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A clAssic Adventure gAme set in medievAl RussiA. You control A modern AmericAn And your quest is to win the hAnd in mArriAge of A beAutiful RussiAn princess. Colorful RussiAn-style grAphics And funny plot will not let you get bored. The city is full of ...
Game - Medieval - Adventure - Quest - Russia
Size: 4,076k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Yavsoft

CreAte VirtuAl Drives from long pAths, it's eAsy! Browse to the pAth viA the Drive And Folder Lists, choose A drive letter from the AvAilAble VirtuAl Drive Letters list And Click [Add VirtuAl Drive] to creAte the VirtuAl Drive, or Double Click the letter to ...
Subst - Virtual Drive - Virtual Cd - Cd Emulator - Virtual Cd-rom
Size: 410k, Revised: September 26th 2009, By: J. A. Associates

Just'A Reminder is A FREE Appointment reminder utility thAt is designed to be unusuAl And AttrActive As well As extremely eAsy to use. FeAtures: Reminders shown immediAtely After PC stArtup, FloAts over other ApplicAtions, Freeform reminder displAy text, Pop-up timer with AlArm shows reminders when ...
Utility - Desktop - Alarm - Reminder - Appointment - To Do - Do-list
Size: 2,363k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Enigma Creations

Keep All your pAsswords, userid's, codes, etc. sAfe And secure in just one plAce. - In todAys world there Are so mAny codes, thAt you hAve to remembers - now you just hAve to remember one, And All the other will be reveAled. Use "Keep ...
Security - Passwords - Secrecy
Size: 389k, Revised: September 29th 2008, By: Simply Data

A Bit of Irish is A St. PAtrick's DAy Screen SAver thAt will Add A bit of Irish luck to your desktop. WAtch 3D shAmrocks floAt And leprechAuns dAnce Around your screen.
St. Patrick's Day Screen Saver - St. Patrick's Day Screen Savers - Irish Screen Saver - Clover Screen Saver
Size: 1,124k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Acez Software

The potentiAl to mAke money with A digitAl cAmerA is infinite. This progrAm provides innovAtive ideAs for the novice And photogrAphic professionAl, proving thAt with creAtivity And motivAtion it is possible to boost the bAnk Account with A click of A button.
Photo - Job - Digital Photography - Digital Camera - Photography - Make Money - Photos Career - Money Making Ideas - Expand Business
Size: 630k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: VR Banner

WebShAre MetA Finder is free powerful seArch-softwAre which will connect you to the most PopulAr seArch engines,downloAds-sites KAzAA, eMule, eDonkey And Bit Torrent files. WebShAre MetA Finder submits seArches to most populAr seArch And downloAds site directly from your desktop. From now you don t ...
Find - Search - Kazaa - Meta - Engine - Finder - Download Software - Searcher - Emule - Edonkey
Size: 430k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Naor Ben Meir

IntrASmArt Allows orgAnizAtions to set up An intrAnet in A short period of time. EAsy to use And Administer. A totAlly customizAble grAphicAl user interfAce runs on Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, MAc OS X, And UNIX plAtforms. Highly scAlAble; dAtAbAse driven - OrAcle, Microsoft SQL Server ...
Size: 107,178k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Mindbridge Software


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Pdf pAssword security tool is AdvAnced Windows utility to encrypt pdf file with duAl pAssword protection, one is owner pAssword & Another user pAssword. Owner pAssword restricts pdf editing, printing & copying And user pAssword restricts file opening. A user pAssword protected pdf file prompts ...
File - Software - Private - Password - Data - Pdf - Encryption - Security - Aes - Secure
Size: 1,946k, Revised: September 21st 2014, By: Awinware com

PCMAte Free PAssword MAnAger is A free pAssword mAnAger progrAm thAt is speciAlly designed to store & mAnAge your login IDs & pAsswords in A centrAlized vAult to relieve you of the pAssword mAnAgement chore while offering you complete security And peAce of mind. The ...
Password Manager - Password Management - Password Safe - Free Password Manager - password management software - password store - free password manager software - password box - free password box software - free password store software
Size: 3,550k, Revised: October 18th 2014, By: PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc

Removes All restrictions set for PDF documents. Atomic PDF PAssword Recovery removes restrictions instAntly upon opening A PDF file. A restrictions pAssword prevents using PDF documents to the full extent: they cAnnot be printed, their content cAnnot be selected And copied And their forms cAnnot ...
Adobe Pdf - Pdf Document - pdf password - pdf restrictions - pdf file
Size: 1,316k, Revised: April 11th 2015, By: Owen Chakovski

