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Complete Personal Information Manager with Multiple Address Books, Schedulers, Clip Board Saved Notes, Label Printer, Form Letter Printer and EMail! In addition, you will be able to create schedules and also to save various clip notes.You can have multiple Address Books organizing Names, Addresses, Phone ...
Personal Information Manager - A Personal Information Manager - Address Book - Scheduler - Pim - Event Scheduler - address book organizer
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A complete solution for quick and easy access to contacts in Word. It's people management made simple! Finally, a Personal Information Manager (PIM) comes to Word for Windows! Have your own address book and telephone directory at your fingertips. Wordware PIM is the only Word ...
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Jsp-PIM is a fully integrated modular and open Personal Information Manager written in java, jsp and html.
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GFP Personal Finance Manager is a software that aids on Personal finances administration offering a variety of reports, charts and filtering data on screen where is possible to obtain important Information for your financial health.The GFP is developed on Java, this way it ...
Size: 2,990k, Revised: October 15th 2009, By: Peter Amesbury

This application was developed to be a program that will track Expenses, Income, Bank Accounts and Investments by individual users. A easy entry interface is provided allowing you to completely view all finances. Inquiries, Reports, and cross referencing is provided. Using the Finance Manager makes ...
Manager - Finance - Personal Finance - Manage - Finance Manager - A Personal Finance Manager - Manage Finance
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A free, lightweight and user-friendly Personal notes Manager. Its features include: - Easy text clipping. Just select any text in any application and press the hotkey! If it works with clipboard, it works with CintaNotes - Exteremely lean and fast - Fast as-you-type searching - ...
Text - Notes - Capture - Clipboard - Sticky Notes - Note - Notebook - Hotkey - Clipping - note organizer
Size: 1,311k, Revised: June 4th 2012, By: Cinta Software

Knobjex (short for Knowledge Objects) is an interesting and easy-to-use Information-Manager that uses a networked approach to store Information. Any item (or 'knowlegde-object') can have multiple parents and multiple children. Allthough meant to be a knowledge-database, it can hold any type of data. Especially it ...
Pim - Manage - Organize - information manager - Information Organizer - Knobjex Information Manager - Schedule Organizer
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Have you experienced problems like you couldn't find a file or you couldn't decide which folder you should store a file to and so on? These kind of things, combined, waste your time and your company's time ENORMOUSLY.Labellia gives you a solution to these problems ...
Synchronize - File - Information - Label - Tag - File Management - Import - Favorites
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Database Information Manager is a comprehensive application for connecting and managing databases.You have full control for your database:· general Information about connection· using a different types of connections to database(BDE, ADO, ODBC, direct Oracle access, Interbase Express core)· list of tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, ...
Manage - Organize - Connect - manage database - database connection - connect database - Database Information Manager
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Personal Time Manager is both a time schedule Manager and a time sheet Manager wrapped in one. It can remind of your time schedule, keep track of your time, and take charge of your interruptions. You can use it to schedule every activity in work. ...
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Personal Time Manager is both a time schedule Manager and a time sheet Manager wrapped in one. It can remind of your time schedule, keep track of your time, and take charge of your interruptions. You can use it to schedule every activity in work. ...
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PSM (Personal Site Manager) is an easy to use CMS (content management system) for simple content sites. Uses PHP, flat file (no SQL needed) and a Javascript HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Support lite template and versioning.
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Atreis IM is a flexible and extendable hierarchical Information Manager written in Java. The program includes an easy to use user-interface, full search capabilities, and the display of Information can be customized by extending a couple Java interfaces.
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Manage Business-related Data Smarter Auction Information Manager Record, Store and Retrieve your Offices Auction Information DataKatch, developer of Auction Information Manager, is an industry expert in the development and design of management systems that help clients manage business-related data smarter. Streamline the way your office ...
Pc - Software - Mobile - Smartphone - Auction - Australia - tablet - Bidders - Recording Auction - DataKatch
Size: 10k, Revised: March 20th 2016, By: DataKatch

PDM is basically a folder Manager for any kind of data. It can replace the specific folder management feature provided by many applications (file explorer, email client, bookmarks, ...) by providing a single folder structure to organize all kind of data.
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WebSIM is a free and user friendly generic system for dynamically publishing and editing Information on web sites, allowing detailed user/group access control, web administration and unique costumization options. (PHP)
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Debts is a tool for managing Personal debts between people. For example when a couple of people live together and they buy things for everyone, then debts are created.The program can simplify and reduce the number of debts and visualize the situation.
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This is a desktop Content Management System. The main purpose of this piece of software is to provide a simple and easy to use means of managing of the content of some small www sites. Not requiring program execution on the server side.
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A simple and elegant solution for file management on your website. Requires PHP 4 and modern web browser. No configuration! Works just after being uploaded. Single script plus optional skin. Uses ajax where possible. A PHP5 version is available via SVN.
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AM-Notebook is a multi-featured Personal Information Manager that provides an easy and reliable way to save notes, formula supported spreadsheets, to do lists, tasks and contacts in a light weight tray icon tool.. WebSite-Watcher checks web pages for updates and changes - web page monitoring. ...
Personal Information Manager - Pim - Alarm Clock - Note - Spreadsheet - Table - Todo List - Note Taking
Size: 3,779k, Revised: January 12th 2010, By: Aignesberger Software GmbH

Send to MyInfo is a Firefox addon designed to send the selected text or URL address to MyInfo.Send to MyInfo is add-on, which sends current web page selection (text and graphics) to MyInfo.MyInfo is a Personal Information Manager for Windows, which helps you collect, organize, ...
Personal Information Manager - Firefox - Addon - Myinfo - Information Organizer - firefox addon - Send to MyInfo
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InfoManager is a type of computerized Personal Information Manager (PIM) and it is designed to help you store and manage the vast amount of Information that we use in everyday work and leisure activities. There are many different ways of storing Information, such as with ...
Personal Information Manager - Notes - Manager - Address Book - Calendar - Organizer - Pim - To-do - Tasks - Contact
Size: 2,898k, Revised: August 5th 2012, By: Roland Waddilove

EfficientPIM Free is a completely free while still beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful Personal Information Manager that can help you organize and plan your business and private life. With EfficientPIM Free you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, birthdays, and much more. The ...
Personal Information Manager - Notes - Address Book - Scheduler - Calendar - Organizer - Pim - Contacts - Time Management - Tasks
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