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ANT 4 Pizza Timer counts down the time, until your Pizza, or any other dish, is ready. It plays a soundfile to notify you, in case you don't sit in front of your PC. You can customize different profiles, so you can easily use ANT ...
Sound - Alarm - Timer - Countdown - Alert - Pizza
Size: 553k, Revised: February 17th 2009, By: Christoph Schmoliner

Hodoman Timer is a complete and fully customizable Internet Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Software, with a client-server architecture. The client application resides on each computer station in your network. It provides your customers access to the groups of applications you define and to those applications ...
Cyber Cafe Software - Internet Cafe Software - Internet Cafe - Cybercafe - Cybercafe Software - Hodoman Timer - Hodoman - Computer Timer - Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Cyber Cafe Software
Size: 19,051k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: IntelliSoft SRL

Dr. Robert Gagne (1916-2002) was a preeminent researcher in the field of human learning. His seminal writings on the design of instruction are standards in Instructional Design schools around the world. Gagne identifed five major categories of learning: - verbal information - intellectual skills - ...
Size: 2,527k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Pixel Paradox

This super multiple Timer Software will get the job done. 16 fully controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. All this in an easy to read large display with excellent graphics and complete control over the screen size! All Timers can ...
Size: 1,970k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: sumagames.com

This easy-to-use Timer prEvents you from burning your meal or forgetting someting inportant while playing your Jigsaw Puzzles. Lena Games. Publisher of Easy Timer, Author of Easy Timer 1.0. This easy-to-use Timer prEvents you from burning your meal or forgetting someting inportant while playing your ...
Size: 1,894k, Revised: December 27th 2009, By: Lena Pankratova (16 other programs)

Small freeware utility that times the reactions of the user.Best times can be submitted to developer's website at http://www.reaction-Timer.co.nr where an MS-DOS version can be downloaded for lower spec computers.
Size: 401k, Revised: January 19th 2009, By: rtforwin.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk

Dowbload free news and current Events, opinion, religion, crimes, economics, energy, environment, military, politics,society, weather, CHMOD calculator, security & privacy software, encryption tools.
Economics - Military - Energy - Environmental - Politics
Size: 414k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Economics Events CHMOD Calculator

LapTimer 2000 is a small MS Windows program that will count and time laps on any scale slot car track. Laps are timed with 1/1000 of a second accuracy. Lap Timer 2000 includes hardware interfaces for the Joystick Game Pad, Parallel Printer Port, Keyboard and ...
Counter - Timer - Lap - Laptimer - Slotcar
Size: 666k, Revised: October 16th 2008, By: Gregory Braun (35 other programs)


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Fox Magic Audio Recorder records sounds as MP3, WAV files. It is able to use various audio devices/audio inputs for recording. You can generate file names automatically or manually, play the recorded files in the internal audio player, start/stop the recording on Timer Events, adjust ...
Mp3 - Wav - Audio Recorder - Sound Recorder - generate file names automatically or manually - timer events - adjust audio settings - set the audio volume
Size: 808k, Revised: September 15th 2011, By: Fox Magic Software

Media player with a lot of features designed to create a playlist orientated music player in Windows style.QuickPlayer is a free, useful and superior media player with simple Windows design with lots of features, e.g. Crossfading, automatic playback, timed Events, structured playlist, Kiosk mode, full ...
Size: 942k, Revised: March 4th 2009, By: Jan Vorel (1 other programs)

Do you have a collection of stereoscopic 3D photos you would like to present on your web site or blog? OneEyeStereo is THE Flash applet for the cinematic presentation of stereoscopic 3D photo albums on-line! In addition to traditional stereo displays like "funny glasses" red-cyan ...
Size: 4,782k, Revised: November 21st 2009, By: proggies2go.org

Automatically move mouse, pause and click at specified locations on your screen. The software is set up to loop and do your list of actions over and over again so you do not need to be at your computer.
Keyboard - Record - Events - Timer - Press - Virtual - Repeat - repeater - clicker - auto moving
Size: 768k, Revised: August 10th 2012, By: Sobolsoft

CountDown Timer is a unique interactive gadget for displaying time left to important public celebrations, corporate Events or personal holidays: birthdays, website launch, upcoming trips, memorable days, etc. CountDown Timer has several easily customizable skins that will suit any website design. The multitude of options ...
Size: 31k, Revised: February 25th 2009, By: USFlashMap.com (16 other programs)

Timer Widget is a useful widge that allows you to set several Timers for various Events. You can define a time and it will coutdown and notify you by starting to glow and make a beep.. Widgets by liquidfoo - Yahoo! Widgets. 1,000s of free ...
Size: 51k, Revised: February 27th 2009, By: liquidfoo

Simple,no-nonsense, handy Timer utility with a cool, customizable interface. Can be used like an oven Timer, alarm clock, or stopwatch. Plays wav, mp3, midi files, or any of several built-in sounds as an alarm. Can optionally display a custom, scrolling, LED-type text message when the ...
Clock - Time - Timer - Alarm Clock - Countdown
Size: 2,345k, Revised: October 10th 2008, By: Harmony Hollow Software (13 other programs)

One more simple PC shutdown Timer
Timer - Shutdown - Shutdown Timer - Pc Shutdown Timer
Size: 789k, Revised: April 8th 2009, By: Iouri Vassiliev

This program allows the Network Administrator to set a Timer to shutdown, restart any computer within the local area network, including the host computer. It also allows the network administrator to Logoff the host computer.. MYC - Maximize Your Creativity.
Size: 4,710k, Revised: September 17th 2009, By: Max Chen

Brandons Timer 9 is a program that you can use to time how long you spend on the computer, or how long you are doing one specific task. You can also alert yourself after a specified amount of time.. Brandons Timer.
Size: 2,683k, Revised: September 25th 2009, By: Brandons

Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC. If your need alarm on your trip, you can use your PC as an alram clock.. WoodenSoldier Software Free Software & Programming.
Size: 51k, Revised: October 10th 2008, By: WoodenSoldier

* Stopwatch* Saves time every ~15 seconds in case of crash or accidental Exit.* Displays time as a whole number. Click to copy to clipboard for Easy Time entry.* Auto Lock reset button.* Option to automatically start Timer.. Bad Games Inc ~ Home. Home page ...
Size: 1,208k, Revised: January 17th 2010, By: Bad Games Inc.

Simple countdown Timer with snooze function.. Pascal Alfadian - Publisher Page of Countdown Timer - Downloadplex.com. Publisher of Countdown Timer, Author of Countdown Timer Simple countdown Timer with snooze function.
Size: 20k, Revised: March 25th 2009, By: Pascal Alfadian

Save your hiring cost, management cost, make more profit, the Weavefuture Coin Op Internet Cafe Kiosk Timer have to work with Weavefuture Muilt Coin Acceptor AK5, charge user by time, when the count down Timer is expired, the user have to drop more coins in ...
Size: 1,915k, Revised: July 14th 2008, By: Weavefuture Inc. (3 other programs)

Egg Timer is a very easy-to-use application that can countdown from a specified value. It also features an end-Timer alarm.. Burningsmell. Publisher of Egg Timer, Author of Egg Timer 0.2. Egg Timer is a very easy-to-use application that can countdown from a specified value. It ...
Size: 481k, Revised: December 25th 2009, By: Tyler Montbriand (1 other programs)