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Smartr Inbox for Gmail is a Safari Extension designed to enable you to organize your Gmail contacts in a smarter way. Smartr Inbox enhances Gmail by finding all the people in your inbox and automatically creating rich profiles for them:· Discover who they are· How ...
Smartr Inbox for Gmail Safari Extension - Contact - Gmail - Safari extension - Inbox - Gmail inbox - Gmail contact
 , Revised: August 30th 2012, By: Xobni Corporation

AllWebMenus Javascript Menu Dreamweaver Extension allows for the perfect integration for creating web menus of infinite levels. This free tool allows for the creation and placement of any cross-browser DHTML / Javascript menu built with AllWebMenus in the easiest and visual way in minutes with ...
Dhtml Menu - Javascript Menu - Web Menu - Dreamweaver Extension - Dreamweaver Menus - Free Dreamweaver Component - Dreamweaver Menu Extension
Size: 294k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Likno Software

The following functions are available directly from Windows Explorer:- columns for Status, Revision, Tag, Options and Author- overlay icons to indicate if a files is modified- context menu items for Update, Commit, Undo, Diff, Add, Remove and custom commands- property page for change history and ...
Size: 374k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By:

The Xippee Firefox Extension allows you to search visually in all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and countless others). Simply double-click on any word (or highlight any phrase) then plus and minus buttons will be displayed. You can press either button for ...
Firefox - Tool - Add-on - Extension - Plug-in
Size: 42k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Bunn Technologies

The Xippee Netscape Extension allows you to search visually in all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and countless others). Simply double-click on any word (or highlight any phrase) then plus and minus buttons will be displayed. You can press either button for ...
Software - Flash - Portable - Applications - Suite
Size: 23k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Bunn Technologies

Windows Cache Extension for PHP is a PHP accelerator that is used to increase the speed of PHP applications running on Windows and Windows Server. Once the Windows Cache Extension for PHP is enabled and loaded by the PHP engine, PHP applications can take advantage ...
Size: 215k, Revised: September 11th 2009, By: Microsoft Coporation

AnalogX Extension Changer operates both as a standalone application, and integrates into the Windows Explorer, making it easier than ever to rename everything from single files to entire directory trees. This software also features an undo feature which allows you to reverse any batch renames ...
Size: 451k, Revised: June 3rd 2009, By: AnalogX

Change Extension is a SendTo folder utility for your windows computer. Have you ever had some file the you need to change the Extension on. Just select the files you want to change or remove the Extension on. Right click and seled Send to and ...
Size: 287k, Revised: November 16th 2009, By: FNOWare


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Repete is a simple yet very efficient Safari Extension that will offer users the ability to set automatically page loading directly from the context menu.Sets a tab to be reloaded in the specified interval. You can set as many tabs to be reloaded at one ...
Automation - Refresh - Reload - Safari extension - Repete for Safari - reload website - refresh website
 , Revised: October 24th 2012, By: Pavel Kunc

The Green Web is a useful Safari Extension for diplaying ecology-related information about each particular website you visit.The idea is that you’re just doing what you’re doing on the web, and in a small status bar at the bottom (or top depending on the browser) ...
Display - Show - Safari extension - The Green Web for Safari - display status - ecology data - ecology
 , Revised: May 20th 2012, By: Cleanbits

WhatFont is an efficient Safari Extension that will display font information on every website.With the help of this Extension you can easily get font information about the text you are hovering on.To embrace the new web font era, WhatFont also detects services used for serving ...
Find - Display - Finder - Safari extension - WhatFont for Safari - font analysis - find font
 , Revised: May 22nd 2012, By: Chengyin Liu

QR Code Generator allows you to convert the current URL to Quick Response Codes in various sizes & encodings.This effective Safari Extension offers users the possibility of sharing these codes and interacting with clients, partners, etc.
Generator - Generate - Code Generator - qr code - Safari extension - QR Code Generator for Safari - generate QR code
 , Revised: June 11th 2012, By: Midwinter Duncan Grant

