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Celebrate Spring with this spectacular full color Cloudeight Screensaver featuring the floral art of Anastasia. Roses and Iris come to life! Fully configurable to include music, transitions, and other special features. Easy to use and full email support is available if needed. IMates can be ...
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Size: 1,677k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Cloudeight Internet

Spring flowers Screensaver brings you top quality pictures of the most beautiful Earth flowers to rise your spirits during the long work hours. Photo-realistic colorful graphics with very advance, natural lighting effects. Relaxing music and hypnotizing sound effects let you enjoy real feel of nature.. ...
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Spring is a magnificent time when nature appears in its pristine beauty. The freshness of its pure colors and their brightness have always enchanted people. This nature Screensaver will put the everlasting Spring on your desktop.. 3D Screensaver Download - Free 3D Screensavers Download - ...
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This is very nice and attractive Screensaver. The animated water and white snow look so real. The weather is sunshining. Snowflakes are falling in the water. Download and enjoy absolutely free Screensaver! Winters are getting shorter and milder, the crisp of snow under your feet ...
Free Screensaver - Nature Screensaver - SaversPlanet Spring River Screensaver
Size: 1,100k, Revised: May 14th 2012, By: Gordon Freeman

This ravishing animated 3D Screensaver will take you to one of nature's most pristine wildlife areas, a beautiful quiet green valley with several rapid brooks carrying fresh cold waters from the hills above. The enchanting sounds they produce along with birds, twitter and relaxing music ...
Screensaver - Screen Saver - 3d - Spring Valley
Size: 7,916k, Revised: June 2nd 2012, By: Digital Minds Software

This slideshow Screensaver shows beautiful scenes of a Springtime: the photos of wildflowers, blossoming trees, skies, lakes, mountains, and animals. Spring is a long-awaited time when nature appears in its pristine beauty. It is a time of revival, freshness and, of course, a Love. This ...
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This Screensaver shows you off the beautiful images of plants, flowers and trees blooming in Spring. This season is the most lovely time of year due to the very plenty amount of flowers everywhere. How amazing and miraculous the Spring flowers are! They bring us ...
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Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and recall Spring memories. Spring Awaking Photo Screensaver has pictures of the most beautiful places catched by camera eye where everyone may enjoy for unlimited time. Do you want to take a rest somewhere that ...
Spring - spring screensaver - spring awakening - spring photos - spring awakening photo - spring awakening screensaver - spring awakening photo screensaver - spring photo screensaver - spring environment - spring environment photos
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As sure as the seasons turn, so too will your Screensaver with 16 amazing full size images. Watch the wonderful scenery of nature in its purest form. The majestic freeze of winter, to the warm glow of summer, to the rustling leaves of autumn and ...
Seasons - Nature - Summer Screensaver - Nature Screensaver - Autumn Screensaver - Winter Screensaver - seasons screensaver - spring screensaver
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Let grow colorful flowering meadows on your desktop! Customize rate and density of the flowers, whether a new screen will be painted after a preset time and decide if date and/or time will be shown at the lower left corner. Flower Power is Freeware!
Children - Kids - Screensaver - Multimedia - Graphics - Freeware - Spring - Flowers - Flowerpower
Size: 1,368k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware

A flower Screensaver that leaves flower designs and blurs on your screen.. Cool Screensavers Downloads - FreeScreensavers. Publisher of Flower Effects, Author of Flower Effects 1.1. A flower Screensaver that leaves flower designs and blurs on your screen.
Flower Screensaver Spring - Flower Screensaver - Flower Free Screensaver - Animated Flower Screensaver - Flower Effects - Flower Screen Savers - Flower Screensavers
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Different-colored butterflies flutter through whimsical nature scene. This Screensaver will create a relaxing atmosphere to relief your from stress and other worries.Give your desktop a relaxing feeling with the Springtime Screensaver. for WindowsXP, Vista, 7
Screensaver - Animation - Spring - Animated Screensaver - springtime - spring screensaver - Springtime Screensaver
 , Revised: September 2nd 2012, By: American Greetings Corporation

