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Positive Point of Sale Lite is geared towards smaller retailers. This product offers most of the same tools as its bigger brother, with a focus aimed at supplying smaller stores with a compact package. Everything you need, and nothing you donít.Complete with the following features:* ...
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Wanna have a ceaseless source of Positive energy? Radiating Clock will brighten up your desktop and fill your time with festive moods. Every minute passing by your side will devine that something marvellous is already waiting for you.
Clock - Image - Screen - Desktop - Picture - Saver - Gold - Amazing - Love - Heart
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This little program helps you learn Spanish phrases by subliminally flashing Positive Spanish phrases on your desktop. Each has the English translation. This program can be adjusted and sit unobtrusively in your system tray. Enjoy!
Positive affirmations - subliminal affirmations - Review Rocket Spanish - Buy Rocket Spanish - Learn How Speak Spanish - Learn to Speak Spanish Software - Spanish Lessons Online - Subliminal Spanish Affirmations
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Some of the classic games. Battleship is the computer model of the game you play on paper as a youngster. You may play against the computer or against another player. DeCode It! is the classic code breaking played with colored marbles and pegs. MaxIt! is ...
Games - Battleship - Mastermind - De-code It - Magic Square - Shysic Computer - Card Shark Ii
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AlphaXP Lite is a powerful system enhancement that adds advanced transparency effects to any Windows 2000/XP computer. It is part of the award-winning AlphaXP, the most advanced Windows transparency software available. Some of AlphaXP Lite's features include: the ability to set any level of transparency ...
Pc - Free - Windows - Desktop - Powerful - Freeware - Enhancement - System - Window - Xp
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AntiSpamWare 2.0, the new tool from the Webmastertools family, has hit the news - in the Positive sense. AntiSpamWare, the software for identifying and eliminating unwanted advertising mails, recently found itself the star of the show on WDR, a German regional television station. The new ...
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YellowPages.t35.com Release New Free Classified Ads and Auction Software.Free Classified Ads and Auction Post version 1.01 is a freeware that allows seller to post classified ads and auction to +28,101 sites in a single post. Yellowpages.t35.com is an online marketplace that offers a selection of ...
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MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software helps you generate your daily biorhythm charts. The chart displays the three primary cycles for physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. These cycles help a person understand how his body functions according to these cycles. The three waveforms indicate: Physical: This ...
Free - Calculator - Generator - Chart - Astrology - Cycles - Physical - Intellectual - Emotional - Tarot
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MB Free Subliminal Message Software is an advanced subliminal message-displaying program. This software reaches out to the subconscious mind and sends Positive affirmations to the mind, thus helping you develop a Positive mindset. Subliminal messages also increase your self-confidence and self-esteem thus making your goals ...
Free - Software - Self Improvement - Focus - Motivation - Subliminal Messages - Subliminal Message - Achieve - Subliminal
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MB Free Chinese Zodiac Signs Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign from your date of birth. Chinese zodiac signs are also known as animal signs. These signs are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you ...
Elements - Lucky - Five - Lunar Calendar - Chinese Zodiac - Ying - Yang - Zodiac Chart
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MB Free Zodiac Signs Software determines your zodiac sign from you date of birth. Zodiac signs are also known as sun signs or star signs. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to in the zodiac, the Positive and negative ...
Free - Elements - Software - Earth - Fire - Star - Air - Cancer - Sun - Features
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MB Free Chinese Zodiac and Star Signs Software is a combination of Chinese animal sign and sun sign interpretation software. This program finds out your animal sign and gives a detailed report of characteristics and features of your sign as well as your sun sign ...
Free - Download - Software - Online - Cancer - Zodiac - Star Signs - Mystic Board - Sun Signs - Aries
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MB Free Chinese Astrology Software determines your Chinese zodiac sign or animal sign from your date of birth and also gives a reading based on the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the I Ching. It offers an easy to use interface, which ...
Free - Software - Program - Online - I Ching - Mystic Board - I Ching Software - Free Chinese Zodiac Software - Ching - Free I Ching
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Poor Man's Credit Repair Kit is free to anyone that wants to repair their credit themselves. With some credit repair agencies under investigation for scams, doing it yourself gives you complete control, eliminating the possibility of being scammed, while saving you money to boot. Everything ...
Credit - Credit Repair - Bad Credit - Fix Credit
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ESBTools for RAVE is an add-on for Nevrona RAVE that supplies the following: Calculator Property Editor - When you have a Property that is a Float, then you will be able to bring up the ESBPCS Calculator - a full featured Scientific Calculator with Memory. ...
Delphi - Calculator - Rave
Size: 1,204k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: ESB Consultancy