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OakDoc DWG to Tiff Converter is an easy-to-use end-user wizard for creating or manipulating Tiff format files, It does not need the third part software support such as AutoCAD etc, quickly convert DWG/DXF/DWF files, and vector graphics to Tiff files. It supports batch convert DWG/DXF/DWF ...
dwg converter - DWG DXF Converter - dxf converter - dwf converter - dwgtotiff - dxftotiff - dwg2tiff - dxf2tiff - dwftotiff - dwf2tiff
Size: 4,628k, Revised: June 28th 2012, By: oakdoc.com

Generate or check the CRC32 of the files list present on the given '.SFV' file.It is very useful in case you must execute a fast CRC32 check of a set of files and you don't have the Windows graphic interface (for example if you administrate ...
Size: 36k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Enfis The Paladin

We offer Avira AntiVir Command-Line Scanner so that you can use AntiVir at the Command prompt in order to scan your files faster. You need to download the archive and Extract avcls.exe in an empty directory on your hard disk. In the same directory, you ...
Size: 82k, Revised: December 16th 2009, By: AVIRA GmbH

The ECW Command Line application is the console version of ECW Expression Calculator. Console executable supports both dialog interface and Command Line mode. To configure calculator you need to edit text .ini files.. Alexey Torgashin's homesite. Publisher of ECW Command Line, Author of ECW Command ...
Size: 61k, Revised: January 18th 2009, By: Alexey Torgashin (3 other programs)

Perspolis Command-Line Calculator is, just like the name suggests a small, simple, Command-Line based application specially designed to help you with your basic math calculations.If you are looking for a tool that is both tiny and easy to use to assist you with math then ...
Calculator - Calculate - Solve - small calculator - Perspolis Command-Line Calculator - solve math equation - math equation solver
 , Revised: July 26th 2012, By: Hamid Reza Meharbian

Resize Pictures for Command Line is a comprehensive and powerful pictures processing utility which allows the batch-processing of large numbers of graphics files for resizing, watermarking, rename, optimizing and conversion at the same time. Its reliability and stability also make it the perfect graphics kernel ...
Images - Email - Crop - Resize - Photo - Digital - Rename - Camera - Watermark - Command Line
Size: 1,731k, Revised: October 6th 2012, By: Angel Software

Console application for the purpose of finding similar or duplicate images. Runs on any win32 system and returns image pairs with the similarity percentage. Can process files, folders or lists of image files. Usage: >ic.exe [first object] [second object] [options] The comparison object can be ...
image similarity - console application
Size: 266k, Revised: May 29th 2012, By: Bolide Software

The Command Line Translator has been designed to be a flexible yet practical computer application program for the purpose of giving software developers, systems integrators, and medical billing professions a tool that will allow them to create solutions and solve problems they might encounter in ...
Convert - Database - Sql - Odbc - Medical - Hipaa - Edi - health care - 837 Health Care Claims - NPI
Size: 5,059k, Revised: August 30th 2012, By: Com1 Software, Incorperated


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Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line advanced Command Line utility for Windows console environments to change the disk drive volume serial number. Disk volume serial number is automatically generated and assigned when you format a disk partition and there is no documented way to change ...
Edit - Command - Line - Software - Disk - Serial - Drive - Console - Volume - Change
Size: 891k, Revised: June 4th 2012, By: KRyLack Software

Bluetooth Command Line Tools are a set of Command Line utilities for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 which allow you to configure bluetooth adapter, discover remote bluetooth devices and their services, push files to remote devices through OBEX.All utilities can be launched from a ...
Command Line - Bluetooth - batch script - Bluetooth Software - bluetooth utility - OBEX file transfer - bluetooth discovery - bluetooth configuration - microsoft stack
Size: 3,154k, Revised: August 24th 2012, By: bluetoothinstaller.com

Softabar Command Line Email Client is a tool for business process automation. Use this tool to send, receive and monitor email, directories and files from a Command Line and from scripts. Features include: * Send mail from scripts using SMTP.* Send attachments, HTML mail , ...
Email - Command Line - command line email - Softabar Command Line Email - Softabar
Size: 3,246k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By: Softabar

Utility to send email from Command prompt; send attached files, plain text or HTML (with embedded pictures). Supported - TO, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), SSL and STARTTLS encryption, alternate text for email programs that do not support HTML messages, message text encoding. ...
command line email
Size: 1,638k, Revised: October 18th 2012, By: febooti software

The IZArc Command Line Add-On is set of advanced Command Line tools for Windows. They can be called from batch (.bat) files, embeded in scripting languages or executed from other applications.
Size: 1,024k, Revised: August 29th 2012, By: izarc.org

A powerful Command Line utility for converting flash to video on web server. It can be executed by any scrips such as WSH, or BAT, and can be called from webserver scripts such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, perl or python. Cover all features of "ADShareit ...
Size: 2,836k, Revised: August 5th 2012, By: ADShareit.com Inc.

Easily and reliably handle parameters passed to your program on the Command Line. Allows you to automaticly handle double-quoted strings, support short and long parameter names, validate parameters, generate error messages, display help, specify default parameter values, mark parameters as required and more!
 , Revised: June 1st 2012, By: Getaway Maps

C# (.NET) class library to assist with parsing Command-Line arguments. Design has been originally derived from the Perl Getopt libraries.Code is designed for flexibility and tight integration with features provided by the .NET platform.
Size: 60k, Revised: July 13th 2012, By: csharpoptparse.sourceforge.net

These Command Line tools are intended to improve the MS-DOS environment, as well as to give support for old and unused MS-DOS Commands.
Size: 2,807k, Revised: May 7th 2012, By: cumesoftware.eu.org

Command Line Interface To Database: written in C#, provides a Command Line interface to any ADO.NET database. This allows arbitrary SQL Commands to be sent to a connected ADO.NET database from the Command Line.
Size: 47k, Revised: June 20th 2012, By: clitdb.sourceforge.net

A library to ease the ever-boring task of defining, parsing and implementing Command Line options for tools written in Java.The library is straightforward yet powerful enough to handle quickly common handling cases.
Size: 136k, Revised: October 23rd 2012, By: clopt.sourceforge.net

GNAW is a Command-Line calculator. It is lightweight but yet powerful. It features advanced arithmetics, user-defined variables and a fully nestable syntax among other things.
Size: 27k, Revised: October 10th 2012, By: gnaw.sourceforge.net

Gui for Command Line is for composing optional parameters of Command Line programs. You may create plug-in for a particular Command Line program, while this project includes one for Robocopy.
Size: 33k, Revised: September 2nd 2012, By: commandlinegui.sourceforge.net

Japag is a Java application aimed to provide a GUI to any Command-Line application. It is configured by an XML file.
Size: 70k, Revised: September 30th 2012, By: japag.sourceforge.net

This project provides a convenient, compact, pre-packaged and comprehensively documented suite of Command Line option parsers for the use of Java programmers. Initially, parsing compatible with GNU-style 'getopt' is provided.
Size: 197k, Revised: June 16th 2012, By: jargs.sourceforge.net