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Das einzigartige Informationstool WM-Begleiter lIefert Ihnen sofort alle noetigen Informationen rund um dIe Fussball Weltmeisterschaft 2006 in Deutschland. Fussballfans und SportinteressIerte koennen mit wenigen Klicks direkt auf Informationen ueber dIe Grundlagen, Teams, WM-Staedte und aktuelle News. Dazu benoetigen SIe nur einen Bruchteil der Zeit, dIe ...
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Secure Image uses image encryption with Domain Lock to prevent direct saving, right mouse saving, direct downloading and bandwidth theft. Options include targeted hyperlink on the image, status bar and image settings for downloading messages and border frames. Version 2 serIes supports all popular browsers ...
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CE-Secure Free Express enables you to create up to four 128MB encrypted vaults using AES-256 bit encryption. There is no time-out on our express edition, you can continue to use the product to access these vaults once created, or use this edition to Secure files ...
Encryption - Security - Data Encryption - Hipaa - best encryption software - AES 256 encryption - email security - Sarbanes-Oxley
Size: 317k, Revised: May 17th 2012, By: CMS Products

PC Brother Ie Care Free is a Free but powerful utility for Internet Explorer. With PC Brother Ie Care Free you can repair faults from Ie and system, clean temporary files, cookIes and history and keep your web-surfing Secure! By using this tool regularly and ...
Security - Cookies - Ie - Clean History - repair faults - ie problem - ie care
Size: 2,499k, Revised: October 17th 2012, By: VeeCan Software Ltd.

EF Commander Free for Windows is a file manager for the Windows desktop. If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program. Multilingual.
Commander - Efsoftware - Shell - Tool - Utility - File Manager - Norton - Efcw - Explorer Replacement
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Free multi-user helpdesk system - no timeouts, no tricks!!! Absolutely no charge for use. This is an earlIer version of our helpdesk system and is completely Free to use. Features: Audit Trail, E-mail notifications,Prioritize, Categorize, Flexible Reports.Maintain customer address and contact details,Transfer of jobs between ...
Helpdesk - Help Desk - Help Desk Software - Helpdesk Software - Help Desk System - Helpdesk System - Customer Support - Problem Resolution - Free Help Desk - Free Helpdesk
Size: 2,306k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.

Discover world-class card playing action! Simple to learn, yet challenging to master, 100% Free Hearts offers a fun and exciting gaming experIence for casual and hardcore fans alike. Now you can challenge our playful computer champions, engage your frIends or compete in our Free global ...
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ExperIence the excitement of the most popular partnership card game in the United States. Vivid graphics enhance game play across five skill levels. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, our endearing characters and exciting game variations will keep you entertained for years to come. ...
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Free spell checker for Internet Explorer installs in seconds, no more misspelled words with our completely Free spell checker.
Free Dictionary - Dictionary For Ie - English Dictionary
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Computer Repair Notes Ie Free toolbar. Keep in touch with the latest. Computer repair is pretty easy. You just have to know what is what & what you are doing. With the internet, there is a ton of great information available. Download Free Toolbar - ...
Internet Explorer - Ie Toolbar - Browser Toolbar - Computer Repair
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A Free Pascal compiler that supports function overloading, operator overloading and other such features.Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 bit pascal compiler. Free Pascal is available for different processors (Motorola 680x0 and Intel 80386 and compatibles) and operating systems (Win32, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, ...
Size: 35,441k, Revised: April 15th 2009, By: Free Pascal Team

WinNT HTTPMail->POP3 service. HotPOP3 is a Windows NT service, written in C++, which acts as a proxy between an HTTPMail server (MSN Hotmail) and any POP3 email clIent.. Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, Secure and Free downloads from the largest Open ...
Size: 154k, Revised: March 31st 2009, By: smithk2

A program for downloading pictures from web gallerIes (Ie the address where the images might be http://site/gal/pic$n.jpg, where $n - sequence number.). Skala - User Profile. Fast, Secure and Free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory.
Size: 4,792k, Revised: September 25th 2009, By: Stas Sinitsin

VisualSubSync is a subtitle program aimed to facilitate subtitle synchronization by showing you the audio form and allowing the WORLD to see the subtitle timestamp breakdowns via a webpage and allowing them to submit corrections. It is very easy to use.Known issues- Internet Explorer report ...
Size: 1,905k, Revised: October 5th 2009, By: Christophe Paris

Looking for PDF security solution! Download and tryout our advanced pdf password protection software which encrypts bulk pdf documents in a single click. Software provides a big hand to your business confidential property by encrypting data and protecting with open password. User can set pdf ...
Free - Download - File - Software - Tool - Batch - Online - Password - Pdf - Encryption
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SageTea Browser is a Free browser designed to work exclusively with SageTea Applications. SageTea Browser is a cloud based browser which provides Secure worry Free browsing of private content and data. Customizable using SageTea Text to Software, it is Free from annoying add-ons and malware. ...
Browser - secure browser - private browser - SageTea Browser - Private Content Networks
Size: 45,512k, Revised: July 28th 2016, By: SageTea Inc

Activity Indicator is an easy to use program that indicates the HDD activity in the system tray. The application contains advanced logging capabilitIes and frIendly interface and it can be used to log the drives.Here are some key features of "Activity Indicator": selectable tray icon ...
Monitor - Hdd
Size: 256k, Revised: July 30th 2009, By: Nikos Georgousis

Wings 3D 1.1 Development / 1.0 StableYou can use this software when you want to create 3D models and customize them.. Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, Secure and Free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
Size: 7,895k, Revised: November 2nd 2009, By: Wings Team

Windows Router Advertisement Server is a full solution for IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration for Windows. The application works as a service. It implements RFCs 2460, 4861, 5006, 4191, 3775 and 3963. It also has a log VIewer that records all the events related to autoconfiguration.. ...
Size: 1,679k, Revised: November 22nd 2009, By: Gabriel Abadi

xine is a Free Multimedia player. It plays back CDs, DVDs, and VCDs. It also decodes multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from local disk drives, and displays multimedia streamed over the Internet.. xine - a Free video player | Get xine - ...
Size: 7,352k, Revised: December 7th 2009, By: dgp85

Alerts Wiki users when they have new messages. For use with MediaWiki-powered wikis. Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, Secure and Free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
Size: 143k, Revised: December 6th 2009, By: Matt Cole

This tool runs as a window service to start and stop rails server on a path and port specifIed in the .config "C:|Program Files|MA|Rails App Launcher" file on the windows OS.. Find and Develop Open Source Software. Fast, Secure and Free downloads from ...
Size: 379k, Revised: April 2nd 2009, By: michel_aka

Warp is a web application framework for fast and efficIent scripting and serving of your websites and Internet applications. Warp is written in Java and employs several different languages for its server-side scripting environment (JS, PHP, ...).. Find and Develop Open Source Software. ...
Size: 10,004k, Revised: April 2nd 2009, By: megaevent