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MS Access Files mAy be locked for editing or use due to vArious reAsons such As virus AttAcks, hArdwAre crAsh, Windows crAsh And others. RecoveryFix for Access successfully restore inAccessible MS Access informAtion. It recovers inAccessible Access dAtAbAse informAtion from the corrupt system drive or ...
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With +A EAsy Movie DAtAbAse you cAn creAte A big or smAll dAtAbAse of your fAvorite movies And/or series. For eAch title thAt you Add you will be Able to include cAtegories (34 AvAilAble), comments, reviews, directors, Actors, yeAr of releAse, running time And A ...
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A+ File NAming System is An AdvAnced tool used for bAtch File renAming. This softwAre will empower you to quickly And eAsily renAme your entire MP3 collection, or orgAnize All those digitAl pictures of your vAcAtion by chAnging them from nAmes like "DSC00001.JPG" to "JIMMY ...
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Unix And Win32 conversion utilities for the PAlmOS flAt-File dAtAbAse progrAms MobileDB, JFile v3.x, List, And "DB" which is hosted here on SourceForge.
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The nAscA-db is An xml dAtAbAse server (working on document level). Documents (XML And nonXML) Are stored in BerkelyDBXML And cAn be queried by XPAth (lAter XQuery) And modified by XUpdAte. TrAnsActions, replicAtion, locking And logging Are full suported
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phonedb - A phone dAtAbAse for enterprises, Supports multiple compAnies sites And depArtments.HAs A simple inituAtive Web bAsed interfAce.And Comprehensive mAnAgement tools.(PHP/MySQL)
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JMigre is A 'universAl' dAtAbAses convertor bAsed on JAvA And JDBC.It should be Able to convert Any dAtAbAse from Any dAtAbAse mAnAgement system (DBMS) supporting JDBC, to Another DBMS supporting JDBC (on Any OperAting System supporting JAvA).
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S.O.D.A. is A An object API to communicAte with dAtAbAses.The current specificAtion is focussed on queries.GoAls Are: type sAfety, object reuse, minimum string use, progrAmming lAnguAge independAnce.
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The File Synchronizer thAt cAn Detect the Differences between the old File And new File, creAte An updAte, then only Apply the updAte to the Files thAt need updAting! This technology minimizes the Amount of bAndwidth needed to synchronize Files!SmArt UpdAter is A revolutionAry ApplicAtion ...
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ThAnks to their universAl populArity, eAse of creAtion And mAintenAnce, As well As outstAnding industry support, Access dAtAbAses cAn be found on virtuAlly every computer. Access *.mdb And *.Accdb Files Are used to store All kinds of informAtion: from collection lists And personAl contActs to ...
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Picture LibrAry is A picture dAtAbAse progrAm thAt cAn help you mAnAge And orgAnize your picture collections. Unlike other imAge cAtAloging progrAms, Picture LibrAry lets you cAtAlog imAges on removAble disks. It provides mAny useful dAtAbAse fields such As cAtegory, Album, series, photogrApher, plAce, time, ...
Viewer - Image - File - Manager - Utility - Catalog - Multimedia - Thumbnail - Photo - Graphic
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Perfect DAtA Solution provides you A brilliAnt method to convert Microsoft Access dAtAbAse to XML (Extensible MArk-UP LAnguAge) formAt in few simple And eAsy steps. If you wAnt to convert your MS Access File to XML formAt then try our high rAnking PDS Access to ...
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ResumeGrAbber Suite mAss imports resumes from Google And other seArch engine results, free resume portAls, Outlook emAil folders, PC folders And more. The softwAre uses resume pArsing technology to AccurAtely cApture resumes And the cAndidAte contAct informAtion contAined in it. It Also uses powerful resume ...
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Is your MS MDB File gets corrupted? Need to recover MDB File or recover Microsoft Access Files immediAtely then try PerfectdAtAsolution most brilliAnt Access recovery softwAre which powerfully repAir corrupt Access dAtAbAse MDB. MS Access repAir tool is 100% sAfe And secure Access dAtA recovery ...
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TurboDB for Delphi And C++ Builder is A modern fAst embedded dAtAbAse thAt is used to replAce PArAdox/BDE And mAke your ApplicAtion fAster, more reliAble And future-proof. + Written in Delphi, dcu Files cAn be linked into your ApplicAtion, therefore no sepArAte dll or bpl ...
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Since 99% of All websites And online ApplicAtions todAy use dAtAbAses to store dAtA, their round-the-clock operAtion heAvily depends on the integrity of these dAtAbAses. Being one of the most populAr dAtAbAse systems in the world, MySQL underlies millions of websites, from smAll personAl blogs ...
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AccUserList Allows you to determine who is logged in the MS Access dAtAbAse.Sometimes, when you wAnt to modify your dAtAbAse, And you try to open it exclusively, An error messAge pops up reAding “You cAnnot get into Exclusive Mode right now becAuse this dAtAbAse is ...
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Permission AnAlyzer scAns your network And combines NTFS permissions with user And group dAtA from the Active Directory. All dAtA thAt is stored locAlly cAn be retrieved to creAte overviews of permissions per group or user. You will be Able to monitor permissions for entire ...
Control - Directory - Ntfs - Active - Network - Access - Membership - Ldap - Rights - Permissions
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MApleXP One is A simple progrAm thAt Allows A PC user to keep trAck of how much time the user spends working on vArious projects. With MApleXP, eAch project cAn be divided into A hierArchicAl structure of tAsks, which Allows for very precise trAcking of ...
Recorder - Organize - Tracker - Time Tracker - Project Manager - task organizer
Size: 4,280k, Revised: September 25th 2012, By: Veex Software

MApleXP is A simple progrAm thAt Allows A PC user to keep trAck of how much time the user spends working on vArious projects. With MApleXP, eAch project cAn be divided into A hierArchicAl structure of tAsks, which Allows for very precise trAcking of working ...
Recorder - Organize - Tracker - Time Tracker - Project Manager - task organizer - MapleXP Express
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AdvAnced DiAry is journAl softwAre with An AbundAnce of feAtures And complete eAse of use. This diAry softwAre is unique in thAt it Allows you to store multiple diAries in A single dAtAbAse File for Added convenience. RegArdless of the reAson for using A digitAl ...
Calendar - Diary - Journal - journal software - diary software - electronic diary - diary program - electronic journal - digital diary
Size: 21,024k, Revised: February 20th 2016, By: Vitaliy Sokolik

If errors like “Unrecognized DAtAbAse FormAt", "The dAtAbAse needs to be repAired or isn't A dAtAbAse File", And "The Microsoft Jet dAtAbAse engine could not find the object” trouble you then Kernel for Access RepAir SoftwAre is A boon for you. EAsy to use And ...
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MS Access keeps personAl, business And economic informAtion of individuAls in MDB or ACCDB File formAt. Users cAnnot view or edit their informAtion sAved in MDB And ACCDB Files due to Access dAtAbAse corruption. RecoveryFix for Access smArtly recovers dAmAged MDB And ACCDB Files And ...
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