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off-Net is an simple(now, and will be functional in the future) network communication block tool. It can just run on Win2000/XP now. (And will be run most win32 platform in the future). It's free.
Size: 676k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: OccultSoft, Inc.

The Ssl Sniffer was designed to be a straight forward free HTTP and HTTPS sniffer (Ssl sniffer) for Internet Explorer (versions 6.0 and 7.0) and WinINET based communications. It will allow you to sniff encrypted network activity.. Winsock LSP (Layered Service Provider), HTTPS sniffer, Ssl ...
Monitor - Http - Https - Sniffer - Wininet
Size: 174k, Revised: December 18th 2008, By: Komodia Inc (1 other programs)

With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouseovers". Also creates text under the banner. Easily creates text links as well. Banner Buddy is so easy to use anyone, even ...
Pay Off Debt - Website Banner Software - Banner Maker Tool
Size: 351k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: pay off debt tld

Write Off is a TTF character that will give an original look to your written papers if you install and use it.. Free Fonts Collection - Free Fonts.
Size: 61k, Revised: March 26th 2009, By: Daniel Zadorozny

A!K Mouse Off-road is a odometer for your mouse! It tracks movement of the mouse and the time of a mouse activity. All tracked information is shown on the indicator window and may be exported to a text file.. A!K Research Labs - Site Home. ...
Size: 369k, Revised: July 24th 2008, By: A!K Research Labs

Off By One Web Browser is a lightweight, fast web browser featuring full HTML 3.2 support. In incorporates tabbed browsing and it is completely self contained.Here are some key features of "Portable Off By One Web Browser": Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML ...
Size: 1,014k, Revised: September 4th 2009, By: Off By One Productions

A small and fast way to shutdown you computer or lock you computer.. Intro - Stefan vd International Website. Welkom op de intro pagina van Stefan vd internationaal website, Kies u taal hier. | Welcome on the intro page from Stefan vd international website, Choose ...
Size: 307k, Revised: March 26th 2009, By: Stefan vd

OTR Trading made yet another handy application for all the 4x4 extreme fanatics out there. As any 4x4 or car enthusiast should know, when you are dealing with formulas dealing with gear ratios and such - you will need to know the tire diameter in ...
Size: 727k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Off The Road Trading


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CacheGuard provides a firewall, an antivirus, a proxy cache, a reverse proxy, a web traffic compressor, a URL guarding facility, a WAF (Web Application Load Balancer), a WAF (Web Application Firewall), a traffic shaper. CacheGuard is available as an OS appliance to install on a ...
Proxy - Web Security - Firewall - Antivirus - Caching - Traffic Shaping - Load Balancer - load balancing - Web Application Firewall - WAF
Size: 191,976k, Revised: April 9th 2017, By: Charles Tajvidi

Switch Off is a tiny easy-to-use tray-based system utility that can automatically perform various frequently used operations such as shutting down or restarting your computer, disconnecting your current dial-up connection and locking your workstation. It also provides fast access to these operations through the system ...
Size: 174k, Revised: January 13th 2010, By: Yaroslav Pomazkov

Mouse Off-road is a odometer for your mouse! It tracks movement of the mouse and the time of a mouse activity. All tracked information is shown on the indicator window and may be exported to a text file.. A!K Research Labs - Site Home. Software ...
Size: 492k, Revised: July 24th 2008, By: A!K Research Labs

A small utility that simply displays the Computer Name / Username and ask for confirmation before quickly logging you off windows.. NetworkDLS - Home. Quality software & security.
Size: 10k, Revised: May 22nd 2009, By: NetworkDLS

Glycogen Loading is a key to full muscle recuperation from prolonged or intense exercise. Any failure to replenish glycogen stores is typically associated with "flat" muscles, plus a loss of strength, speed, velocityand the capacity to resist fatigue. The most common glycogen restoring method involves ...
Size: 594k, Revised: September 27th 2009, By: Fitness Attitudes (66 other programs)

