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Data visualization solves a complicated problem of decision making in short terms. Data representation in the form of flow chart or diagram provides true and fair concept of processes and their interconnections. But often the building of such scheme requires a lot of time and ...
Diagrams - flow charts - silverlight diagrams - silverlight charts - silverlight shapes - silverlight graphs - silverlight charting - silverlight diagramming - silverlight chart control
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Trace Modeler is an easy to use and smart editor for UML sequence Diagrams.It is ideal for documenting existing systems and brainstorming new designs. o Have you ever pondered the design of a solution before coding it? o Are you convinced that documenting key interactions ...
Editor - Easy - Tool - Fast - Drawing - Uml - Model - Object - Modeling - Modeler
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SanDriLa implements the graphical software design standards ITU Z.100, Z.109 and Z.120, commonly used in the telecommunications and real-time software industries. SanDriLa comprises a template, a set of stencils and an add-on for Visio that will allow the whole range of Sdl MSC URN UML ...
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A graphical overview of your database solution. Don't spend hours trying to understand your database, see it with SQL Diagrams. Graphically understand, how your tables, views, SPs, UDFs, triggers and other database objects interact, and more. Upcoming are command flow Diagrams, data flow Diagrams, permissions ...
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A Quake-like drop-down console that can be added to any Sdl application as an easy to use interface to your program
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Sdl Perl is a multimedia binding for Perl, using the Simple DirectMedia Layer and OpenGL.Its homepage is at
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A collection of scripts that allow a website to be monitored and/or tested. The monitor allows you to record pages by clicking through your site from your browser. These can then be periodically checked to ensure they are available and correct.
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PHP-Sdl is a binding of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library for PHP 5+. The goal of this project is to allow the rapid prototyping of multimedia applications (such as games) using the PHP scripting language. IMG/TTF/MIX are also included.
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Flowchart Maker is a cross-platform flowchart design program which is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a large variety of built-in symbols for flowchart, data flow diagram. Top 10 Reasons to Use: 1. Easy to Learn, ...
Flowchart - Data Flow Diagram - flowcharting - Flow Chart - flowcharter - flowchart software - flow diagram - process flowchart - flowchart template - SDL Diagrams
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ZEngine is designed to provide a powerful yet easy to use 2D game API using OpenGL for fast 2D drawing and Sdl for everything else, it is completely cross-platform and the class based design makes it easy to learn and use.
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ZWM is a Sdl based Window Manager and Widget library intended to beused in cross platform Applications.
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The Ars4SdlnFt is a general purpose library framework working with Sdl, Sdl_mixer, Sdl_Image and Freetype. It is the result of my furstration facing the "Why do you want to make it easy if you can do it difficult, hard, intricate and complicated".
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Feature Diagrams modeling tool (Now with FD Complexity information). This plugin also allows UML2Tools Class diagram elements assign to Features elements. From this assignment You can configure Your system and create new UML class Diagrams.
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GameBlade is a set of C++ functions and classes simplifying the most common functions of Sdl. GameBlade is treated and used as if it was your own code. It is very small, cleanly written and well documented, including many examples.
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A project dedicated to the upkeep of the documentation for the Sdl API and its related libraries.
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Sdl Splash is a program that displays a splash screen. It can be used to display messages to the user while an application is loading (or very busy or out-of-order for a while). It supports customized fonts, pictures, progress bars, fullscreen mode...
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The project will fork off from the original SGE and create a library written in pure ANSI C, with possibly a few additional features.
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Vector-based diagramming software with lots of examples and templates. Easy to create flow charts, organizational charts, business Diagrams, science illustration, UML Diagrams, BPMN diagram, circular diagram, process diagram, IDEF diagram, web diagram, work flow diagram, business form, network Diagrams, mind map, business cards and database ...
Science - Calendar - Project Management - Chemistry - Gantt Chart - Block Diagram - Timeline - Family Tree - Mind Map - Floor Plan
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20-sim is an advanced modeling and simulation package for Windows. With 20-sim you can simulate the behavior of dynamic systems, such as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems or any combination of these. 20-sim models may use iconic Diagrams, bond graphs, block Diagrams as well as ...
Equations - Physical - Energy - Block Diagrams - Iconic Diagrams
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Nevron Diagram Designer is a freeware diagram editor powered by Nevron Diagram. It is suitable for creating various kinds of Diagrams and performing different layout algorithms on them. The Diagram Designer also can make you familiar with the features provided by Nevron Diagram. Besides the ...
Drawing - Diagrams - Block Diagram - Data Flow Diagram - Floor Plan
Size: 2,739k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Nevron Software

Edraw is a new UML diagram and software diagram drawing tool for software engineers and designers. Easy to draw uml model diagram, COM and OLE, data flow model diagram, Jacobson Use Case, SSADM Diagram, Nassi-Schneiderman Diagrams, Booch OOD Diagrams, ROOM Diagram, Yourdon and Coad Diagrams ...
Uml - Data Flow Diagram - room - uml diagrams - software diagrams - Enterprise Application - COM and OLE - Jacobson Use Case - Program Structure Diagrams - Nassi-Schneiderman
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Easily add pointers and notes to your pictures. Turn your pictures into descriptive Diagrams for fun, work, your email, presentations, blog or website. A simple mouse click places your pointers and notes, and title. Reduces image size for Email and Internet Posting. Works with any ...
Time - Notes - Easy - Windows - Presentations - Program - Jpeg - Gif - Pictures - To
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RFFlow is the ideal program for creating a wide variety of flowcharts, organization charts, and Diagrams for education, business, and industry. It's easy to draw and edit charts with RFFlow. Simply drag a shape from a stencil to your chart. Shapes in RFFlow will automatically ...
Free - Graphics - Business - Presentation - Drawing - Flowchart - Draw - Uml - flowcharting - Flow Chart
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