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The software can Split a sheet into multiple sub sheets by the field in columns. You may have to Split a very large worksheet into sub sheets by the field in columns, then the software is your right choice in simplifying your tedious Splitting work. ...
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EZ-Format now includes EZ-Split & EZ-Subtotal& all EZ-Stat features are built-in for use with EZ-Format worksheets. Split the Excel Data in one Worksheet,for each selected value in any field,into Separate Excel Worksheets, in eitherOne or Multiple New Excel Workbooks.a.k.a. Splitting Excel Lists and Splitting Excel ...
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Break up names, addresses or any MS Excel cell text into many columns. Split by referencing spaces, commas or user-defined character(s). Splits can be applied to a block of selected cells. Excel 2000 or higher required.
Address - Numbers - Splitter - Name - Cut - Columns - City - Names - State - Divide
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Divide the contents of a single cell into multiple cells. Splits can be done by spaces, commas, or any other distinguishing character. Splits can be done quickly on a group of cells that you select. This Excel addin works well if you need to break-up ...
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Whether you need to check your models or understand the structure and problems of models developed by others, Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel features a set of tools that will allow you to identify, analyze and correct errors in a simple, easy manner – just in ...
spreadsheet auditor for Excel - excel auditor - spreadsheet auditor
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Split a column of names into individual cells in no time. If you have a Spreadsheet with numerous differently formatted names in the same column, the Split Names add-in will quickly clean up the mess and separate name parts into several columns. The add-in works ...
Split - Name - Excel
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If your problem involves big volumes of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and requirements for flexibility in consolidation then Spreadsheet Consolidator is the accurate tool for you. Spreadsheet Consolidator is an add-in for Microsoft Excel which will allow you to consolidate Spreadsheet data from one or several ...
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The Trim Spaces for Excel add-in helps you remove leading and trailing spaces in selected cells. Just select a cells, click the "Run" button of the add-in and no excess spaces are left in your worksheet. Works with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2003, XP, and 2000.. ...
Excel - Trim - Spaces
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Looking for a better way to keep track of your small business income and expenses? Are you sending too much of your hard-earned money to the IRS each year because you are not taking all of your qualified deductions? This award-winning Excel Spreadsheet, created by ...
Business - Spreadsheet - Accounting - Expenses - Small Business - Excel - Profit - taxes - tax preparation - deductions
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MS Excel documents become corrupt due to virus intrusion, hard disk corruption, forced closure of MS Windows and several other reasons. Kernel for Excel recovery repairs corrupt MS Excel Spreadsheets in an expedient manner. It restores unreadable Excel Spreadsheet items such as graphs, hyperlinks, tables, ...
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XLCalendar is a calendar generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs calendars in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format. Using XLCalendar, you can easily make various kinds of perpetual calendars, and custom calendars in your own language, holidays and styles. Main features: * Outputting calendars in Microsoft Excel ...
Software - Date - Format - Year - Month - Day - Maker - Template - Creator - Spreadsheet
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SMExport for Delphi/CBuilder is a component suite for data export from TDBGrid/TDataSet (with BDE or without) into:- XLS (Excel Spreadsheet without OLE)- MS Excel (using OLE)- MS Word (using OLE)- MS Access (using DAO 3.5 or 3.6)- Text (fixed or CSV)- HTML- XML- Lotus 1-2-3- ...
Text - Word - Html - Xml - Dump - Spreadsheet - Export - Dbase - Csv - Dbf
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Components from SMImport suite allows to import a data from external file formats:1. MS Excel Spreadsheet (directly without OLE/DDE)2. text delimited file3. text fixed width file4. XML file5. HTML file6. MS Access database7. MS Word document8. Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet9. QuattroPro Spreadsheet10. Paradox table (directly without ...
Text - Word - Convert - Load - Dump - Spreadsheet - Export - Dbase - Csv - Import
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PATools Numbers to Words is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to convert the numbers you enter in the designated fields to actual words.For instance, if you enter 1234 as the number, the application will return one thousand two hundred and thirty four as the word translation. ...
Number - PATools Numbers to Words - number to word - number to text - Excel spreadsheet - number2word - text2word
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Solve your problem using Microsoft Excel, and let ExcelEverywhere generate an ASP or ASP.NET-page. The ASP-page looks like and calculates like the Spreadsheet. No programming required. Easy updating, fix Spreadsheet and generate. Supports 190 Excel-functions. Code-behind module in C# and VB.NET for backend-integration. No Excel ...
Html - Convert - E-commerce - Asp - Wap - Javascript - Spreadsheet - Activex - Dotnet - Iis
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PATools Calendar is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to enable you to manage calendars directly from Excel.The application works for any year or period, with various options. All you need to do is just paste in your logo and print. for WindowsAll
Calendar - Spreadsheet - Excel - Excel Calendar - Excel spreadsheet - PATools Calendar - view calendar
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Spreadsheet Composer is an Excel add-in, which offers significant productivity and development benefits. The core capability of the add-in is the 'compose' function. With this function it is possible to define a Spreadsheet calculation as a series of linked steps and then automatically 'compose' the ...
Spreadsheet - Excel - Composition - Add-in - Formula
Size: 1,127k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Dust Free Solutions

With Excel itself, the operation requires opening each workbook, selecting entire sheet, creating a new workbook, pasting the sheet, saving... But with Excel Splitter, you just load any number of workbooks (or even some folders) into the program and see the list of all worksheets ...
Split - Excel - Workbook - excel splitter - split excel data - split excel workbook
Size: 2,570k, Revised: May 13th 2012, By: Godsw,Inc.

Advanced Excel Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Excel xls and xlw files. It can scan the corrupt Excel files and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption.Main features:1.Support to fix xls and ...
File - Repair - Restore - Spreadsheet - Recovery - Fix - Recover - Excel - Xls - Worksheet
Size: 993k, Revised: September 25th 2012, By: DataNumen, Inc.

TikiReports-Excel is a professional application designed for combining multiple Excel files to create reports.Combine tables from multiple Excel files. Or select individual cells and merge them from multiple files into one table. Also merge (combine) tables and cells from single or multiple files to create ...
Combine - Excel - Combiner - TikiReports-Excel - Excel combiner - combine Excel spreadsheet - Excel report
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This Excel Spreadsheet tracks mileage tax deductions and business mileage reimbursements for you. It is so organized and easy to use, that you will actually use it. You can print a professional mileage report, including colorful graphs, showing deductible amounts, miles, and numbers of trips ...
Finance - Mileage - Business - Spreadsheet - Expenses - Excel - deductions - expense report - mileage report - reimbursements
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MS Excel store user data such as tables, graphs, texts and hyperlinks in XLS and XLSX file format. Excel documents of a computer may get damaged or inaccessible due to virus attacks, hardware failure and system malfunctioning. Kernel for Excel recovery efficaciously recovers damaged Spreadsheet ...
ms excel recovery - Excel file recovery - excel spreadsheet undelete - ms excel file recovery - corrupt excel document repair - recover ms excel file
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Dose for Excel is a powerful, feature-rich add-in for Microsoft Excel, which allows you to quickly perform functions that would otherwise take up much time. The tool integrates with Excel and allows you to easily access its features from the command ribbon. The advantages brought ...
Duplicate - Extension - Excel - Add-in - excel split - excel change case - Excel extension - filter column - remove row - cell color
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