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If you are using a Palm Handheld, sometimes you will went into a situation to transfer neutral address data into this device. Now, you can tranfer Excel data into the Palm device gegarding former defined rules. And now MS Outlook is also supported. (FREEWARE)
Freeware - Phone - Outlook - Handheld - Palm - Adress
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RepliGo Viewer for Palm lets you view RepliGo documents (*.rgo) files on your handheld directly. You need to convert documents to the RepliGo format using RepliGo conversion software. You can then distribute documents to anyone with the viewer installed on their Palm OS. RepliGo documents ...
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Dubai Real Estate - The Tallest Tower in the whole planet earth !Burj Dubai Tower will stand just shy of half a mile high, at 800 metres, and boast 160 floors. Burj Dubai is one of the dubai real estate projects that shoked the world ...
Dubai Property - Dubai Real Estate - Dubai Propertied - Burj Dubai - Dubai Towers
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This is a very easy to use desktop application that will alert you whenever new articles are added to Palm Springs Simply install the software and any time new content is added to the website, you will receive an alert on your desktop letting ...
Rss Feed - Desktop Alert - Palm Springs - Palm Springs Resorts - Palm Springs Hotels
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Artillery Tower is an interesting shooting game for free. Stand alone atop an old Tower and defend it for as long as you can using a variety of weapons. Between waves you can buy new weapons, repair your Tower, and purchase aid from the air ...
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Bloons Tower Defense Stop any bloons from escaping the maze by building and upgrading bloons popping Towers. Towers can throw darts, tacks, bombs, and ice. Use many interesting Towers to defend Your territory.. Mario Games.
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Palm Coast, Florida is situated in the eastern portion of Flagler County, which is located on the Atlantic coast, in the heart of Northeast Florida, equidistant between the cities of Jacksonville and Orlando. The City of Palm Coast covers an area of approximately 50 square ...
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Icy Tower is a fun and short, yet addictive game where your only goal is to gain as much score as possible. Harold the Homeboy and his friends have decided to climb a huge Tower they found the other day. It?s up to you to ...
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GENERIC CONDUIT AND GUI FOR Palm To transfer data from a Palm OS device to/from a PC, a conduit needs to be written. 'Generic Conduit and GUI for Palm' lets you specify the format of a Palm application's data on xml and transfers the data ...
Size: 512k, Revised: January 10th 2009, By: Erlend Thune, M.Sc. (1 other programs)

Enter the world of Drawn, the newest adventure from Big Fish Games Studios. Unravel the secrets of the Painted Tower while overcoming challenging puzzles on your quest to save Iris. A curse has locked each floor of the Tower, and only the most creative adventurer ...
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SharkPoint is an easy to use, and full-featured scuba diver's logbook for Palm OS. Designed for recreational divers the SharkPoint interface won't bother you with endless options and difficult to use features. You can enter as much information or as little as you like and ...
Windows - Software - Digital - Palm - Logbook - Water - Scuba - dive - divesync - hotsync
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Simple Palm Doc Convertor is a simple and easy to use application that is capable of converting simple documents in/from:Palm Doc (pdb) fileText FileMicrosoft Word (docx) file for WindowsAll
Converter - Simple Palm Doc Convertor - PDB Converter - Convert PDB - TXT Converter - PDB2TXT - PDB2DOCX
 , Revised: September 2nd 2012, By: Ondrej Psencik

Remind-Me is a personal calendar and event reminder for Windows. Remind-Me tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur. It displays holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and scheduled events on an attractive traditional calendar. Remind-Me can alert you when your computer starts up, or at ...
Calendar - Anniversary - Reminder - Birthday - Holiday - Palm - hotsync - date book - Beiley - Conduit
Size: 1,157k, Revised: August 17th 2012, By: Beiley Software

DesktopMirror for Lotus Notes and Outlook lets you sync information between Lotus Notes and Palm Desktop. DesktopMirror sync Palm Desktop and Lotus Notes on the following data: - Palm Desktop Contacts and Lotus Notes Contacts - Palm Desktop Calendar and Lotus Notes Calendar - Palm ...
Lotus Notes to Palm Desktop - Palm Desktop to Lotus Notes - Lotus Notes Palm - Palm Lotus Notes - Palm Sync Lotus - Lotus Sync Palm
Size: 1,362k, Revised: September 2nd 2012, By: LivePIM Software, Inc.

DesktopMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop lets you synchronize information between Palm desktop and Microsoft Outlook.As a Palm or Treo phone owner, you may need to access your contact / calendar / tasks / memos information on both your handheld and your PC. On the ...
Synchronize - Outlook - hotsync - Palm desktop - Palm Outlook
Size: 1,260k, Revised: May 9th 2012, By: LivePIM Software, Inc.

DesktopMirror for Outlook lets you synchronize information between Palm desktop and Microsoft Outlook. As a Palm or Treo phone owner, you may need to access your contact / calendar / tasks / memos information on both your handheld and your PC. On the PC side, ...
Synchronize - Synchronizer - Palm - sync Palm - Palm synchronization - synchronize Palm
Size: 1,229k, Revised: July 2nd 2012, By: LivePIM Software Inc.

BatchUpdater for Palm Desktop lets you update Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar and Tasks information in batch quickly and smartly.Sample Scenarios:- When you need to modify multiple Palm Desktop Contact records, for example, modify the company name, job title or phone numbers of a lot of ...
Palm Desktop Update - Palm Desktop Batch - Palm Multiple - Multiple Update - Batch Update - Update Palm Desktop Contact - Update Palm Desktop Calendar - Update Palm Desktop Task - Modify Palm Desktop
Size: 1,341k, Revised: August 20th 2012, By: LivePIM Software, Inc.

ContactMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop will help users easily transfer and synchronize contacts.Palm Desktop is the most widely used application to synchronize the Palm OS device with desktop PC. Especially the common built-in Palm applications: Address Book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo ...
Synchronize - Transfer - Sync - Synchronize Contact - ContactMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop - transfer contact - Outlook to Palm
 , Revised: September 13th 2012, By: LivePIM Software

DesktopMirror for ACT! and Palm Desktop lets you synchronize information between Palm desktop and Sage ACT!. Furthermore, this application will allow you to synchronize both your contacts and your calendar data. It works exactly for you if you: · Want to sync Palm with ACT! ...
Calendar - Synchronization - Palm desktop - ACT Synchronization - DesktopMirror for ACT and Palm Desktop - Synchronize ACT - Sync Palm Desktop
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3Planesoft introduces new Clock Tower 3D Screensaver. It will take you into a quiet town with its small houses and narrow streets. You may observe as day turns into night, see as the first rays of light gently falls on the clock face or you ...
Clock - Screensaver - 3d - tower
Size: 16,169k, Revised: July 4th 2012, By: 3Planesoft

Tower Solitaire is a fun and intuitive solitaire game inspired by Tripeaks and Golf Solitaire. In this card game, can you remove all the cards to create the medieval Tower in this world of fantasy?
Solitaire - Free Solitaire - solitaire games - tower solitaire
Size: 7,086k, Revised: September 22nd 2012, By: Solitaire

Eiffel Tower Solitaire is a freeware solitaire card game similar to Golf Solitaire and Tower Solitaire. Like these other solitaire games, the player is moving cards to a single foundation without regard to suit, building the foundation up or down. Cards must be removed from ...
Solitaire - Card Games - Cards - Freeware - solitaire card games - tower solitaire
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Clock Tower will take your mind far from the ordinary world into a quiet and peaceful medieval town, with its small houses and narrow streets. Imagine that you are standing in the central square of the town and observe the beautiful architecture of the clock ...
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