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A handy library for Simple Soap.Simple Soap C++ Library is a useful C++ production ready implementation of Scott Seely's Simple Soap RPC code. OS neutral, HTTP transport, XML validation, envelope parsing, RPC dispatching, extendable data types, fault generation and a extendable test suite useful for ...
Size: 8,970k, Revised: April 2nd 2009, By: Gerard J. Cerchio

Internet Soap cleans your browsing activites in Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape. Delete your browser history of visited sites, cookies, cached website files, pictures, documents, and much more. Windows maintains history of recent documents, recently searched files, clipboard etc delete these items with Internet Soap.
Size: 666k, Revised: August 17th 2012, By: Roundabout Software

A small bubble is in trouble and he needs your help. He needs to find his way out of a deep black hole where a single touch of a wall can make him explode. This Soap bubble is in deep trouble and has no chance ...
Size: 1,638k, Revised: October 24th 2012, By: Free Kids Games

This extension will allow you to create Soap servers and Soap clients using php scripting language.
Size: 71k, Revised: September 7th 2012, By:

This toolkit is a PHP library that allow to make RPC call (client only) through the Soap protocol.Support for simple type, complex type, and array... (array of complex type, .. )Not structs.
Size: 64k, Revised: June 19th 2012, By:

IndySoap is an Open Source Library for implementing Web services using Borland Pascal Compilers. IndySoap isn't tied to Indy for transport services, though Indy based transport services are included.
Size: 4,761k, Revised: October 27th 2012, By:

Python Soap is a free library implementing W3C's Soap Protocol in the Python programming language. Soap is an XML-based messaging protocol which is machine- and platform-independent.
Size: 60k, Revised: August 11th 2012, By:


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Enable your web sites, intranets or applications to send and receive SMS messages to and from 130 countries. Build web sites that dispatch ring tones, VCards or picture messages. Enhance your CRM solution with 2-way SMS messaging. The Redcoal Mobile Internet Developer API (MIDA) provides ...
Soap - Xml - Mobile - Sms - Text Messaging - Enable - Actrivex
Size: 1,157k, Revised: August 12th 2008, By: Redcoal

- Easy to install and manage TIMP is a Total Instant Messaging (IM) Solution for office LAN or Internet communication. It is extremely easy to install and maintain and the varying set of features cover a wide array of customer needs. - Windows based TIMP ...
Soap - Windows - Server - Xml - Realtime - Communication - Instant - Messaging - Jabber - Plug In
Size: 1,722k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Tipic, Inc.

Integrate dynamic barcoding into applications that consume Web Services with our Barcode Generator XML Webservice. The service installs on Windows Server and can be used by any application on any operating system that supports XML and Soap (Simple Object Access Protocol). The Webservice produces several ...
Soap - Xml - Barcode - Generator - Web Service - barcoding - bar-code - webservice - webservices
Size: 829k, Revised: September 27th 2012, By:, Inc.

FireDaemon Trinity is an Windows Service Management Platform. Trinity is comprised of three components: Enterprise Management Console, Web Server and Console Application. The Management Console gives you control over services running on all machines on your network. It allows you to remotely manage machines via ...
Windows - Manager - Interactive - Cpu - Control - Monitoring - Program - Rss - Service - Run
Size: 7,619k, Revised: June 18th 2012, By: FireDaemon Technologies Limited

Internet components - Clever Internet Suite is the native Delphi VCL for RAD Studio XE7, XE8, .NET and ActiveX. The suite includes more than 50 components for Internet development and its code is constantly being refined and improved. Using the Clever Internet Suite you can ...
Download - Ftp - Decoder - Server - Connection - Upload - Ssl - Sftp - Http - Https
Size: 3,540k, Revised: December 14th 2015, By: CleverComponents

The Clever Internet ActiveX Suite represents com-based components for sending and retrieving mail, download and upload Internet resources over most popular protocols and many more. These components can operate in any languages with com-support routines, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, VBScript, JavaScript and ...
Download - Ftp - Decoder - Server - Internet - Connection - Upload - Ssl - Sftp - Http
Size: 9,339k, Revised: September 29th 2012, By: CleverComponents

WSClient ++ is a code generation application designed to generate Web Service Soap 1.2 Clients for various languages.WSClient++ generates source code in Objective-C, C#, Java, Action Script 3 to connect to ASP.NET Web Service for iPhone, Silverlight/WPF, Android, Blackberry, Supports bindable/IPropertyChangeNotifier and Multiple Web Services ...
Generator - Generate - connector - WSClient Suite - Web Service connector - SOAP generator - source code generator
 , Revised: May 31st 2012, By: NeuroSpeech Technologies

Currency Server was designed to be the most advanced currency-enabling component on the market. It provides exchange rate information and currency internationalization, conversion and rounding services via COM/ActiveX, .NET and Soap Web services, and Ajax-style scripting. Currency Server supports more clients, more platforms, and a ...
Php - Automation - Conversion - Vb - Currency - E-commerce - Calculator - Asp - Xml - Euro
Size: 21,084k, Revised: May 10th 2012, By: Cloanto Corporation

WBS Issue Tracking is a web-based system designed for tracking work orders, tasks, defects, bugs and other various nature issues. It allows you to manage your customer and project lists, define a scope of work for every project, set start and due date, provide cost ...
Size: 1,953k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: WebAsyst

The year is 1957 and a fleet of flying saucers from Planet X have come to Earth. These saucers are under the control of the evil Brain Aliens who are abducting helpless human beings and taking them away to strange alien worlds to become slaves ...
Game - 3d - Fun - Action - Robot - Saucer - Ifd - Pangea - Scifi - 3rd Person
Size: 14,829k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ideas From the Deep

Amazing Soap bubbles slide on top of PC desktop. Bubbles are moving from bottom to top of screen, pulsing and shining with all the rainbow colors. You can choose number of bubbles and its size, speed of bubbles movement and pulsing amplitude. Any picture file ...
Screensaver - 3d - Amazing - Bubbles
Size: 1,168k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Rixane Interactive

XStandard is the leading standards-compliant plug-in WYSIWYG editor for desktop applications and browser-based content management systems (IE/Firefox/Safari/Opera).
Html - Html Editor - Firefox - Editors - Internet - Xml - Activex - Web Services - Xhtml - Markup
Size: 5,664k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Belus Technology

WebAsyst Issue Tracking is a web-based Workflow Management Software system designed for workgroups to orgranize client requests and work orders into distinct issues. Customize workflow individually for every job. Assign responsible person. Keep track of issue flow. Print reports. Send reminders. Multilingual and template based ...
Size: 2,510k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By:

XStandard is an ActiveX WYSIWYG editor for browser or Windows-based content management systems. It manages rich content in any language and generates clean XHTML 1.1 markup with no deprecated tags. It supports tables, lists, links, floats, and custom tags. CSS are used for formatting and ...
Size: 4,259k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By:

Our soy candles let you enjoy the aromatic, soothing and pampering advantages that only all natural soy candles can offer. Lead free, nontoxic, biodegradable, cleans up with Soap and water, longer burning, highly fragrant, and no carcinogens.
Jar Candles - Heavily Scented Candles - Votive Candles - Quality Scented Candles - Scented Soy Candles
Size: 540k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Golden Triangle Distribution