Still be worrying About so mAny pAsswords to remember? Now we hAve Efficient PAssword MAnAger Pro, A powerful And cross-plAtform pAssword mAnAgement pAckAge. She cAn not only help you remember generAl pAssword informAtion, but Also record website login pAsswords, softwAre registrAtion codes, e-mAil Account pAsswords, ...
Password Generator - Password Keeper - Password Management - Password Software - password tool - password program - password app
Size: 12,804k, Revised: January 11th 2016, By: Efficient Software

The YAhoo Group Archiver Allows you to Archive All of the messAges from A YAhoo Group to A relAtionAl dAtAbAse of your choice.
Size: 36k, Revised: September 29th 2012, By:

YAhoo Group MessAge Archiver (YGMA) is A JAvA (jre/sdk 5.0) librAry And tools for extrActing messAges from A YAhoo! Group And processing them into mAildir formAt. It supports login to non-public groups.
Size: 1,105k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By:

PikA Bot is A YAhoo! Messenger Protocol bAsed client thAt cAn AutomAticAlly respond to vArious events corresponding to the YAhoo! Messenger session. WhAt sets PikA Bot ApArt is the CEVT mechAnism which Allows virtuAlly Any operAtion on the protocol to be AutomAted. CEVT mechAnism includes ...
Messenger - Yahoo - Communications
Size: 6,410k, Revised: June 18th 2012, By: Maxotek

My Lockbox is A privAcy ApplicAtion, enAbling you to hide And lock folders on your computer And protect them with pAssword. The protected folder (lockbox) is hidden And locked from Any user And ApplicAtion, no mAtter whether they Are trying to get Access - locAlly ...
File - Files - Private - Password - Directory - Security - Folder - Folders - Secure - Access
Size: 3,698k, Revised: May 28th 2015, By: FSPro Labs

Ever hAppened to you thAt you forgot the WiFi pAssword on your PC thAt you recently chAnged into A complex combinAtion of letters, numbers And symbols just to be more sAfe regArding your wifi security? This is where SterJo Wireless PAsswords solves this issue for ...
WiFi Security - wireless key - wireless password - wifi password - wifi key - wifi connection - how to find wifi password - forgot wifi password - wireless internet
Size: 778k, Revised: June 13th 2015, By: SterJo Software

PrintLock - Put A pAssword on your printer WhAt is PRINTLOCK? Printlock is A windows bAsed softwAre ApplicAtion thAt Allows you to PASSWORD PROTECT your printer! How does it work? Just instAll PRINTLOCK And provide the printer pAssword of your choice. Whenever someone tries to ...
Password - Security - Printer - save paper - Print Control - save ink - printer control - printer password - print security
Size: 3,655k, Revised: January 7th 2016, By: Amanda Group LLC

Folder Protect is A new concept in DAtA Security. It lets you pAssword protect And set different Access rights to your files, folders, drives, instAlled progrAms And populAr extensions. Folder Protect goes beyond normAl file locking And encryption by letting you customize your security And ...
Hide Folder - protect password - protect folders - folder protect - Folder Protection - password protect folders
Size: 4,377k, Revised: January 29th 2017, By: NewSoftwares net

Why AVG LinkScAnner®There Are millions of poisoned web pAges out there. They cAn live on fAmiliAr, big-nAme sites – And they cAn come And go within hours. Just clicking on one cAn get you into trouble. You cAn end up losing your money, your identity ...
Size: 15,596k, Revised: September 25th 2009, By: AVG Technologies

Ever wondered whAt would hAppen if your importAnt dAtA is fAllen into the wrong hAnds? WhAt if your colleAgue gets hold of your importAnt presentAtion, or your business competitors get to know About your tender detAils, or if your personAl photogrAphs Are got into the ...
data loss prevention - disable usb port - port locker - data leakage prevention
Size: 4,390k, Revised: September 21st 2013, By: Dlpsoftware com

Tri-core AvAnt Browser(Chrome,Firefox,IE),it's user-friendly interfAce brings A new level of clArity And efficiency to your browsing experience, And frequent upgrAdes hAve steAdily improved its reliAbility. Multi-Processing: Multi-Processing design offers you A crAsh-free, lock-up-free, memory-leAk-free internet browsing experience And high reliAbility. When one tAb fAils, it ...
Rss - Private - Browser - Bookmark - Tab - Opera - Popup - Form - Fill - Ad
Size: 80,350k, Revised: April 9th 2016, By: Avant Force

AvAnt Browser's user-friendly interfAce brings A new level of clArity And efficiency to your browsing experience, And frequent upgrAdes hAve steAdily improved its reliAbility. Multi-Processing: Multi-Processing design offers you A crAsh-free, lock-up-free, memory-leAk-free internet browsing experience And high reliAbility. When one tAb fAils, it won't ...
Rss - Private - Browser - Bookmark - Tab - Opera - Popup - Form - Fill - Ad
Size: 4,352k, Revised: April 6th 2016, By: Avant Force