Turn Off Timer is a simple utility programmed in java that allows the user to set a amount of time before the computer shuts down or restarts when the timer gets to 0. This program can be useful for any computer user, a lot of ...
Time - Utility - Tray - Computer - Timer - Task - Countdown - Count - Shutdown - Restart
Size: 477k, Revised: August 28th 2012, By: UtilityNerd com

AutoLoad Pro is an automatic 3D Palletizing and Loading optimization software solution to optimize the load on your trucks, air & sea containers, cartons and pallets. It is equipped with the 2-stages Loading optimization technology. The 3D visualization-Loading engine considers complex rules-Loading orientation, stacking strength ...
cargo load planning - cargo loading - cargo loading software - container load planner - container load planning - container load software - container loading - container loading calculator - container loading software - load planner
Size: 22,456k, Revised: May 24th 2012, By: Coptimal Logics Inc.

Turn Off Monitor is a Utility by which you can Turn Monitor Off using either a shortcut Key or a shortcut icon or an Icon in System Tray.Turning Off Monitor when not in use saves electricity which is not the same as running a Blank ...
Music - Shutdown - Hibernate - Power Off - Restart - Log Off - start screensaver - turn off monitor - monitor off - turn off notebook monitor
Size: 1,761k, Revised: August 8th 2012, By: RTSoftwares

Years ago computers were switched off by single press. But now we must do several clicks at different menus to complete such ordinal operation. Every day we spend time to do it, several and more seconds. If average time is 5 seconds everyday, then every ...
Learn - Save - Desktop - Fast - Business - Power - Vista - One - Shutdown - Simple
Size: 348k, Revised: September 17th 2012, By: Toy Cat Soft

Power Off Monitor Whenever Required & Save Power. To Power On Monitor Just Press some Key or Move Mouse a little.Power Monitor Off Using a Desktop Icon or a System Tray Icon or define a Hot Key (eg Ctrl+K , F12 etc). Trial Version does ...
Shutdown - Restart - turn off monitor - save power - switch off monitor - Power Monitor Off - Turn Monitor Off
Size: 379k, Revised: October 14th 2012, By:

FTP/Ssl for .NET is a versatile file-transfer component for .NET languages (such as C# or VB.NET). It allows you to transfer files directly from your application using FTPS, an extension of FTP which is fast becoming a standard for secure FTP. This protocol is also ...
Ftp - Ssl - Tls - Library - Component - C# - .net - FTPS - vb net - file transfer protocol
Size: 3,942k, Revised: September 5th 2012, By: Rebex

axTLS Embedded Ssl was developed as a highly configurable client / server TLSv1 Ssl library. axTLS Embedded Ssl has been specially designed for platforms with small memory requirements. It comes with a small HTTP/HTTPS server and additional test tools.
Server - Ssl - Client - ssl server - axTLS Embedded SSL - SSL library - SSL client
 , Revised: October 18th 2012, By: Cameron Rich

PrepKit JN0-562, JNCIA-Ssl is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 2 interactive practice tests with over 234 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover all the objectives for the ...
JN0-562 - JNCIA-SSL - JN0-562 question - JN0-562 exam - JN0-562 study guide - JN0-562 notes - JN0-562 practice test - JN0-562 mock test - JN0-562 test
Size: 8,192k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By:

Free HTTP and HTTPS (Ssl sniffer) sniffer for Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 and WinINET applications that allows you to sniff all traffic and see decrypted Ssl traffic without using a proxy or alerting the browser. The sniffer is using Komodia's "Ssl hijacker" which is an SDK ...
Size: 174k, Revised: August 30th 2012, By: Komodia Inc.

Transfer files directly from your application using FTP/Ssl and SFTP easily.
Download - Ftp - Upload - Tls - Component - Framework - .net - Dotnet - Binary - Get
Size: 10k, Revised: September 3rd 2012, By: Safabyte