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Replace Text in Many Files is a tool you can use to search and modify Text inside multiple files at once. The program can find and Replace words, phrases, entire Text lines, several lines or paragraphs and even any part of content in a great ...
Text - Words - Find - Search - Documents - Multiple Files - Replace Text - Many
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Extract content in one or more MS Word files. Extract lines by the character(s) they contain or do not contain. Extract between starting and ending character(s) repeatedly throughout entire file(s). Save results as Text files. Word 2000 or higher required.
File - Batch - Database - Record - To - Directory - Folder - Xml - Access - Dir
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Remove content from one or more files. Remove or Replace character(s). Find and Replace character(s). Remove spaces, enters and tabs. Remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or non-alpha-numeric character(s).
Lines - Edit - Reading - Find - Convert - Editors - Write - Writing - Batch - Replace
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This is step-by-step guide, which will help you to create beautiful picture in the Adobe Photoshop.You do not need to have special skills to use it. You should only follow the instructions in the guide precisely. This guide will help you to get more experience ...
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With HandyFile Find and Replace tool you can quickly find and Replace Text in a bunch of files! Diverse file filters, various search attributes, regular expressions with extended syntax, search scenarios, command line support give you full control over processing Text in all the desired ...
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Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer This component allows the user to change the Text in any Text file.
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Pdf Watermarking utility is Windows compatible tool developed to draw Text on bulk Acrobat Pdf files. Program lets user to choose which page(s) should be marked. It allows adding linear as well as rotated watermark beneath & over page content. AWinware Pdf watermark is easy ...
Text - Software - Utility - Create - Pages - Pdf - Stamp - Documents - Bulk - Draw
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Pdf blank page remover software automatically detects and deletes all the blank pages from scanned Pdf documents. Removal of pages is very fast and easy process, search each blank page with predefined tolerance value & page area. You are provided with the option to set ...
PDF page removal - pdf page remover - Pdf blank page remover - Remove pdf blank pages - Pdf blank page removal - remove pdf pages - delete pdf pages - delete pdf blank pages
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Download & Install AWinware Pdf Watermark Software to protect your digital copyright work of Acrobat Pdf documents. Tool batch watermark adobe Pdf, create custom specified Text at specified position on all pages or selected pages in Pdf. AWinware Pdf watermark software helps in drawing watermark ...
Text - Image - Digital - Pdf - Stamp - Secure - Protect - Draw - Signature - Watermark
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Pdf Security Remover - Tool to unlock Pdf editing, printing & content copying security for which the owner permission password has been lost or forgotten. Tool quickly removes master password from bulk Pdf file to enable accessibility in document. It is capable enough in decrypting ...
Edit - File - Print - Password - Copy - Pdf - Encryption - Security - Remove - Document
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Merge two or more Pdf documents with Pdf merger and split large document into parts using Pdf splitter option provided in AWinware Pdf splitter merger tool. Break Pdf file into multiple parts, extract Pdf pages, and remove un-necessary pages from Pdf. In fact, you can ...
pdf merger - pdf joiner - pdf splitter - PDF Extractor - pdf splitter merger - pdf page remover - pdf split merge - pdf merge split - pdf merger splitter
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Being a portable data exchanging format, Pdf format is not easy to be modified and changed. So, sometimes, it is troublesome for you because you may need to modify some words or Replace Text in a Pdf file, especially if you have to Replace a ...
PDF replacer - replace pdf text - replace text in pdf - replace text in pdfs - replace word in pdf
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Simpli-File Find, Replace and Insert allows you to Find and Replace Text in files as well as Insert Text into files in a batch process (all at once). When you have many files that you need to change a certain Text in, you can do ...
Text - File - Find - Files - Batch - Replace - Find And Replace - Replace Text - Insert Text - Insert
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Multi-purpose search and Replace tool with full Unicode support, Text Workbench will increase your productivity and save many hours of manual editing that you spend daily for updating all your files of any type either at your local disks or via FTP. It is a ...
Editor - Text - Unicode - Html - Free - Download - File - Software - Tool - Find
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Replace Text in one or more MS Word files. Text in headers and footers are also Replaced. There is an option to find and Replace multiple sets of words. Word 2000 or higher required.
Text - Edit - File - Reading - Search - Editing - Data - Function - Mass - Microsoft
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Replace Text in one or more MS PowerPoint files. PowerPoint 2000 or higher required.
Text - Edit - File - Reading - Search - Presentations - Editing - Data - Function - Mass
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With HandyFile Find & Replace tool you can quickly Find and Replace Text in Many Files as you want ! Diverse File Filters, Different Search Attributes, Regular Expressions with extended syntax give you full control over processing Text in all the desired files. Ability to ...
Text - Html - Free - Download - File - Software - Tool - Find - Search - Coder
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Excel Text Cleaner is an essential MS Excel Add-In. You can clean your tedious data in excel easily by using its commands which are specially developed to give you the power of automation. You can remove extra spaces, digits, alphabets or any Text from selected ...
organize text - excel text cleaner - cleans text in excel - organize text in excel - clean non-printable characters in excel - clean data in excel - clean extra spaces in excel - clean text - clean data - organize data
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Pdf Extractor SDK for Windows software developers: Pdf to Text, Pdf to XML, Images from Pdf, Read Pdf information, Pdf to CSV for Excel. Bytescout Pdf Extractor SDK allows to convert Pdf to Text, Pdf to XML, Pdf to CSV, extract images from Pdf, extract ...
Vb - Net - Activex - C# - Pdf To Txt - Pdf To Text - Convert Pdf - Pdf Conversion - Pdf To Image - Pdf Sdk
Size: 595k, Revised: January 24th 2018, By: ByteScout Inc

Bytescout Pdf Viewer SDK provides a visual control to implement your own Pdf reader to view Pdf file from your application. It installs a control that you may add from toolbox to the form in your application. Benefits: * control to view Pdf files; * ...
Pdf - Pdf Viewer - PDF Viewer Component - PDF Viewer NET - pdf viewer sdk - pdf viewer control - pdf viewer library - net pdf viewer - pdf viewer for net - pdf viewer c#
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InstantBar is Internet Explorer toolbar designed specially for web site owners to help promoting their websites. It allows to create toolbar easily from website, and you don't need to install any additional software builders or create xml files. Any of your changes in toolbar configuration ...
Ie Toolbar - Iebar - Create Toolbar - dynamic toolbar - toolbar builder - online toolbar - replace text with links - display popup
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While the other guys are still declaring variables, get the job done with Textools -- the powerful, pipe-based Text processing workbench for Windows that allows you to morph Text into other forms by simply combining filters. Do things to Text like you've never done before ...
Editor - Text - Html - Edit - File - Utility - Search - Files - Editing - Processing
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Scan2Encrypt uses any scanner or webcam to convert hard copies of your documents and photos into secure and searchable Pdf files. It provides filter, merge, OCR, 256-bit AES encryption and support for direct upload to Dropbox without a need to install any Dropbox software or ...
Convert - Pdf - Aes - Scan - Ocr - Create Pdf - dropbox - binarynow - scan2encrypt - merge scan
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