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IDimager, the Digital Image Manager, is a tool for Windows-based computers that helps you to get more value from your digital camera.With IDimager you can catalog photos, organize photo collections, import photos, describe photos, edit and manipulate photos, publish to the web, archive, slide shows, ...
Editor - Manager - Photo - Photo Editor - Photo Manager - publish photo - IDimager Professional SQLServer Edition
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Sync For Sqlserver is designed for software developers or database administrators who are working with the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. It compares two SQL Server databases and determines the differences between them. It generates a SQL change script to convert the database architecture with ...
Synchronize - Script - Database - Data - Compare - Schema - Update - Microsoft - Change - Sql Server
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Easy and quick database administration, natively supports MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Postgre SQL, MS Access. Also can be used to create and restoring backups, transfer data between databases, tables or files (supported formats are XML, CSV), edit database schema. Other functions: run queries, view data in ...
Sqlserver - Jet - Access - Mssql - Sqlite
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Simple ad hoc query tool for database reports - build up your ad hoc query in steps, through a wizard-style interface. Supports MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Sqlserver. AdHocQ - Business Intelligence Made Easy.. AdHocQ - simple ad hoc query tool. Simple ad hoc query tool ...
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ODBCHTTP is the first odbc driver that connects to databases over the internet using standard http or https protocols and that doesn't require specialised software to be installed on the webserver. Currently MySQL and Oracle are supported. DB2 and Sqlserver are under development as well ...
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Download the SQL Server Driver for PHP Version 1.0 Cumulative Update - April 2009.In its continued commitment to interoperability, Microsoft has released an updated SQL Server Driver for PHP. The SQL Server Driver for PHP download is available to all SQL Server users at no ...
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DBQwikEdit is a program for accessing and managing data in almost any database. With DBQwikEdit you can: Edit table data using a spreadsheet like presentation. Select subsets of data with no knowledge of programming or SQL. Create SQL statements using DBQwikEdit's Visual Query Builder or ...
Sqlserver - Tools - Builder - Database - Data - Query - Access - Export - Oracle - Sql
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K-SOL Project Viewer is our Viewer for Microsoft Project. K-SOL Project Viewer is a software application that lets you open, print and export Microsoft Project Plans. Project Reader can show the projects created with Microsoft Project and stored in MPP format, MPT format, XML format ...
ms project viewer - viewer for microsoft project - MPP viewer - mpp file viewer
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Windows Service Monitor was designed as a replacement for the services.msc console. Windows service monitor is a little utility represented by icon in a windows system tray. The icon has different colors based on status of monitored windows services. You can monitor start / stop ...
Monitor - Service - Windows service - service monitor - Windows Service monitor - Monitor service - services msc
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The "SQL Database Professional" data publishing module for Advanced Serial Data Logger is designed for recording/saving variables the parser receives and extracts from the stream of bytes into SQL-compatible databases, such as SQLBase, Oracle, MTo access databases, the direct driver access methods provided by the ...
Save - Plugin - Record - SQL Database Professional plugin - SQL Database plugin - Advanced Serial Data Logger module
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Evolutility is a generic, very handy Web UI designed with integrated ORM features. With it, you can build CRUD web applications or professional looking administration pages with XML (or the database itself) instead of code. It works on ASP.NET and Sqlserver or MySQL.
Develop - Development - Development Tool - ORM - Evolutility - Web UI - ORM feature
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GestDB is a program developed to help users with the access to different database engines at the same time and perform queries, modifications and data structure creations with its contents.<strong>How to install</strong>:&middot; Uncompress file in a directory.&middot; Copy driver JDBC to directory "lib"&middot; Run program ...
Connection - Change - modify - database connection - GestDB - connect database - convert database
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--- dbQwikSync Moves PC data to your mySQL Server--- Wizard steps 1)Select you source local database from: Access, dBASE, MS Sqlserver, Excel, FoxPro, Paradox 2)Select your target MySQL database 3)Pick the tables to move 4) Click S
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Professional grade software development suite for companies that develop and deliver software solutions. Our clients are from Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, the banking industry, the healthcare industry, e-commerce sites, IT departments, software development and hardware firms. Defect Manager runs on both Windows and in ...
Issue Tracking - Time Tracking - Bug Tracking - Defect Tracking - call tracking - problem tracking
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FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes childs play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC ...
Server - Database - Xml - Access - Export - Oracle - Dbase - Csv - Import - Mysql
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Label mx is a label designing and printing system which is exploited by the HengYou Technology Co.,ltd.It provides a powerful easy-to-use solution for your company most convenient labeling software.Features:easy to learn, easy to use. 1.Support all the printers.2.Support 24 types of barcode.3.Easy to connect database ...
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SmartGrid is a Dotnet 2.0 Datagrid WEB Control to browse data from Sqlserver. This web control is intended to supply high flexibility to programmers developing complete Web based database applications. It is ready-to-use component with User Interface simple and clear with paging Datagrid and much ...
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