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Duplicate File Finder finds File duplicates much easier! Automatically find duplicates with ultimate duplicate File finder tool, hi-end duplicate File finder software and high speed duplicate File finder solution. This easy duplicate File finder can find all duplicates you want wherever you want. Duplicate File ...
File - Duplicate - Duplicate File Finder - Finder - best duplicate file finder - high speed duplicate file finder - automated duplicate file finder - duplicate file finder tool - duplicate file finder utility - duplicate file finder for windows
Size: 16,681k, Revised: October 8th 2012, By: Find Duplicate Co., Ltd.

peer-to-peer UDP based File-transfer Program written in Perl. It will perform it's own packet checking to ensure reliability, and hopefully still have less overhead than TCP.
Size: 41k, Revised: September 8th 2012, By:

Translators often have difficulties when translating HTML documents, as they are not sure which sections of the File are to be translated and which are to be left unchanged. The HTML File Translator is a tool for the easy and efficient translation of HTML documents ...
Html - Free - Download - Tool - Freeware - Translation - Translate - Translating Html File - Translation-tool - No Charge
Size: 604k, Revised: February 26th 2009, By: AceBIT (8 other programs)

You can change your default VB6 setup Program with this inproved setup Program. It has a skin and it is multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese). The language is automatically swithched according to the user language. Yo will have to manually copy the ...
Multilingual - Setup - Vb - Visual - Basic - Skin - Skins - French - Italian - Setup Program
Size: 179k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Javier Balkenende

Extracts icons or icon arrays from Files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan folders to search for EXE, DLL, OCX Files, which contain icons. You can save extracted icons (either one or all) to File (ICO, BMP, JPEG, EMF, HTML, DBF). You can ...
Size: 543k, Revised: July 10th 2012, By: Vitaliy Levchenko

File Search for LAN is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Search Files on network shares. Suitable for the mp3 search. Advanced statistics, feature rich user interface.. File Search for LAN. Publisher of File Search for LAN, ...
File - Find - Search - Mp3 - Lan - Network - Scan - For - Filesearch
Size: 410k, Revised: October 17th 2008, By: IntelliSoft SRL

Easy to setup, and very easy to learn Invoicing Program with powerful features. This is a perfect solution for small to mid-size Business. Easy Invoice provides Product Sales, Services and Professional Invoice format, Quotations and Packing-Lists, Sales History Reports, Inventory Control, Bar Code Scan, shows ...
Bar Code - Office - Accounting - Inventory - Reports - Invoice - Small Business - Bookkeeping - Pos - Quote
Size: 5,140k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Richland & Associates; Inc.

File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions for Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000. Enlarges the dialog, adds recent and favorite Files/folders lists, set sorting and view defaults, File management functions, advanced Find function, and more. Adds File management functions like Find, Copy, Delete, Rename, and MakeDir to the Open ...
File - Utility - Find - Files - History - Folders - Fileex - File-ex - Lfn -
Size: 449k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Cottonwood Software


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File Organizer - is award-winning software to organize Music, Photos and Files. Automatically organize Files with any content inside with the cutting-edge music File organizer and photo File organizer, Mp3 File organizer and Jpg File organizer, song File organizer and automatic picture File organizer software. ...
File - Organizer - file organizer - file organizers - file organizer program - automatic file organizer - file organizer software - file organizer tool - file organizer utility - music file organizer
Size: 19,180k, Revised: June 4th 2012, By: Ridorium Corporation

Music File Sorter - is award-winning software to Sort Music. This music File sorting software is music File sorter that can sort music Files everywhere. Sort music Files on computer and music player with this music File sorter, Mp3 music File sorter and music File ...
music file sorter - music file sorters - sort music files - sorting music files - mp3 music file sorter - automatic music file sorter - music file sorter program - music file sorter software - music sorter - how to sort music files
Size: 13,609k, Revised: July 3rd 2012, By: Ridorium Corporation

This Program helps a developer with the writing of the File_id.diz File. The Program formats the first line automatically and then ensures that the remaining nine lines conform to the 45 character per line limit.
Program Description File - File_id - .diz - File_id.diz - Program Text File
 , Revised: May 12th 2008, By: SigmaTech Software