Brighten your desktop with colorful Spring wildflowers. This cartoon screen saver includes 4 different types of wildflowers blooming on your desktop while farmer Joe mows them over every minute or so.
Screensaver - Screen Saver - Screensavers - Screen Savers - Flower Screen Saver - Spring Screen Saver
Size: 1,627k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Acez Software

A Screen Saver with pictures of different flowers in nice colors. It has a black background and the pictures of the flowers change every five seconds. This Screensaver can be installed with one click. A nice Screen Saver for Spring dreams at the computer.
Screensaver - Screen Saver - Flowers - Plants - Flower
Size: 2,257k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By:

Enhance your screen with the green paddy fields and the shamrocks. Let the Irish luck be yours. Get this free animated Screensaver on your screen to enjoy the first day of Spring.. college study skills leader leadership at the only major religion to emerge ...
Size: 2,683k, Revised: July 23rd 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers

Easter and Spring come together. Flowers bloom to tell us that the Lord has risen. Download this free Screensaver today to feel the spirit of Easter soothe your soul and the season of Spring bring a cheerful smile on your face.. college study skills leader ...
Size: 2,478k, Revised: July 23rd 2008, By: Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpapers

Now that the winter is gone, the earth has lost her Snow White robes, giving Sacred birth, all nature awakes in a joyful choir, bringing to the world the youthful Spring. Wallpaper in 1024, 1280, and 1680 sizes, 3D icons, Cursors, startup screen, XP bootscreen, ...
Size: 1,260k, Revised: December 30th 2009, By: Kerry Mero (4 other programs)

This dreamy Spring Screensaver shows beautiful animated scenes of Springtime. Spring is a magnificent time when nature appears in its pristine beauty. The freshness of its pure colors and brightness have always enchanted people. Early Spring funny animals, amusing forest guests and colorful butterflies are ...
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St. Valentine's day is a day for people who love each other. And it doesn't matter what season is in your yard - winter, Spring, summer or autumn. There is no time or season limits for your love. Not only people like this holiday, but ...
Free Screensaver - Download Screensaver - Holiday - Valentine - Just For You Screensaver
Size: 8,923k, Revised: April 22nd 2012, By: Gordon Freeman

Earth is our common home, it is beautiful and amazing all year round! Install our new seasons Screensaver and you will find that it is true. Perfectly animated slideshow of four bright and colorful scenes relevant for every season. It will certainly decorate your desktop. ...
Free Screensaver - Animals - Cartoons - Nature Screensaver - Year Round Screensaver
Size: 3,860k, Revised: April 30th 2012, By: Gordon Freeman

Realistic nature, green trees, beautiful waterfalls, sounds... And much more effects on your screen provided with Cascade Screensaver. Download free Cascade Screensaver and enjoy it! Winters are getting shorter and milder, the crisp of snow under your feet is becoming a rare occasion and the ...
Free Screensaver - Nature Screensaver - SaversPlanet Cascade Screensaver - waterfall screensaver
Size: 1,413k, Revised: May 14th 2012, By: Gordon Freeman

Lost Watch Screensaver is probably the most unusual 3D Screensaver you'll ever see. Timepieces are favorites of Screensaver artists.'ve never seen a pocket watch like this. It's an exact replica of an 18th century Abraham-Louis Breguet's timepiece, made by a man who is often ...
Screensaver - 3d - Fantasy - Coins - Watch - Water - Lost
Size: 6,881k, Revised: July 31st 2012, By: 3Planesoft

As a tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 tragedy, Rhode Island Soft Systems created this free Screensaver showing Old Glory waving in the breeze while "America the Beautiful" can be heard as the background music. Periodically the simple phrase "September 11, 2001. ...
Screensaver - Screen - Riss - Saver - Flag - America
Size: 714k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Rhode Island Soft Systems