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Have you ever faced a situation where you have waited for a program to complete and had the feeling the program may have crashed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could always see if your CPU is really working? Well, you could have the task ...
Task Manager - Cpu - Cpu Usage - Cpu Load - Tray Icon - Cpu Info - Cpu Time
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Message Boards Browser (MBB) version 2.0 is designed for New York Times Message boards and Microsoft public newsgroup, and is distributed for free. It has an interface similar to MS Outlook, though it works for both NNTP newsgroups and with web based (HTTP) Message boards. ...
Reader - Newsgroup - Forum - Offline Browser - Message Boarbs
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Windows Service Finder is an handy tool for system administrators and hackers.It shows the complete list of installed Services on operating system, bothdevice drivers (kernel) and Win32 EXE, and for each Service it reports detailedinformations about: name, description, actual status, execution start mode, nameand dimension ...
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MB Free Subliminal Message Software is an advanced subliminal Message-displaying program. This software reaches out to the subconscious mind and sends positive affirmations to the mind, thus helping you develop a positive mindset. Subliminal Messages also increase your self-confidence and self-esteem thus making your goals ...
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IP2Location Desktop translates IP address to country, city, region, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name using XML Web Service. Users can perform 90 queries per month using Free account. Please visit for more information.
Lookup - Translate - Detect - Ip Address - Location - Web Visitor - Ip Country
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3D Message Free is an easy-to-use 3D tool for beginners. It is a good tutor and helper for anyone who likes to illustrate an idea or an explanation easily and quickly by 3D drawing. It is a parametric CAD tool for everyday communications. The user ...
3d - Communication - Parametric Cad
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Message-Bob ist ein einfach zu bedienendes, zu bekannten Messaging-Programmen wie WinPopup oder dem "net send"-Befehl kompatibles, Client/Server-Netzwerkkommunikations-Programm. Ermöglicht den Versand von Nachrichten oder kleinen Notizzetteln. Ein Chat-Room erlaubt Diskussionen mehrerer Teilnehmer im LAN.
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Der Ashampoo XP Foto Service ermöglicht es Ihnen, aus dem Windows Explorer heraus professionelle Foto-Abzüge von Bilddateien zu bestellen. Um den Service zu verwenden, starten Sie nach der Installation den Windows® Explorer und öffnen Sie einfach einen Ordner, der Bilddateien enthält. Wählen Sie dann in ...
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HS GSM SMS is a C source library that provides a PC-based user application with access to a mobile phone's Short Message Service (SMS) functionality, according to ETSI standards: GSM 07.05 (ETS 300 585) - "Use of Data Terminal Equipment - Data Circuit terminating; Equipment ...
Message - Service - Library - Source - Sms - Gsm - Short - PDU
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Need to keep in touch with your customers, staff or colleagues? Then text messaging is an excellent medium to deliver your Message. Seemlessly integrated with Microsoft's Outlook A‚A®; this Add-in allows you to text your Message directly from your favourite desktop messaging client. By utilising ...
Short Message Service - Pc - Desktop - Outlook - Sms - Microsoft Outlook - Text Messaging - Send Sms - Texting - Receive SMS
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With mobile phones becoming popular and SMS becoming the most widely used mobile Service, SMS text messaging is the perfect way to mobile enable enterprise information. Mobile enabling your enterprise data makes available information, from your enterprise database, on to your mobile phone using interactive ...
Short Message Service - Mobile - Bulk - Sms - Send Sms - Mms - Jazz - calls - AARSOL - SMS MMS services
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This program is a Demo application for BitLevelSMS software library which provides a PC-based user application with access to a mobile phone's Short Message Service (SMS) functionality over serial port, according to ETSI standards: GSM 07.05 (ETS 300 585) "Use of Data Terminal Equipment - ...
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Best and comprehensive group text messaging application allows users to easily propel thousands of SMS (Short Message Service) to individual or group of people in few clicks of mouse. Bulk sms software facilitates users to broadcast job alerts, event notification, product advertisement, marketing campaigns, business ...
Software - Internet - Schedule - Phone - Business - Marketing - Reminders - Mobile - Bulk - Sms
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SMS-it! allows you to send a Short Message (SMS Short Message Service) to a mobile phone using your computer. SMS-it supports Picture Messages, Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones and Flash SMS. The Messages can be sent through an attached modem, through an internet connection ...
Pictures - Pager - Sms - Ring Tones - Nokia - Mobile Phone - Tap - PDU - XIO - ucp
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AWSMS Pro uses the modem already installed on your PC to send GSM SMS Messages. You don't need to muddle with cables and infrared devices, you don't even need a cellular phone, the Messages are sent directly to a SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) which ...
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This is the demo version of the SMS-Scheduler, which is a sms software allows you to broadcast mobile text Messages or SMS (Short Message Service) Messages to your customers according to your prefix schedule, or as and when you want to. It allows automatic group ...
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Java component for sending SMS Messages using a SMSC (Short Message Service center). It supports the UCP and TAP protocols and can deliver Messages using an existing tcp/ip connection or using a dial up connection (analog modem).
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The LibSMS project is a TCL/PHP library you can use in your scripts to send SMS (Short Message Service) Message to any cellular phone company in Israel.It also has function to support hebrew issues (such as hebrew reversing, required for Pelephone).
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Aubrey is an integrated SMS(Short Message Service)/MMS(Multimedia Service) Content server. Features include sending of SMS Messages and building of MMS Messages with existing contenton-the-fly. Components can be deployed as a module in JBoss.
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GnG-SmS facilitates rapid development of dynamic SMS (Short Message Service) apps. Visual SMS scenario builder,SMS keywords, Database, SMS over SMPP, HTTP-SMS ,Scheduled SMS. implemented in Java, runs on all platforms and can be embedded in your SMS app
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This project is a simple Java SMPP Client. It's posibilities: - organization SMPP connections with SMSC; - recieving SMS (Short Message Service); - reconnecting to SMSC when connection was fall; - logging Messages recieved from SMSC and view them; - pac
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Kalkun is a simple web-based SMS (Short Message Service) management, it use gammu-smsd (part of gammu family) as SMS gateway engine to deliver and retrieve Messages from your phone/modem.
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SMPP protocol library for fast and easy SMSC(Short Message Service Centre) client development even for non-telecom guys. Easy to use classes covers all needed functionality for SMS applications developers and Content Providers. Written for .NET 2.0 in C#
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