Music File Organizer - is an automatic way to Organize Music Files. Easily organize music Files with automatic music File organizer Program, Mp3 music File organizer and music File organizer software. This Windows music File organizer can organize music Files on any computer with Windows ...
Music - File - Organizer - Music Organizer - music organizers - file organizer - file organizers - music file organizer - music file organizers - automatic music file organizer
Size: 14,633k, Revised: June 14th 2012, By: Ridorium Corporation

Need to backup your Files or schedule backups to occur in intervals? With this Program you can create local or FTP backups, schedule them to occur at intervals of your choice, restore them or just open them with a zip Program! Simpli-File Backup does it ...
File - Ftp - Zip - Files - Backup - Batch - Site - Schedule - Directory - Restore
Size: 678k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Batch Technologies

Classic FTP is a free FTP client that allows you to upload, download and delete Files from a remote server. The interface is designed to look and feel like a traditional FTP client. It features a "Mirror and Upload" tool to scan a selected local ...
Free - Ftp - Free Ftp Client - Free Ftp Software - Free File Transfer - classic ftp - free pc ftp - free file transfer software - free ftp software windows - free ftp program
Size: 313k, Revised: May 5th 2012, By: NCH Software

Do you think that deleting a document by clearing the recycle bin or using the Shift + Delete option provided by the Windows OS permanently removes it from the computer’s memory? No not at all. The information can be easily recovered using even a simple ...
File Shredder - file shredder software - secure delete files - file shredder tool - delete file permanently - data file shredder - data earse file
Size: 4,495k, Revised: August 12th 2014, By: Datashreddertool com

Advanced task switching and Program launching for power users - use two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different applications and/or Files, then use the same two keys to switch to the running applications. Store up to 8,000 Files and Programs ...
Program Launcher - File Launcher - application launcher - task switcher - window resizer - program switcher - quick snap - switcher mode - power user commands - system shut down window
Size: 2,420k, Revised: October 29th 2017, By: Bond Interface Design Ltd

With File-List you are able to search for specified File types, on your harddisk, in folders or in the network. The Files, you have found, could be saved as a text, Excel or HTML Document. You can update the Program with File types, you want ...
Size: 721k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Eike Hansen

NC Import for SolidWorks is a Numeric Control NC Program (.nc) File import add-in for SolidWorksA®. This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to import toolpath data from NC Program Files.CNC Machines worldwide use Numeric Control (.nc, .ncc or .cnc) Files to convert Programmed instructions to ...
File - Convert - Program - Import - Translator - Translate - Add-in - Nc - Solidworks - NC Import for SolidWorks
Size: 3,195k, Revised: October 2nd 2012, By: SYCODE

NC Import for AutoCAD is a Numeric Control NC Program (.nc) File import plug-in for AutoCADA®. This plug-in gives AutoCAD the ability to import toolpath data from NC Program Files.CNC Machines worldwide use Numeric Control (.nc, .ncc or .cnc) Files to convert Programmed instructions to ...
Control - Program - Open - Import - Read - Autocad - Nc - numeric - .nc - nc program
Size: 5,181k, Revised: September 11th 2012, By: SYCODE

This software scans one or more text or text-like Files (e.g. HTML and XML Files),or text on the clipboard, and counts the number of occurrences of the different words or given phrases (with pattern matching). There is no limit on the size of an input ...
Text - Word - Html - File - Program - Clipboard - Counter - English - Phrase - Xml
Size: 1,516k, Revised: June 26th 2012, By: Hermetic Systems

Launcher is an easy-to-use File and application shortcut manager that can launch all kinds of Files and Programs. Drag-and-drop operations are supported when editing items shown in the Launcher "open and launch" menu in system tray. Create an unlimited amount of user defined sub-folders and ...
Windows - File - Program - Create - Desktop - Shortcuts - Launch - Launcher - Application
Size: 2,724k, Revised: July 20th 2012, By: Microsys

MouseLaunch is a quickest Program launcher that is activated by one mouse gesture. MouseLaunch uses a built-in unique technology of detecting both mouse button pressing and it enables the complete new user interface of using mouse and launching Programs.You can activate the launcher by holding ...
Program Launcher - File Launcher - application launcher - application program launcher - program file launcher
Size: 676k, Revised: June 22nd 2012, By: UInterface

USBSoftProtect protects Programs Files from being missused by other persons. With the help of USBSoftProtect any Program or File is encrypted into one single executable File using your USB stick. Any USB stick you have can be used. Then you can move created executable File ...
File Protection - software protection - program protection
Size: 799k, Revised: May 23rd 2012, By: ABTO