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Development of a Driver and utilities to use 3Com ADSL Modem Usb at Linux and Windows operating systems.Desarrollo de un Driver y utilidades para utilizar el 3Com ADSL Modem Usb en los sistemas operativos Linux y Windows.
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An addictive Board game for 1 or 2 Players. Playing against computer is a real challenge! 2 player mode inclued. Freeware. Game Rules: Make at least 5 squares in a row, in any position, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Rows and columns can be moved by ...
Board Game - Game - Mind - Logic - Board - Games - Freeware - New Games - Free Game
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Remora (r m ere) : warmwater fishes of the family Echeneidae, characterized by an oval sucking disk on the top of the head. With this apparatus the remora, or suckerfish, attaches itself to sharks, swordfishes, drums, marlins, and sea turtles. In this way it travels ...
Quick Launch - Usb Disk - Usb Drive - Usb Menu Bar
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The King of All Chess Games! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Chess Pro! Our 24 All-Star characters span across 5 levels of difficulty to suit the player in you. Savvy Chess players will love challenging realistic opponents, while ...
Game - Shareware - Free - Windows - Internet - Fun - Strategy - Checkers - Chess - Board Games
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Jump To Revisit This Timeless Classic! Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were enjoying Checkers as early as 1600 BC? Now you can join the fun! Championship Checkers includes five exciting game variations, so this classic will never get old. Invite Championship Checkers into ...
Game - Shareware - Free - Windows - Checkers - Spanish - Board Games - Flying Kings - Suicide
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Driver Magician Lite identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated Drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the "saved" Drivers just ...
Driver Backup - Drivers Backup - Backup Drivers - Windows Drivers Backup
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Allows you to easily enable or disable Usb drives on your Windows 2000, 2003, or XP systems
Usb - Flash Drive
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Allows you to easily enable or disable Usb drives on your Windows 2000, 2003, or XP systems - across your LAN
Usb - Flash Drive
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DisplayLink Usb devices are the easiest way to add an additional monitor to your Mac. This Driver, with the relevant DisplayLink-powered hardware, will allow any Intel-based Mac - even a Mac Mini or MacBook Air - to connect up to 4 monitors over Usb. This ...
Monitor - Display - Connect - USB graphics driver - DisplayLink driver - connect display
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Hardware Developers: Insert your Usb/PCI/ISA PnP device and perform various operations from GUI interface: read Usb descriptors, perform Usb pipes operations, read PCI registers, handle interruptions, control Parallel and Serial Ports. Software Developers: Create your own applications based on our classes and PnP Usb/PCI/ISA Drivers ...
Memory - Hardware - Debugger - Port - Usb - Driver - Pci - ISA - lpt - interrupt
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Thesycon System Info (TSI) is a Windows application that shows detailed version information about Usb and IEEE 1394 Bus Driver stacks installed in a Windows system.The TSI tool generates a report in plain text format. This report can be copied to the clipBoard or saved ...
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FitNesse Fixture for the TWUsb Java Usb Board. Wenzlaff Freeware Tools für Sicherheit, Atomzeit, Usb, Entwicklung und Reisen.. Wenzlaff Freeware Tools in Java und C++ für Sicherheit, Atomzeit, Usb, Chipkarten, Entwicklung und Reisen
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This new unique software product allows capturing traffic between device Driver and Usb device, being transparent for this Usb device. High operation speed and information content of Simple Usb Logger software allows to analyze the operation of any Usb device. Thanks to this product you ...
usb over network - usb over ip - share usb - usb redirector - usb ip - usb server - usb switch - capture USB traffic - capturing traffic between device driver and USB d
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Download Driver Scanner now and get a comprehensive list of Drivers to be updated. Old Drivers may cause a range of problems, from diminished hardware functionality to conflicts and system crashes. A Driver is an absolutely essential piece of software which helps your computer to ...
Audio Driver - Driver Scanner - update driver - driver updater - USB driver - Driver finder - scan driver - windows driver - video driver - outdated driver
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We're very glad to announce that NeoRouter v0.9.6.1048 beta is now available for download. It's compatible with all previous versions, but highly recommended to upgrade to the latest version.1. New products* NeoRouter for UsbThis product is designed for Usb Driver users, who may want to ...
Size: 2,765k, Revised: May 14th 2009, By: NeoRouter Inc.

There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. Also there is a lot of the technologies in the market allowing to operate remotely the consecutive devices through the network TCP/IP. These solutions contain, both software ...
Serial - Virtual - Usb - Ports - Remote Access - virual serial ports driver - com ports - serial streams - Windows XP DDK - virtual ports
Size: 573k, Revised: July 17th 2012, By: Intellidriver Inc.

Usb over IP Network lets you connect to any Usb device located on a remote PC on a local network or the Internet. You will be able to work with it as with a local Usb device and applications working with it won't even see ...
usb over network - usb over ip - share usb - usb to ethernet - usb over ethernet - USB over IP Network - Share USB device - USB over LAN - shared USB
Size: 3,246k, Revised: May 27th 2012, By: Virtual Serial Port Software

ASRock XFast Usb Technology redefines the new standard in high performance computing. ASRock dedicated hundreds of hard working engineers to make immediate boosts possible a€“ XFast Usb Technology instantly accelerates performance for the best possible gain profiles. Proving once again to be the pioneer in ...
Accelerate - Boost - USB booster - increase USB speed - USB accelerator - USB speed
Size: 4,403k, Revised: August 9th 2012, By: ASRock Inc.

Driver Checker allows you to easily detect and update the latest Drivers for your entire hardware devices. It can also back up the existing Drivers and restore the Drivers in case that you need to reinstall or upgrade your operating system. It will give you ...
Backup Drivers - update drivers - Driver Checker - DriverChecker - driver update - restore drivers - driver problems
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Fix Driver Problems With Driver Detective * Download the latest Windows 7, Vista and XP Drivers * Access to 20+ million device associated Drivers * Integrated customer service * And Much More! Driver Detective will maintain your system updated and optimized with the latest Drivers. ...
Optimize - Optimizer - Driver - system optimizer - driver updater - system updater - DriverDetective
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Advanced Usb Port Monitor is a Usb Bus, Usb Device and Protocol Analyzer. Advanced Usb Port Monitor packs the robust functionality to capture, view and process Usb traffic. It offers sophisticated viewing and intelligent searching to accurately and efficiently debug and test High (480Mbps), Full ...
usb port - usb controller - usb hub - usb monitor - usb analyzer - usb debug
Size: 4,403k, Revised: August 17th 2012, By: AGG Software

This Windows Drivers download software can instantly and accurately find the most suitable Drivers to match your Windows OS and hardware. Intelligently find the most-matched Drivers for hardware. Safely & quickly download, install and update to the latest Drivers. Instantly detect any peripheral devices (Usb-connected ...
download network drivers - update drivers automatically - windows network driver - can t connect to the internet - wifi is not working - network driver for windows 10 - network driver for windows 7 - network driver for amd - fix network problem
Size: 14,769k, Revised: November 7th 2018, By: OSToto Co Ltd

Driver-Updater hunts down for latest and updated Drivers on-the-go so as to give you an optimized and smooth gaming experience, perfect sound or video streaming. One quick tip: If you love computer games, make sure that you are on roll with the latest updates of ...
Audio Driver - video driver - Driver-Updater - Scan PC drivers - Update Outdated Driver - Download Latest drivers - USB Drivers - Sound Driver
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