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Filter Junk E-Mail Spam, Ads, Pop Ups advertising, Viruses, Tojans & Spyware. Works with POP3 & IMAP. This FREE tool uses intelligent Filtering of annoying Popup ads, e-mail Spam, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses, Spyware Cookies. Unique features allow you to block all popups and Spam ...
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Size: 2,668k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: AdNukercom

Policy Patrol Disclaimers will provide users with professional email disclaimers and email signatures for Microsoft Exchange Server. The program includes a powerful rules wizard that allows you to configure customized user-based disclaimers and signatures. With Policy Patrol Disclaimers's advanced formatting and positioning options you can ...
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Get rid of Spam with Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express! Alchemy Spam Filter is a plug-in module for the Outlook Express e-mail program and represents a self-adaptive unsolicited mail protecting tool. The main method used to combat Spam is the statistical algorithm of Bayes. ...
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Size: 440k, Revised: June 2nd 2012, By: Alchemy Lab

Server based Anti-Spam Filter protects organizational mail servers (Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc) from Spam, email-borne viruses and objectionable content using contextual pattern signatures (not simple keywords)
Size: 10k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By: J.A. Korsmeyer, Inc.

Sentinare, purely mail. Email is a form of personal, private communication. Secure encrypted Spam and virus free email for your home or business. 99% accurate Filtering solution with the lowest false positives, includes 1GB of email storage that will never be subjected to advertisements. Your ...
 , Revised: September 16th 2012, By: Sentinare Messaging Solutions

Outlook Spam Filter is an easy-to-use MS Outlook add-on that protects your Inbox against Spam. The program is based on Bayesian Filtering technology. It automatically learns using your personal correspondence to increase the filtration accuracy. Quarantined e-mails are stored in a separate Spam folder. Users ...
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Easy Email Spam Filter is an easy to use email Spam Filter utility that will block incoming Spam from entering your Outlook inbox or Outlook Express inbox. Easy Email Spam Filter is a simple Spam blocker application that runs unobtrusively while being minimized in the ...
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Eliminate Junk E-Mail Spam, Spyware, Viruses and Tojans. Works with POP3, IMAP, HTTP. TZ Anti Spam Filter and Killer is a powerful e-mail checker programs with effective Spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses & Spam e-mails before they get to your ...
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K9F9: The Canine-Feline Spam Filter: K9F9 is a colourful, stand-alone, POP3 e-mail checker for the Windows 98 to Windows XP operating system which uses Robin Keir's K9 intelligent statistical analysis to classify, Filter and delete Spam or junk e-mail. It displays messages in user-defined text ...
 , Revised: October 25th 2012, By: ASEMCA

Offers guaranteed protection against all Spam, phishing scams, and all other unwanted e-mails. Using a 16-stage Spam Filter ClearMyMail blocks all unwanted and Spam e-mails before they reach your computer, without losing any wanted email.- Guaranteed 100% success rate- FREE 30 day trial- 16 Spam ...
 , Revised: September 5th 2012, By: ClearMyMail Limited

NoSpamToday is a e-mail Spam Filter (SMTP/POP3) compatible to every known mail server software. The flexible Filter pipeline architecture allows combining the award-winning SpamAssassin Filter, an attachment blocker, a remote blacklist Filter (DNSBL), a delay Filter, whitelists and blacklists to a Filtering configuration that exactly ...
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Size: 15,514k, Revised: June 23rd 2009, By: byteplant GmbH

This is anti-Spam software that is a great anti Spam solution. Get back at Spammers who Spam in your inbox whether be it microsoft outlook, eudora, or any other kind of e-mail application. Check out this software now! A great type of anti-Spam Filter! This ...
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If you normally just trust your email accountA?a‚¬a„?s Spam Filter, but are not happy with its performance, why not download a much more efficient Spam software that will reduce your junk email within just a few weeks? SpamItBack software is absolutely free and could not ...
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Outlook Express Bayesian Spam Filter intelligently keeps your Inbox Spam free. Easy to use toolbar. Allow or block email addresses, IP's, words/phrases you choose. Block Spam by country and language. Bounce Spam back to Spammers. Report Spammers to their hosts and the FTC. Forward only ...
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Spam Monitor is an easy-to-use Spam Filter that detects and isolates unsolicited junk mail sent to your mailbox. Designed for people that aren't computer experts, Spam Monitor's powerful wizard configures your PC with the safest anti-Spam settings automatically.
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Offers guaranteed protection against all Spam, phishing scams, and all other unwanted e-mails. Using a 18-stage Spam Filter ClearMyMail blocks all unwanted and Spam e-mails before they reach your computer, without losing any wanted email.Also includes multi-award winning email virus protection - blocking all virus ...
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Size: 174k, Revised: September 24th 2012, By: ClearMyMail Limited

Spam is a disease. It is a plague of the modern Internet. Is there a cure?Various techniques were developed and tried. But Spammers quickly make them obsolete using even newer tricks. Fortunately, Reverend Tom Bayes, who lived in the 18th century, has given us a ...
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Size: 1,157k, Revised: July 12th 2012, By: LuxContinent LLC

Check of messages on the POP3 server with ability to delete message from the server, without urgency to download it. Next, you can safely download attachments so it doesn't try to run any from them. It is possible to apply simple Spam Filter.
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Size: 715k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Ivan Sivak - SOFTWARE

NetMail is an e-mail system for local networks and mobile access, either with the built-in webmail interface, or using the NetMail client software. Includes groupware functions like a diary with notification pop-up, shared pinboard, and instant messaging window. Users can read and write e-mails from ...
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Free Antivirus plus Anti-Virus and Internet Security Software, we have Home Editions for single PCs or Mobile Endpoints as well as AVG Business Editions for Fileserver, Emailserver, Networks and Clients/Workstations of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMB). Antivirus 2012, Internet Security, Antispyware, Firewall, AntiSpam, Spam Filter, ...
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eMail2Pop functions as a POP3 and SMTP mail interface and Spam Filtering solution for AOLA‚A® Mail accounts. eMail2Pop converts AOL mail into a standard mail format. This means that AOL users can retrieve their email from their favorite email client (such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, ...
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Size: 4,833k, Revised: July 12th 2012, By: PorkChup Solutions, Inc.

Email Spam has become a problem for many people and it is growing day by day. We offer to solve the problem with AntiSpam Marisuite. Our anti-Spam Filter:-Saves your timeSpam will never mix with your private or business e-mail and you will never have to ...
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Size: 4,710k, Revised: August 28th 2012, By: Marisuite

SpamArrow is a simple and stable Spam blocker to effectively Filter out any unwanted Spam emails with near zero false positives. It uses the famous SpamAssassin engine and the Bayesian Filtering to automatically classify incoming emails as Spam or non-Spam. This anti Spam software is ...
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Size: 2,540k, Revised: June 8th 2012, By: SpamArrow Inc.