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This software will make your screensaver or flash run randomly.If you have many screensavers and always like to change,or you want to randomly show a flash in your screensaver, this software is what you need.
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You know that you created a document last week, but you can't remember where you put it? - You need to copy an image from a document that you created yesterday? - You need a paragraph, but you can't remember which document contains it and ...
Shell - Jpeg Viewer - Pictures Viewer - Recent Documents - Jpg Viewer - Erase History - Clear Document Recent Xp - Document Management Window - Mru - Document History Menu Start Xp
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Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points over 5 ...
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1st Free Solitaire is a freeware collection of 7 popular Solitaire variations: Flower Garden, Bisley, Carpet, FreeCell, Klondike, Nestor, Yukon. 1st Free Solitaire features: one move undo, selectable backgrounds, "Show Next Move" command, automatic card moving, restart feature, shuffle selection, sound, and more. Interface is ...
Game - Free - Solitaire - Patience - Freecell - Card - Cards - Klondike - Spider - Golf
Size: 1,659k, Revised: September 7th 2008, By: BVS Development Corporation

A totally free Pyramid Solitaire card game. You must select 2 cards that add up to 13, Kings can go as singles. Game includes Demo mode and Hints.
Game - Solitaire - Card - Pyramid
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MailEnable Standard Edition provides SMTP, POP3 and webmail services for Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server systems. Its simple installation procedure and powerful administration software means that you will be up and running quickly. Included in the package are: MailEnable SMTP Service, an integrated service providing SMTP (Simple ...
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The Cole2k Media Standard codec package features a collection of codecs and filters for encoding/decoding a large variety of video/audio formats.Components include:ffdshow Video Codec Build 20090827 Revision 3063 by clsid.CoreAVC Technologies VP7 Video (Decoder) Codec 7.0.8.On2 Technologies VP6 Video (Decoder) Codec 6.4.2.Flash Video Splitter ...
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Cultural images if the Land of the Rising Sun remain the same for many years. They are: traditional tea ceremonies, graceful geishas, sakura branches with a smell of the spring, sumo, karate, and of course mountaineering, as there is a whole pack of mountains in ...
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Can you imagine playing a game in a bacteria-infested environment? Well, it’s not really that scary playing Bacteria Solitaire. It’s just playing Solitaire with a friendly host of bacteria, to be precise. These amiable bacteria monsters will accompany you while you play the classic game ...
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Quick Scorpion Scorpion Solitaire is a free Solitaire card game for the PC. In Scorpion Solitaire, 49 cards are dealt into 7 columns of 7 cards. The goal is to arrange these into 4 columns of 13 cards arranged in order and by suit (the ...
Solitaire - scorpion solitaire - scorpion solitaire game
Size: 3,420k, Revised: September 27th 2012, By: Scorpion Solitaire

Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 835 Solitaire card games, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games found nowhere else. Pretty Good Solitaire contains a Solitaire game for every mood. Whether you want an easy, mindless game or an intellectual ...
Solitaire - Games - Patience - Freecell - Card Games - Card - Cards - Klondike - Spider
Size: 13,845k, Revised: July 22nd 2014, By: Goodsol Development Inc

Enjoy summer all the year round playing free online Bahama TriPeaks Solitaire game. Travel through eight islands discovering nature. Challenge yourself with 80 levels of stunning Solitaires. Great 3D graphic effects, charming sounds and tropical nature will entrance you with full presence effect. Play, submit ...
Game - Free - Solitaire - Card - Fun - Online - Freeware - Vacation - Summer - Try
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A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. A nice appearance with good playability and user friendly interface. Main features: - You can choose an appearance design according to your own taste from a number of presented ones. It makes the ...
Solitaire Game - Free Solitaire World
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Cultural images if the Land of the Rising Sun remain the same for many years. They are: traditional tea ceremonies, graceful geishas, sakura branches with a smell of the spring, sumo, karate, and of course mountaineering, as there is a whole pack of mountains in ...
Free Solitaire - Free Solitaire Galaxy
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Golf Solitaire is an exciting and addictive variation on the classic klondike Solitaire game. 35 Cards are dealt face-up in 7 stacks of 5 cards each. The object is to remove all cards from the stacks by clicking on uncovered cards that are one higher ...
Solitaire - Card Game - Cards
Size: 174k, Revised: October 14th 2009, By: Soft-Central (3 other programs)

Klondike Solitaire is a free online card game with an eccentric dog theme. This Solitaire card game is a more difficult version of klondike, for expert soliaire gamers, that allows only three passes--with an added Dog Theme for extra bite! Download and lay 3-Pass doggy ...
Solitaire - Card - Cards
Size: 2,540k, Revised: January 29th 2009, By: Speed Solitaire

Play spider Solitaire and other card games. Fabulous artwork and addictive gameplay make this version of spider Solitaire extra fun! New features--such as "graying" out inactive cards, and a high-score auto-save--make this the best spider Solitaire card game on the web!. Spider Solitaire Card Games. ...
Solitaire - Card Game - Card - Cards
Size: 2,468k, Revised: January 20th 2010, By: Spider Solitaire (2 other programs)

Enjoy playing classic Solitaire and mahjong Solitaire. The games are flash based. Including classic Solitaire game and mahjong Solitaire. Easy navigation , nice interface , built in timer. Mahjong Solitaire has customizable background.
Solitaire - Mahjong - Free Solitaire - Mahjong Solitaire - Play Solitaire - Play Free Solitaire - Free Solitaire Download - Play Mahjong - Play Solitaire Online
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Play Solitaire. Listen to the Star Spangled banner. 12 decks to choose from. The CDRom version has more card images and games(including MostWanted Card Games Solitaire, PartSinner/PartSaint Solitaire, MonsterTron 2k3 v2.1. Go to the sitefor the CDRom. It's full of games. The Pentagon Joker is ...
Solitaire - Games - Joker - Decks - Pentagon
Size: 2,600k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.

Play four great Solitaire games - Pyramid, Gaps, Beleaguered Castle and Twenty - completely free! Beautiful 3D graphics, fully customizable board sets, unique lighting effects and much more make this a must for all Solitaire fans. The latest version comes with the ability to create ...
Solitaire - Freecell - Cards - Spider - Gaps
Size: 12,288k, Revised: October 28th 2009, By: Grass Games (6 other programs)

Now reintroducing the official Speed Solitaire card game for your desktop computer. This fun and highly addictive game will keep you entertained for hours. Designed after the old fashion and long forgotten game just like Grandma used to play. Multiple speed levels for all ages. ...
Solitaire - Card Game - Cards
Size: 390,625k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Speed Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire is a fun Solitaire card games where the deck is dealt into 4 rows of 13 cards. The aces are then removed to create gaps. The player moves cards between the gaps building up by suit from left to right or down by ...
Size: 3,389k, Revised: June 28th 2009, By: Gaps Solitaire

Free online Yukon Solitaire card game is like Klondike Solitaire meets Freecell Solitaire. It is a combination of these two card games--and twice as much fun as your traditional Solitaire card game. Try to get all cards within the foundations on the right by reordering ...
Size: 2,406k, Revised: August 8th 2009, By: Speed Solitaire