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It can Capture any audio from Sound card with WMA format. It Captures Sound from Windows application such as players, Windows Messenger, Skype, Yahoo messenger, QQ, IM tools, streaming audio on the Internet, microphones, line-In, CD Player, Phone Line, Aux, etc. Then you can use ...
capture audio - capture sound - capture music - capture skype audio
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This small program allows you to make very easy and very fast screen shots. Save your screen shots in standard file formats.
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The 3D Sound Tester is free wav file player that lets you pan Sound around you with your mouse. Move the Sound ball, and you'll feel the distance and direction of the Sound change even with simple stereo speakers. Though primarily a fun techno-toy, the ...
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ADC Sound Recorder is a free Windows program for recording Sound from all sources available with a computer's Sound card. That includes a microphone, line-in, wave, etc. Recordings are automatically saved to the program's cassette file that can keep up to ten minutes of recorded ...
Sound - Audio - Freeware - Microphone - Sound Recording - Xemicomputers - Adc Sound Recorder
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Control Sound volume using system-wide hotkeys. Customizable on-screen Sound volume indicator will show you the current level.
Sound - Accelerator - Control - Keyboard - Shortcut - Volume - Hot - Key - Keystroke - Hotkey
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Capture-A-ScreenShot is a simple to use free screen Capture software utility that Captures screenshots. With Capture-A-ScreenShot, you can easily Capture the last active screen, full screen, or selected area.
Free Screen Capture - Screen Capture Program - Capture-a-screenshot - Screenshot Capture - Free Screen Capture Software - Download Screen Capture
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Exsate DV Capture Live is a program for capturing DV video from IEEE-1394 Firewire and recompressing to other formats in realtime. Key features: Display DV date/time stamp - detects recorded DV date and time stamp and automatically imprints it on a video frame: - Once ...
Time - Software - Tool - Video - Capture - Mpeg - Mpg - Avi - Date - Wmv
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The Image Capture Tool for everybody ages 5 to 95! Capture, store or send images to friends and family. See something you like on the screen? Download King Kong Screen Capture on your computer and keep the image forever!King Kong Capture is very easy to ...
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The Professional Edition provides many powerful functions for the recording, converting, editing, and processing of Sound. If you want to have video Capture features as well, download the new VideoPro Edition. With this edition, you can record from any combination of video and audio sources. ...
Capture - Recorder - Record - Sound Recorder - record audio - sound capture
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Mihov DiskFree is a program that shows free disk space in megabytes. It updates the information every second, so it is very useful with programs which consume very much disk space very fast (Sound Capture and video Capture). It supports large FAT32 partitions and network ...
Music - Utility - Video - Monitor - Capture - Mp3 - Freeware - Space - Disk - Icon
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Audio Zone Trigger is a Sound detection software. It takes live audio from any input source and enables the computer to react to it in a user-specified manner. The Sound-detection system lets you set any number of Triggers that perform any number of user-defined responses ...
Monitoring - Alarm - Security - Microphone - Motion - Trigger - Detection - Movement - spycam - house automation
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!Super Audio Recorder is a powerful real-time Sound recorder from any digital resource. Enables you to record Sound, played back through your Sound card and any other Sound sources like microphone , midi, vcr, microphone, Internet audio streaming, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real ...
Audio Recorder - Sound Recorder - Mp3 Recorder - sound capture - audio capture - mp3 capture
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The FTV Audio Recorder application was designed to a powerful recorder and player. It will repeat complete recording from any digital resource. You can record Sound, played back through your Sound card and any other Sound sources like microphone , midi, VCR, microphone, Internet audio ...
Play - Player - Audio Recorder - Sound Recorder - Read - Mp3 Recorder - Repeat - repeating - sound capture - digital audio recorder
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For Professional Windows Developers who need to Screen recording function within their business application.It gives developer create Live presentations, Helpdesk support, On-demand software training more easliy.Capture Screen/Audio toStreaming file format (WMV file). Support different quality profile. Enable /Disable Sound Capture feature. No need any hardware ...
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ScreenCapture is free software for video and screenshot creation. Capture the screen and documents, record video fragments of software in-process and use screenshots to create report for the support service. Create tutorials and dictionaries. Video recording with Sound enables you to create complete units or ...
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Mega Sound Recorder is a full-featured universal Sound recording system for both home users and Pros. It is a flexible and inexpensive solution for those who want to record any digital Sound from PC. Mega Sound Recorder enables you to record music from CD and ...
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Record, convert edit ANY streaming video and audio including Slype calls with the Replay Capture Suite. This toolkit of 9 different programs will Capture all your favorite streaming media convert it to the format you need to enjoy where you want. There is also a ...
Download - Save - Video - Capture - Audio - Rip - Record - Streaming - Stream
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Sound Clips for MSN Messenger 7.5 and Windows Live Messenger allows you to send audio clips to your contacts instead of recording your own voice, and you don't even need a microphone! You simply choose any audio file and send it to them! The add-on ...
Msn Messenger - Msn 7 - Msn Messenger Voice Clips - Sound Clips - Audio Clips
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Free MP3 Sound Recorder is a poweful Sound recording program to record Sound from microphone, internet streaming audio, music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, Games, etc. The recorded audio can be saved in MP3, WAV, OGG, VOX audio formats. ...
Sound Recorder - Mp3 Recorder - Record Mp3 - Record Sound - Internet Record
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PC Screen Capture is one free powerful, lightweight, full-featured screen Capture tool for Windows platform, It allows you to take screenshots from any part of your screen in four ways, you can Capture full desktop, active window, selected area and selected object, and save images ...
Screen - Capture - Desktop - Screenshot
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The Webcam Capture application was designed to be a webcam Capture program that can be use with any compatible webcam for Windows (or other digital camera). Webcam Capture can be used to monitor activities base on time interval and also can be used as security ...
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Web Screen Capture is one free web site and web page screenshot and thumbnail software, it can take screenshots of web pages and save them as full sized images, and the images can be output in the JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF formats. The image's ...
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1. Hear New Sound Each time when Windows Starts 2. You can Specify the Sound files which will be played 3. The Sound files selected will be played randomly each time when windows starts. 4 . Easy to use.. randomizer,integrator,released,systems,nemaya,Sound
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