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Free 35 Unique Vector graphic Next-generation Presentation sub-system for web and Windows. Editable xaml files Eye catching colors Give a unique look to your software, projects.. Software Developer , Web Developer and Professionals high quality free Vista Style Toolbar Icon Collection The Vista Style Icon ...
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Kingsoft Presentation 2012 is an efficient slide processing tool. It allows users to create dynamic Presentations, which helps users to prepare for a speeches or Presentation. It is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint which can create, open, edit and save all PowerPoint files including .PPT, ...
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Create business plan templates in MS PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2000 or higher required.
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Presentation Assistant Pro is a professional edition of Presentation Assistant. It is a cute tool which helps in technical Presentation, education, demonstration, explaining, and internal meeting at work or if you just need to explain someone something on your computer. Presentation Assistant allows users to ...
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Presentation Pointer is a Presentation and demonstration tool designed to assist you in your Presentations. It provides visual cues about what and where you are doing things on your computer. This leaves you to explain about the processes you are demonstrating without having to explain ...
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VideoWhisper Video Consultation is a premium high definition video communication software designed for online video consultations, trainings, webinars, coaching and online collaboration.It was designed for few to many 2 way moderated video communication. Moderators control what participant is displayed on main screen (speaker) and can ...
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Easy interactive 3D Presentation software. When you want your audience to truly be interested in your material, you don't try to get your message across in mere words! You use snappy graphics, and charts, and images! But instead of juggling a smorgasbord of Presentation applications ...
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Pictures Presentation Maker (PPM) allows you to create 3D pictures show and screensavers using your own photos and music. All of your pictures and music files are included in your single .EXE or .SCR file. PPM can show your pictures using more than 150 special ...
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Presentation Marker allows users to mark on screen directly and zoom into certain portions for quick explanation, so the interpretation or demonstration can be clearer. Moreover, it offers more additional tools – Spotlight, Curtain, Screen Digital Clock, Arrow Point, Magnification, Screen Capture etc. Presentation Marker ...
presentation software - teacher software - screen zoom - zoom tool - screen draw - desktop zoom - screen drawing - draw on screen - desktop draw - desktop drawing
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Presentation Assistant Lite is a cute assistant when you give a Presentation. It provides various tools to bring the audience's attention to a specific spot, and allows you to zoom in and annotate the screen. Only by the simple press of a key, you can ...
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Flash demo Presentation maker is capable of adding objects to scenes and movies to enhance viewing and learning experience. Demo builder application is packed with tools, objects, effects and visual aids that can be used to easily and efficiently produce highly polished demonstrations, tutorials and ...
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Document Tabs for PowerPoint 2010 x64 makes it easy to open, read, edit and manage multiple Presentations in a tabbed window, just as the web browsers IE8, Chrome, and FireFox, without filling your desktop with new, unorganized PowerPoint windows. Each Presentation appears as a new ...
PowerPoint 2010 64-bit - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
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Add Powerful Presentation functionality to your Web / Intranet pages. With the advanced Presentation functionality you will be quickly adding impressive and dynamic capabilities bringing your information alive !These versatile components provide the ability for web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish ...
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Xorro is a Presentation framework for web applications that facilitates two-way iterative development between programmers and web designers. It provides the power of XSLT in a simpler, more maintainable form.
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Barracuda is an open-source Presentation Framework designed to make it easier to build servlet based webapps by applying proven client-server patterns to the web development paradigm. It includes:-DOM based templating mechanism for better separation
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This program make it easy to control sound during a Presentation. It creates a little player for every .wav sound in the "media" folder.
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Creation of a framework for deployment of Web application on application servers. J2EE and Java embedded servers, .NET and PHP versions. We also develop a Web authoring tool, Cuckoo in Word VBA.
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A system for logging/presenting information about incoming phonecalls.Currently only working for ISDN routers with the ability to send syslog messages.
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Free Friend Media Creator is a easy way to publish your images or digital photos as a media Presentation or a slideshow. Mp3 sounds can be added as backgroung music or sound effects attached to each slide. Free Friend Media Creator compesses all this media ...
Presentation - Easy - Tool - Sound - Graphics - Slideshow - Mp3 - Media - Friend
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Affordable Team Conference software, conference rooms with unlimited seats. Features i.a. text and video chat, VoIP, whiteboard, file transfer, several Presentation modes. You may use a free demo room. All cost covered by a flat rate. Conference rooms with unlimited seats for one low monthly ...
Online Presentation - Video Chat - Voip - Rooms - Web Conferencing - Conference Software - Conferencing Software - Conference Call - Audio Conferencing - Online Meeting
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ScreenStream lets others 'watch' your screen while you work. It can be used as the modern equivalent of the overhead projector. When you run this program on your computer anyone else on your network (or even the internet) can view what is on your screen ...
Screen Presentation - Remote Support - Application Sharing - Conferencing - Desktop Sharing - Screen Sharing - Online Meetings - Web Demos - Online Training - Web Collaboration
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authorPOINT Lite is a freeware PowerPoint Presentation tool, which converts PowerPoint to Flash. authorPOINT Lite can be used for converting Presentations to Flash for offline use, and to upload to authorSTREAM or WiZiQ for free online Presentation sharing options. authorPOINT Lite - the free PowerPoint ...
Free Presentation Software - Powerpoint To Video - Free Powerpoint To Flash Converter - Free Ppt To Flash - Freeware Powerpoint To Flash - Convert Powerpoint To Flash Free - Powerpoint To Ipod
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Graphics4VO is developed for use with CA-Visual Objects (Version 2.0 upto 2.8). It is based on 32-Bit-WINDOWS-API. The library allows development of graphics oriented CA-Visual Objects applications for 32-Bit Windows operating systems. The Graphics Library Graphics4VO includes classes, methods and functions for integration of graphic ...
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