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Watermark your own Pdf work with AWinware Pdf Watermark Software; quickly impose Text over Pdf pages in thousands of Pdf files quickly. Tool Lets users to choose the number pages to stamp watermarking. This advance Windows utility supports secure and password protected Pdf files, ask ...
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Draw Text watermark over Pdf pages using our advanced watermarking utility, quickly creates stamps on each selected page or all pages as per settings. Windows Pdf watermark software is affordable desktop solution for all either home users or corporate workers. AWinware Pdf watermark is advanced ...
Text - Tool - Rotate - Pages - Pdf - Stamp - Bulk - Color - Multiple - Draw
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Pdf Watermarking utility is Windows compatible tool developed to draw Text on bulk Acrobat Pdf files. Program lets user to choose which page(s) should be marked. It allows adding linear as well as rotated watermark beneath & over page content. AWinware Pdf watermark is easy ...
Text - Software - Utility - Create - Pages - Pdf - Stamp - Documents - Bulk - Draw
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The SCML Special Text Label is an OCX control allowing the programmers to display nice Text on their Visual Basic forms without resorting to use a drawing software. Text features: - Inner and outline colors. - Shadow that can be oriented. - Text can be ...
Text - Label - Activex - Ocx - Graphic Text - Scmlsoftware
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FREE - Create stunning 3D, multicolor, shaded, rotatable Text for that special web gif / image / greeting card / logo. Define new canvas size, enlarge / shrink 25%, invert, shade light / dark, distort, resize... Features: *Text shading (depth, angle, multicolor) *Invert / Mirror ...
Text - Free - Download - Software - Web - Screen - Grab - 3d - Freeware - Effects
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Text Ticker scrolls the contents of a Text file at the top or bottom of the screen, or floating anywhere on the desktop. The Text appears in a so-called "appbar" which is similar the the Windows Taskbar. All settings- font, color, Text file, etc.- are ...
Text - Desktop - Scroll - Ticker - Appbar
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Displays wavy Text on web pages. The loading message will be cleared when page finished loading. It is very easy to be added to your own pages by clicking the mouse to copy and paste some codes.
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Displays bounce Text on web pages. It is very easy to be added to your own pages by clicking the mouse to copy and paste some codes.
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Use Pdf Watermark software to add Text watermarking on multipage batch Pdf documents. Program is available with the option to set Pdf Text color, size, font name, position and angle rotation. In fact, Stamp can be set above or beneath page content. Three render modes ...
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Being a portable data exchanging format, Pdf format is not easy to be modified and changed. So, sometimes, it is troublesome for you because you may need to modify some words or replace Text in a Pdf file, especially if you have to replace a ...
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AWinware Pdf Watermark program adds Text & image watermark string over Pdf pages at specified location. Watermark Text can be decorated with chosen font name, style, color etc. Apart from this, rendering can be made of type fill & stroke both. This powerful desktop utility ...
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Pdf Extractor SDK for Windows software developers: Pdf to Text, Pdf to XML, Images from Pdf, Read Pdf information, Pdf to CSV for Excel. Bytescout Pdf Extractor SDK allows to convert Pdf to Text, Pdf to XML, Pdf to CSV, extract images from Pdf, extract ...
Vb - Net - Activex - C# - Pdf To Txt - Pdf To Text - Convert Pdf - Pdf Conversion - Pdf To Image - Pdf Sdk
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Able2Extract is a cross-platform Pdf Converter tool that lets users convert their Pdf data into formatted Excel spreadsheets, editable Word documents, Publisher files, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCAD (DWG, DXF), Open Office, images (jpeg, bmp, png, tiff), HTML, CSV, and more. Able2Extract 10 comes with a redesigned ...
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This application software allows you to scan, save and print photos and documents. Save your scanned documents as Pdf, BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG files. Create multi-page Pdf documents and files in TIFF format. You can also edit images in Image Editor: crop, rotate, sharpen, ...
Scan - Ocr - scan to pdf - Text Recognition - Scan Navigator - scanning sofware
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EZTalks is a leading online video conferencing provider in the world which enables you to host unlimited HD video conferencing with anyone, anytime. EZTalks video conferencing software is powerful but easy-to-use video conferencing software, let you connect with anyone, anywhere and anytime, reduce cost and ...
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The RTF-to-HTML Dll .Net is 100% C# .Net control to convert RTF to plan HTML 3.2, 4.01 with CSS, HTML 5, RTF to XHTML with CSS, RTF to Text and Text to HTML.General FunctionsOur component is just a class library for developers, but with powerfull ...
Html - Php - Dll - Text To Html - Vb - Converter - Server - Component - C# - Asp net
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AWinware Acrobat Pdf Watermark Software is robust desktop utility program, quickly draws rotated, transparent & colored watermark string over Pdf documents pages. It only draws Text on specified page or page range at marked position only. This is advanced and easy to use solution for ...
Text - Image - Software - Shape - Pdf - Stamp - Background - Draw - Transparent - Watermark
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An application for Windows operating system to detect & remove watermark of Text or background images from Acrobat Pdf document is robust solution, clears watermark instantly. It helps in deleting stamp, logo, signature and header footer Text. Pdf watermark remover software is advanced and easy ...
Text - Image - Font - Thumbnail - Photo - Small - Pdf - Wipe - Stamp - Background
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Add copyright or trademark logo Text over Pdf document pages with the help of AWinware Pdf watermark software. Tool lets user to create watermark Text, page numbering, stamp current date time etc. Use this awesome tool to create gray scale as well as colourful watermarking ...
Text - Image - Files - Create - Pdf - Stamp - Documents - Tag - Multiple - Watermark
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Download & Install AWinware Pdf Watermark Software to protect your digital copyright work of Acrobat Pdf documents. Tool batch watermark adobe Pdf, create custom specified Text at specified position on all pages or selected pages in Pdf. AWinware Pdf watermark software helps in drawing watermark ...
Text - Image - Digital - Pdf - Stamp - Secure - Protect - Draw - Signature - Watermark
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AWinware Pdf Watermark software is easy to use and fast desktop application devised to impose watermark Text string on bulk Pdf documents. Pdf watermarking utility can add copyright, confidential, draft or specimen copy Text on Pdf documents, display logo and banner as footer and header ...
Text - Image - Software - Files - Batch - Pdf - Stamp - Documents - Bulk - Banner
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AWinware Pdf watermark software draws watermark on Pdf pages at specified location with option to point to a web link. Web URL linked watermark tool quickly draws linear as well as angular watermarks. Pdf watermark tool provides option to create watermark at first page, last ...
Text - Image - File - Software - Convert - Batch - Link - Pdf - Mark - Page
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AWinware Pdf watermark software is advanced Windows utility to draw watermarking over Pdf pages with the option to link it with a web page. Tool provides option to draw colourful and rotated watermark at specified position on Pdf page. Watermark Text can be rotated between ...
Text - Free - Download - Line - File - Software - Rotate - Pdf - Page - Document
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