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Free, Easy & Instant Download Will Search Any Phone Number & Immediately Find The Caller's Name, Address and More! Get instant information on any Phone: Mobile Cell Phone, Unlisted & Blocked Phone Numbers, Pagers, Pay Phones, Home Phone Numbers, And much, much more... This software ...
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Recording telePhone conversations is essential nowadays. With a hard-copy of a telePhone Call, you will be able to prove your case. The program also popups and logs Caller ID information. Phone Call Recorder can work as a powerful answering machine too. You can playback recorded ...
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TRx is a personal Phone line recorder program for Windows. TRx lets you manually record telePhone Calls .TRx also works as a Caller number ID display system and lets you put Calls on-hold (and plays on-hold music and messages).
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TRx is a Phone Call recording program for Pocket PCs and SmartPhones. This Phone recording software allows you to manually or automatiCally record telePhone Calls on your portable device.Save recordings as wave or gsm files. Automatic mirror of recordings to an alternative folder for backup. ...
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PBX Call Tarifficator Pro is a Call accounting and billing system, which helps you to manage all the telePhone traffic via your office switching system. It can count all local and toll Calls, placed from PBX extentions and print detailed cost reports. PBX Call Tarifficator ...
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PBX Call Tarifficator Lite is a Call accounting and billing system, which helps you to manage all the telePhone traffic via your office switching system. It can count all local and toll Calls, placed from PBX extentions and print detailed cost reports. PBX Call Tarifficator ...
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Program replaces standard unuseful Windows' screensaver. When Call is received, program will ring through sound card, show name and number and log a Call. Besides that, program will show current day and time on a screen.
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Records audio input from soudcard and files the recordings. If you have a computer microPhone you can use the software to record meetings and telePhone Calls on a speaker Phone. Works with every telePhone connector that may be plugged into a soundcard (but, of course, ...
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First video chat app designed for the iPadA®! HD Video Chat on the go! Hang out with your friends wherever you are. Android to iPhone, PC, or Mac, over WiFi, 3G, and 4G. Be the first to know! Sign up below for news and updates ...
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With TapiRex, you will always see who is Calling you as soon as your Phone rings. When your Phone rings, TapiRex will check your contacts to let you know who is Calling and show the name, image and any additional information on the Caller. If ...
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Star Call Manger is an application to manage and track Phone Calls in your business.Each business day you receive many Phone Calls. Most of us use a note pad to write down the contents of the Calls. This is fine as it makes it easy ...
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Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 Phone EditionThis download was originally released on February 1, 2009. For a complete list of fixes and changes in this latest version, please see KB article 967820.Office Communicator Phone Edition, which provides a rich, Office Communicator-like user experience on select ...
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Pocket Call Blocker is an effective tool to block selected Phone numbers from ringing your Phone. It could block any unwanted incoming Phone Call, including but not limited to: specific numbers, wildcard numbers, anonymous and unidentified numbers, group numbers. You could set your own rules ...
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Text To Speech Phone is a handy and reliable utility designed to speak text. The Text To Speech Phone is a simple program that can send any text to the Phone Call using the text to speech. In order to do it just write the ...
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Phone Dial by PC can dial/operate a Phone that is using the serial interface RS-232 connected to the PC com port. Phone numbers can be dialed and redialed from any application via customizable hotkeys. Also an incoming Phone Call can be answered and terminated by ...
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Call block for unwanted Phone Call with professional log software: Phone Calls Filter 1.0. Are you bothered with unwanted Phone Calls ? not anymore ! just set filters for incoming Phone Calls.. use categorized answering modes - such as: hanging up, personalized greetings etc... All ...
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Auto Dialer, VOIP Autodialer, Phone Dialer, SIP SKYPE PSTN, PC to Phone Voice Broadcast. Ideal for group event reminders, marketing, political campaign promotion, events notification, marketing, telemarketing, lead generation, and much more. Spreadsheet interface makes it easy to create or import Phone list. Simply record ...
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Easy-to-use Contact Manager for small business and home users that organizes your personal Call center to work in "hot" mode (while speaking) and keeps track of unlimited number of your contacts with this customizable data warehouse. It has the unique database structure: you can add ...
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PicoPhone is a simple Internet Phone application with chat. If you want a more advanced application, that has also video, file transfer, address book, that can Call regular Phones, send SMS messages to cellPhones and more, take v-Phone. PicoPhone uses a simple UDP-based protocol, which ...
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Automatic appointment reminder by Phone from Microsoft Outlook. A FREE Outlook addin that takes advantage the telephony capabilities of Voicent Gateway, a VoiceXML gateway software from Voicent Communications, Inc. Free version available. The alert pop up window from Outlook is useless if you are not ...
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Use your PC to record meetings, Phone Calls, interviews, voice messages and audio reminders. Translate text to speech using different languages. At home or in the office, you'll always know who said what and when. Dictation: create, edit, send, store and manage voice messages, as ...
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Message Organizer Deluxe is a simple yet complete Phone Call, Phone message, and in-persons visit management software for Windows users. Our software helps to record, track, and manage all messages for your office. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use telePhone message management ...
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Astice-Tapi-Monitor is a software that monitors all TAPI devices connected to the computer. This software was designed to work with all current flavors of the WindowsA® operating system. Incoming and outgoing Phone Calls are recorded. For every Phone Call the dialed number, the Calling party, ...
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