Imgur Upload is a simple and useful Safari Extension that adds a direct link to Imgur uploader right in your context menu.Simply right-click on an image in a web page, choose upload and the Imgur image will open in a new tab. Settings item allows ...
Edit - Upload - Edit Image - Uploader - Safari extension - upload image - Imgur Upload for Safari
 , Revised: June 17th 2012, By: Matt Swain

Auto Refresh is a very useful Safari Extension that offers the facility of auto-refreshing websites.The Extension is perfect for web development and monitoring online auctions, announcements and news.
Website - Refresh - Reload - Safari extension - reload website - refresh website - Auto Refresh for Safari
 , Revised: July 25th 2012, By: Andrew Griffin

WebRadio is a useful and reliable Safari Extension that enables users to listen to their favorite radio station right in their browser.Store 5 streaming radio stations for playback from an easily accessible and customizable toolbar.
Radio - Stream - Listen - Online Radio - Radio Toolbar - Safari extension - WebRadio for Safari
 , Revised: August 23rd 2012, By: Midwinter Duncan Grant

Search All is a highly efficient Safari Extension that offers you the ability of searching through multiple websites with just a mouse-click.This Extension is a very customizable research tool allowing you to search up to 15 sites at the same time.
Find - Search - Search Toolbar - Searcher - Safari extension - Search All for Safari - query string
 , Revised: August 26th 2012, By: Midwinter Duncan Grant

WebStartup Toolbar is a very efficient Safari Extension that will provide users with multiple information regarding the websites they are visiting.The Extension can pull out data from numerous websites: CrunchBase, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Google and more.
Startup - Rank - backlink - Safari extension - WebStartup Toolbar for Safari - rank toolbar - startup toolbar
 , Revised: September 3rd 2012, By: Sayem Islam

Amazon Search Menu Item is a highly efficient Safari Extension that will provide the facility of searching on Amazon right from the context-menu.To use it, just select some text on the page, right-click and then choose Search in Amazon. It's a more minimalist alternative for ...
Find - Search - Searcher - Safari extension - Amazon Search Menu Item for Safari - context menu search - search item
 , Revised: July 25th 2012, By: Matt Swain

OpenSearch is a simple and very useful Safari Extension that provides a solution for searching through multiple websites.It's the best way to integrate your favorite search engines and sites and supports several languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
Search - Organize - Searcher - Safari extension - OpenSearch for Safari - website searcher - multiple search
 , Revised: September 14th 2012, By: Thomas & Devran

Unicorn is a Safari Extension that examines the webpage you’re on using W3C Unicorn, the W3C’s validator. For quickly accessing the HTML and CSS validators, the Extension adds a new button to your toolbar.
Check - Validate - Validator - validate HTML - Safari extension - Unicorn for Safari - validate CSS
 , Revised: May 1st 2012, By: 0coder

BuiltWith is an efficient Safari Extension for analyzing and displaying specific information about the website you are currently viewing.BuiltWith’s goal is to help developers, researchers and designers find out what technologies pages are using which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves. ...
Create - Research - Analyze - Safari extension - Analyze Website - BuiltWith for Safari - website profile
 , Revised: May 9th 2012, By: Gary Brewer

Live CSS Editor is a useful Safari Extension that provides users with the facility to edit their CSS code without leaving the current webpage.Once you have the Extension installed, use the toolbar button to open up the editor. You can resize the box by dragging ...
Edit - Write - Develop - Safari extension - CSS editor - Live CSS Editor for Safari - edit CSS
 , Revised: May 21st 2012, By: Jeremy Hubert

Alexa Site Stats is a useful Safari Extension for viewing Alexa traffic stats and info for the current site.You can view graphs of things like Reach, Pageviews, Bounce Rate and Average Time on Site. Also available are search keywords data, audience demographics, contact info, reviews ...
View - Traffic - Alexa - Safari extension - Alexa Site Stats for Safari - Alexa rank - traffic stats
 , Revised: May 2nd 2012, By: Matt Swain