - Man - PAC - pacco
Size: 6,154k, Revised: April 28th 2012, By: Alfa Games

This is a very easy to use platform for playing "Mame Rom Games". These are original program code for the arcade games. The download has 6 of the games. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Berzerk, Burger Time, Joust, and SPace Invaders. All 1592 games can be downloaded from ...
Free - Games - Asteroids - Arcade - Pac-man - Space Invaders - joust - Berzerk
Size: 12,421k, Revised: September 26th 2012, By: JP Software

Pac Venture - Pac's Oddysee is not just a game, it's a quest unlike any other. The beautiful Ms-Pac Man has been kidnapped by the Ghost King and taken to his far away castle. It's your job to save her.
Size: 6,349k, Revised: September 23rd 2012, By: MicroSmarts LLC

Haven't you ever heard of PocketMan?! Huh, it is a remake of the 1980s classic arcade game that absolutely everybody knows! Do you remember the little funny yellow round Man who likes refreshing himself by eating lotsa dots? Do you remember the ugly monsters who ...
Game - Arcade - Mobile - Pda - Pocketpc - Pacman - Pac-man - Pocketman
Size: 532k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: RifCo Software

Collect Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns while avoiding spiders, slimes, and spikes in these halloween themed mazes. A mixture of games like PacMan and JumpMan, Heist is a simple fast Paced arcade game. The game features 3 monsters, 20 levels, great graphics and sound, and tracks high scores.
Halloween - Pumpkin - Pacman - Pac-man - Jack-o-lantern - Pac Man
Size: 2,082k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Twilight Games

Small fun coffee break game similar to PacMan. The objective of the game is simple but certainly not easy. You have to clear each level of all dots while avoiding hazardous encounters with evil the monsters. Download this freeware coffee break game now!. GameJamboree - ...
Game - Games - Pacman - Freeware Game - Action Game - Arcade Game - Pac Man - Free Game - Classic Game - Fun Game
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Pac-Man is back with a New Millennium face life. Prepare yourself for over 60 Unique 3D Worlds including Donkey Kong Country and Bonus Levels. Choose from 5 different PacMan & Miss-PacMan Characters and enter Amazing 3D Worlds.. Superior Software at virtually free prices.. Publisher of ...
Size: 3,072k, Revised: October 14th 2008, By: MicroSmarts LLC (17 other programs)

PacMan Adventures 3D is a modern remake of classic arcade game Pac Man with real 3D scene and splendid music. In the wonderful maze,you must feel your dexterity and sharpness, eat all of the dots to move to the next level, avoid or hunt back ...
Size: 2,437k, Revised: January 15th 2010, By: etiumsoft

Fight your way into the bloody sharks in this fun game.Purple Octopus is a Pac Man arcade game clone with challenging game Play and great music. Steer Purple Octopus with the arrow keys, avoid the sharks, and Chomp all the eggs.. King And Me. King ...
Size: 4,987k, Revised: December 22nd 2009, By: kingandme

A remake of Pac-Man game where the Eater (round yellow mouth) collects corns in a maze while a team of Ghosts tries to capture him. But here you can play for the ghosts, too! Ghosts are controlled with the mouse the same way as units ...
Size: 1,331k, Revised: December 27th 2009, By: Igor Galochkin (4 other programs)

PacMan clone with single and multiplayer modes: duel and cooperative. Also playable over network. Has great graphics, music and over 150 levels to play. Comes with integrated level editor and joystick/joypad support.
Music - Game - Free - Download - Classic - Multiplayer - Button - Arcade - Cookie - Ghost
Size: 1,679k, Revised: May 17th 2012, By: Milan Babuskov

SkyMaze is a NEW incredibly addictive PacMan-style arcade game played in full 3D. PLAY over 80 imaginative levels with great graphics and a unique features: power shields, magic bridges, freeze bonuses and wily monsters. Good, clean fun for all the family.
Game - Free - Fun - Arcade - Maze - Pacman - Pac-man - Freeware Game - Shareware Game - AxySoft
Size: 2,376k, Revised: July 1st 2012, By: AxySoft

In PacMania we keep running through the intimidating labyrinth together with PacMan, eating the dots and hunting the evil monsters. The game play presents a suspenseful 3D-style modern remake of the original 1980 Pac-Man adventures. Follow the “eat or be eaten” concept, have fun and ...
Size: 10k, Revised: September 28th 2012, By: Alawar Entertainment

The PocketMan is a Pocket PC-compatible remake of the 1980s classic Pac-Man arcade game. It now has a modern look and adjustable gameplay. PocketMan 2 is the further evolution of the game. The core is the same, yet we have added new graphics, music and ...
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